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Karens diary xx

Hiyas all ive just found this site and wow what a relief to find somewhere i can read on positive experiences and follow others journey to skinnydom, Im Karen 39 from south wales, married 2 years ago a size 30 still am but know LL can work for me if i stick at it, ive done every diet under the sun probably like most of you and been every stone from 19-27 a dozen times +:mad:.... Well day 1 today picked up my goodies yesterday and havent been hungry at all today in fact i got 1 shake left and could do without it but will have it can i ask a few questions please,
1/ive found the recipe page for muffins crisps etc does anyone that uses these ideas notice a slow down in losses.
2/is the water as essential as what they say?
3/and are the losses achievable week in week out if 100 % good.
too be honest the shakes ive had have been not nice altho the curry was ok, i put a spoon of coffee in a vanilla and had it hot it was bearable and porridge was too, so any advice on whats nice would be invaluable at the mo, but day 1 nearly over and alls well and all that im going to read thru some of your fab diaries your losses are awe inspiring .... well done you....

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Tough But Sexy X
Hey and welcome!

I cant answer your questions as I am quite boring and stick to what I like which is just the shakes. I do think the water is necessary for good losses talking to some of the others at my group, I drink around 4 litres a day including my foodpack water. It is a struggle as water is my least favourite drink, but I am perservering with it!

I am on week four and to date have lost 17lb, which I am really pleased with I would never have hit the same amount in such short space of time on any other diet. I had a lower loss this week due to the dreaded monthly so next week will be a bigger loss for sure. I cant wait to get on the scales to see how I have done!

The first few days are the worst but once you hit ketosis it gets easier.

This forum is brilliant it is full of great people with excellent support.

Good luck for your WI.xx


is Magdalicious
Hi and welcome to our 'mini' family ;)
I'm sure LL will work for you just like it worked for all of us :)
With regards to your questions..
1) No making muffins, ice cream, crisps etc out of your packs doesn't slow your weight loss down but it's recommended to only 'cook' one pack per day as the heat tends to kill some of the essencial vitamins and nutriens in them
2) YES!!!! Water is absolutely cruicial! You need drink loads more than normally because you are not going to be eating fruit, veg etc which usually contains a lot of water. You have to substitude that with drinking more. Tea, coffee and the water you make your packs counts to your daily water allowance but I'd say 2-4 litres of water per day, little and often is perfect :)
3) Yes! If you stay 100% you will lose weight. It really is that simple!

Another important thing you should prioritise when on LL is the counselling. I cannot stress enough how important that is!
So, have your 4 packs per day, drink your wwater and go to your group meetings and you will do absolutely brill!
Good luck hun!
:welcome2: Karen!!! u have come to the right place!!! I can see most of ur Questions have been answered but il give u a few little tips of mine...

WATER :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:.... is vital and i know its not the nicest tasting drink..so i add the flavourings to it..... available from your LLC... my favourite is the sunshine orange and tastes just like robinsons!

SHAKES:party0011:.... i love the chocolate made with hot water as its a love hot choc. or why not try 1/2 a pack of strawberry and 1/2 a pack of chocolate whisked together for a lovely straw/choc shake

COFFEE:coffee:.... if u like black coffee... treat urself to the perculated coffee.... tastes so much nicer and smoother.

Lots of luck and keep us updated on ur first WI!!! xxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hiya Karen!!

Seeing as the lovely laydees have answered your questions above... I shall just say hi and welcome!! :D

This diet is amazing... and as Magiclove says, stick to it 100%, drink the water, and do the counselling... and you can't fail!! Onwards and downwards, and we like to say! ;)

Thanks for your fab replies day 2 have nearly gone apart from a fuzzy head this afternoon its been fine, porridge is still yuck!, strawberry shake was lush and the chile was good to so at least i wont starve next few months lol , the water has gone down easier too nearly 3 litres so far i probably will finish another 1 tho with my last pack that is, thanks again for the welcome and heres to day 3 x
Day 3 nearly done and once more not hungry at all im so surprised at that, said to my hubby last night i cant believe that 4 cup a soups a day can leave you feeling totally contented where as we could easily have a huge chinese and pudding and still go to bed hungry bonkers!!!
had a vanilla shake made up as coffee again this morning still had to force it down but then i had 1 made as a muffin for lunch, I had 6 this week so trying to find a way to use them up muffins definetely the way to go lol

Slight fuzzy head but had a lush day with my 4 year old whos on half term back to work tomorrow tho, couldnt resist jumping on the scales and ive lost a crazy amount already but wont type it incase i jinx myself, Food really isnt bothering me at all but old habits die hard, had a few runs to loo or sink to spit things off my lips coco pop, mash it didnt get as far as my mouth, and those little things are without even knowing i do them, thats 1 habit i got to break, hope everyone is having a fab food free day xkaren.
oh well done karen on staying on track.... glad ur not feelin hungry... wont be long till ur in ketosis!! xx
Day 4..
Today has flown by with work and bits, vanilla shake is definetely better for me as a muffin thank god, i couldnt bare them hot yuck!, but to be honest those ive tried have been ok apart from the porridge, been reading through older posts and the losses do seem to coincide loads with ammount of water people drink so think il aim for the 4 litres just wish it tasted more like diet coke lol, ive read on another site your allowed a can of coke zero but i was told just water or coffee or tea or the flavour tubs from L/L, has anyone come across anything else that substitutes the l/l tubs they really are expensive if they only do a few litres. No really awful symptoms so hope ive been one of the lucky ones with L/L and really enjoying the waking in the morning and not feeling crappy and bloated,.

A friend of mine is buried tomorrow she had cancer at 43 in fact on hearing she died that day i made the decision its time to take back control of my life and live again and rang the l/l consultant and getting through the week i can finally see there is a way out of this mess im in so not looking forward to tomorrow but i know she would have loved to see me slim so its bittersweet.

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww... good luck for tomorrow... it's a great thing that you can honour your friend by showing such dedication to making your life better... they are looking down and loving you for it and willing you to succeed, I'm sure... :)

Re the vanilla shake as a muffin... I used to like it like that too... Had it hot just the once and I couldn't drink it... was thick and yuk, it was just awful! I also used to use it as a creamer for coffee... just mix it with a little cold water first to a paste, then add the coffee and gradually stir in the hot water... it's like a vanilla lattee, and is very nice! I had too much of the vanilla shake though, and don't like it anymore! LOL... ;)

I don't know of any alternatives to flavour the water unfortunately! I didn't get on with the flavourings due to the fruit fibre in them... made me extraordinarily gurgly!! Lol... So I just have boring old water now! Sucks! :( But, you re right, that the water is a big part of the weight loss... keep sipping throughout the day, like you are trying to keep a water wheel steadily turning... it's the key... :D

sorry to hear of ur loss karen.... your friend would be very proud of you for making such a life changing decision xx


Tough But Sexy X
Sorry to hear about your friend, it certainly makes you reevaluate your lifestyle. xx
day 5 yesterday went sadly but l/l side was good still no real adverse effects, day 6 today had my haircut and feel loads lighter so looking forward to weigh in tomorrow hope it lasts lol, ive only got porridge and curry soup left and i really cant stomach them i will vomit if i eat them so i just as well not bother i hope having just 3 shakes today wont harm my loss so far.

So far this week i havent been tempted at all which im so glad of picked up some choc from local spar for hubby and wasnt even fancying anything only real was getting the £70 quid out of cashpoint to pay for class tomorrow i really feel guilty spending this money but needs be and all that, even tho deep down i know im saving my life and also spend most of that on crap for the family so really saving them from hardship of dieting :) going to have a nice early night tonight as im zonked today nothing to do with l/l just work and doubling back its a pain x karen.
w/i this morning looking forward to it but havent got a pack for breakfast as really cant eat porridge or the currys will definetely get only what i know i enjoy this week to make sure i have a 100 % week again plus some water flavouring i think water is going down ok but oooooooooooooo to have some flavour would be fab x
Well went to weigh in and lost a fab 15lb i was stunned, 3 of the class didnt turn up so had the councilling to myself and as it was the first one i was glad we got to know each other nicely,had pic done didnt like that bit lol but a fab loss that will give me incentive to stick with it ifffffffffffffff only it come off like that every week eh lol anyway knackered just got home from work so off to bed for me x
FANTASTIC!!!!!!! karen u must be over the moon!!!

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