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Karen's green day kickstart diary

Hello all

After messing around for months I have decided now is the time to give myself a stern talking to and knuckle down - why am I paying every week to just keep gaining weight! I was greatest loser and woman of the year for my group last year, and then it all went pear shaped!

I've decided to revisit my original goals and thought hard about why I wanted to lose weight to start with.
Initial Goals:

  • Lose the 20lb I gained over the last year
  • Get from obese to just plain overweight
  • Get into the size 18 jeans I’ve had hanging in the wardrobe for a year, since I NEARLY fitted into them
  • Get back to the fitness level I was previously – able to do 2 x 30 minute cross training sessions every day easily!

So, here goes!

Wednesday weigh in day - 2.5lb gain. This must stop!

Breakfast - 2 alphonso mangoes

Lunch - Batchelors Brocolli and cheese pasta in sauce (1/2 syn)

uge salad, mashed potato pizza (Instant mash, 1 egg, cottage cheese)
topped with tomato purree and onions, 45g Cheese (1.5 x HEA) and 1/3 pack of Quorn Pepperoni (2 syns)
2 x Meringue Nest, strawberries, low fat squirty cream (6 syns)

Evening (Having visitors round, so dinner was early so I won't eat too much later) - 1 small wholemeal roll (HEB), 1 tesco veggie burger (1syn), 1 tbsp tomato ketchup (1 syn), 15g cheese (1/2 HEA)

So, 10.5 syns, 2 x HEA, 1 x HEB

Going to try do my aerobics in the morning to try and kick it along a bit more!
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Didn't get aerobics done this morning, had a customer emergency call. Will try do it this evening.

Thursdays Food:

Breakfast - 30g Shreddies, 100ml Skimmd Milk (HEB + 1.5 syns)

Morning snack - Alpen Light (Cherry Bakewell, yum yum!) (1/2 HEB)

Lunch - Lat supernoodles, green beans, onions and quorn pieces, with pea shoots and watercress. Melon and mango.

Afternoon snack - Alpen Light (Double choc) (1/2 heb)
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Dinner - Corn on the cob, Veggie meat feast pasta bake (Linda red onion sausage, quorn swedish balls. quorn pieces, quorn burger chopped up, quorn pepperoni (1 syn) mixed with SW tomato ragu from magazine, pasta, topped with cottage cheese and 45g LF cheddar (hea)) served with herby oven roasted courgettes and leeks. Mango

Snack - Celery and Cucumber, 30g cheese (HEA), 25g Brie (3.5 syns), 30g Cheddar (6 syns) Twister Ice Lolly (4.5 syns)

So, 2 x HEA, 2 x HEB, 14.5 syns :D
I have a killer migraine today, probably because I had a lot of stress of yesterday and its catching up with me! I literally couldn’t get my head off the pillow when I woke up this morning, so once again no exercise. Its starting to go so I might be up to some tonight. The most important thing is to keep the food in check though.

Today is looking good, even though I had a custard cream!

Breakfast: 30g Shreddies, 100ml milk (HEB + 1.5 syns)

Custard cream with morning coffee (3 syns)

Lunch: leftover ‘meat’ feast pasta – as yesterday, HEA plus 1 mango and an asda fat free yogurt.
Dinner: Riso Gallo Risotto Pronto (mushroom) (Syn free and REALLY nice!) with cauliflower and brocolli gratin (HEA) Pineapple and mango

Accidentally ate half a pack of mentos, so will syn that as 3 (I think thats right!)

2 x HEA
1 x HEB
7.5 syns
I started the week full of enthusiasm and gusto … and exactly mid way through I just want to find somewhere to hide and go into hybernation. I'm just feeling so low and miserable about it all, and my self confidence feels at an all time low!
Exercise was rubbish again, thank you mother nature. I feel like its an uphill struggle and that I just can’t succeed, I know I can but at the moment it really doesn’t feel that way.
Have decided I’m going to try doing the remainder of the week as success express, in the hope thats being super virtuous might help me feel better!! Breakfast didn’t fall into the right mix, as I hadn’t started it at that stage, but food for the day:

Breakfast: 1 Weetabix, 100ml Milk (1/2 HEB, 1 1/2 Syns)
Lunch: Italian basil & Courgette Soup (Onions, basil, courgettes, stock, (All superfree) potato (free)). Asda Dessert yogurt (Free)
Dinner: HUGE salad, 60g Cheese (2 x HEA), Fruit Scone (10 syns), scan cake (1/2 HEB + 2 syns)

All went a bit wrong after that with several drinks!
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Feeling a bit more positive today, despite having a not great day yesterday.

Sunday treat today - 1 small croissant and coffee for breakfast, with an apple and some melon (9 syns)
Snack - apple
Lunch - Italian basil & Courgette Soup (Onions, basil, courgettes, stock, (All superfree) potato (free)). Asda Dessert yogurt (Free)

My planned dinner is: dry roast potato, pizza topped quorn fillet (HEA) with corn on the cob, broad beans, asparagus, cauliflower, brocolli and cabbage, then some strawberries and mango.
Its been a really bad week in terms of stress and emotions, but I actually do feel like I have my diet mojo back. It might take a few weeks for it to be in full swing, but as long as I know I’m doing it properly, then that’s what’s important!

Had a good day yesterday going through all my old SW magazines, and other various cooking magazines (of which I have dozens!) and cutting out loads of nice looking recipes. The SW ones are marked up with syns already, and I worked out the syns on the others, or amended the recipes (for amended read used a big black felt tip to cross off things like butter!) to make them diet friendly. In the process I realised just how many nice looking foods I can have, and just how much I am able to eat! I also found a load of articles that have upped my motivation too, so theyre stuck in the back of my recipe book.

Anyway, it was a productive use of time, and I’m really glad I did it. All hail the wonder of pritt sticks!

Food today has been great:

Breakfast: 35g Fruit & Fibre (HEB), Activia Yogurt
Lunch: Pasta in sauce bake, (onion, pasta in sauce, broccoli, 40g lf cheese (HEA), with quorn pepperoni on top (about 1.5syns)), lettuce, couple of potatoes
2012-06-13 18.02.22 - Copy.jpg
Dinner: Slimming World Chips, Quorn Peppered Steak, mushroom sauce, 1tsp Primula cheese (1 syn). Strawberries & Mango 1tbs Light Cream (3 syns)
2012-06-14 18.12.53 - Copy.jpg
Snacks: 3 squares dairy milk (4.5 syns), 3 crackerbreads (1/2 HEB), 30g cheese (HEA), Apple

Total: 2 x HEA, 1.5 x HEB, 12 syns
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Second day in a row feelign really positive! What on earth is going on! It has been another long day, but a good one plan wise. I have so far only used 1 healthy extra B and both A's and 1 syn – dinner is syn free and using both of my HEA’s to make it super cheesy!

Breakfast: Fruit Salad (Pineapple, mango, kiwi, apple)

Lunch: Batchelors beef flavour rice, egg, Quorn pepperoni (1 syn), Asda dessert yogurt

Dinner: Quorn Ragu Pasta (From SW magazine) 2x HEA, Mixed Vegetables
Fruti Salad (Pineapple, mango, kiwi, apple)

Snacks: 2 x Alpen Light (HEB)

Thinking I might have a cereal bar later, or possibly a bag of French fries, but possibly will just save syns incase it goes a bit wonky tomorrow!
Ok, well yesterday was a day away and went REALLY well for me – I went over by 2 syns during the day. I often struggle when I’m away from the house and in the car, as I nibble on sweets and crisps! Yesterday I bought half a pound of peas in pods and shelled and ate them instead of sweets! It went rather wrong when I got back and had half a bottle of wine …….

Yesterdays food:
Breakfast: Toasted Teacake – 12syns
Lunch: Pasta, salad,
Snacks: Shelled peas, Carrots
Dinner: Jacket potato, beans, salad
Evening: 3 Crackerbreads (1/2 HEB), 60g Cheese (2x HEA), Battenburg (5syns)

0.5 x HEB, 2 x HEA, 17 syns (Plus wine!!!)
Good day today. We did a nice breakfast for my dad, croissants, Danish pastries etc, and I went for the syn free cooked breakfast option! Also managed to do 10 minutes on the cross trainer this evening, I wanted to do more but I think my thighs were about to scream murder!

Ok … food was:

Breakfast: 2 Linda McCartney red onion sausages, 2 eggs in frylight, mushrooms. Weight watchers Petit Pain (HEB)

Lunch: Bachelor’s Pasta in Sauce, Macaroni (2 syns), melon

Dinner: Melon, New potato, carrots, cauliflower, peas, broad beans, roast sweet potato, sweet potato loaf (REALLY nice, made of Quorn mince, sweet potato, carrots, marmite and cous cous)
2012-06-17 19.16.56a.jpg
1 small scoop ice cream (made with half fat cream) 3.5syns
60g cheese, 2x HEA
1 ryvita cracker, 1.5syns

Supper: 30g shreddies (HEB), activia yogurt. Twister lolly (4.5syns)

2 x HEA, 2 x HEB, 11.5 syns
10 Minutes cross training
Had my hair cut short short today, it’s been varying between a longish bob and shoulder length for a few years, and I kept saying that I would get it cut when I had lost some more weight. When I sat down to get everything planned it occurred to me that I should probably not work on that basis – i.e. don’t wait until I get less chunky to do things! It’s only been putting too much pressure on myself and I apparently don’t react well to that type of pressure!

So, I now have an inverted bob, shaped up from my hairline at the back and down to my chin at the front, with a full fringe. I like it, but have a cold neck!

Anyway, on with the food!

Breakfast: 2 Alpen Lights (HEB) (Don’t like doing that usually, but was in a rush to get to the hairdressers!)

Lunch: Lettuce, watercress, 2 new potato, 3 slices left over sweet potato loaf with 30g Stilton (HEB), an apple

Afternoon: Fox’s choccie biscuit (4 syns I think!)

Dinner: Mushroom Stroganoff and rice from this month’s magazine (1 syn), it was tasty, but the sauce didn’t reduce so was all a bit runny! Mango, 1 spoon trifle (4 syns)
2012-06-18 18.06.09a.jpg
Going to have 60g cheese and an apple later (2 x HEA)

AND I did 15 minutes cross training – evil, evil thing, my legs are wanting to divorce the rest of me. I really must sort some playlists out on my iPod cos the faster songs are killers!

2x HEA, 2x HEB, 9syns.

Good day all round really!
Feeling smug by starting the day with 32 minutes of EA Sports active 2 on the Wii - I was up to 40 a day before I fell off the wagon, so feeling pretty proud of myself! Though my thighs REALLY hate me now!
Well, end of the first nearly whole week being careful and I have weigh in in the morning. To be honest, I’m still expecting a fairly huge gain, but I am consoling myself with the fact it would be even bigger if I hadn’t sorted myself out this week. I’m braced for up to 5lb, though hoping for about 2.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so decided to set it as a flexi-day and have no more than 40 syns. I am hoping to have a lot less, but will be capping every other day at 10 syns to compensate, (6days x 5syns = 30 syns + tomorrows 15 syns = 45!)

Have decided to set myself some goals this week. 7 aims, 7 days.

  1. Try a different breakfast every day
  2. Drink 3l water a day – I’m going to put 6 post it notes along the bottom of my monitor each day and chuck one out every time I drink a 500ml bottle.
  3. Complete 30 minutes exercise (minimum) every day. Can be 2 x 15 minutes, but must total 30
  4. Eat 2 scan bran every day (god help me)
  5. Have no more than 10 syns Thursday to Tuesday
  6. Snack on fruit and veg between meals, biscuits are ok as long as synned and I have a super free snack as well!
  7. Try 3 new main meal ideas this week
Todays food was a bit dull, it tasted ok, but wasn't that inspiring!

Breakfast: 30g Fruit & Fibre (HEB), Yogurt, Peach

Lunch: Leftover mushroom stroganoff (2 syns), rice, mango and peach

Dinner: 75g Homemade Pasta (1syn), Mushroom and Blue cheese sauce (2 syns), Cauliflower, Dried Pasta, 100g Primula Light (1.5 HEA). Fruit Salad (No photo as looked just a sort of beige colour!)

Snacks: Foxes Chocolate Biccie (4 Syns), 3 crackerbreads (0.5 HEB), 30g Cheese (0.5 HEA, 0.5 HEB)

So, 2 x HEA, 2 x HEB, 9 syns.

Plus my purple inducing 31 minute aerobics session this morning! Good day I think.


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Well done Karen, you have really struggled and come through it fighting !

So pleased for you :)

Have a fabulous birthday tomorrow and hope you do something nice :)
Thank you Jilly - I am feeling very motivated at the mo.

I'm over the moon to report a 2lb loss! Really pleased with that as I honestly expected a mega gain. I was good and got up at 6am to do my aerobics before I got ready, and said no to the wine last night!
Well .. Wednesday was terrible – I think I went totally off the plan, BUT It's only your birthday once a year. And missed my exercise session yesterday, but was good with food.

Yesterday was:

Breakfast: Pear, apricot, peach and mango

Lunch: Linda McCartney, Mushrooms, 2 eggs, 1/2 can tesco cheese ravioli (1.5syns), 300g cheese (HEA) Activia

Dinner: French Bread Pizza made with: WW Petit Pain (HEB), 45g LF cheese (HEA), Tomato Puree, Mushrooms, Onions, Corn cob, SW Chips, Ketchup (1 syn) Raspberry Pavlova (6 syns)

Snacks: 2 HiFi rocky road bars (HEB), 75 ml Gin (7.5 syns)

Total: 2x HEA, 2x HEB, 16 syns – So much for sticking to 10!

Today I’ve been super good and did 34 minutes exercise this morning, then food:

Breakfast: Fruit again, with a HiFi Light (1/2 HEB)

Lunch: Low fat super noodles, 30g Phili Light (1/2 HEA), Doughnut peach, apple, activia

Dinner: 3 Linda McCartney Red Onion Sausages, 2 fried eggs, Mushrooms, SW Chips, Ketchup (1 Syn) Frozen yogurt with mango

Snacks: Mini Malteaster Bunny – was ridiculously excited to find these in Smiths the other day!(3 syns), HiFi Light (1/2 HEB)

Total: 0.5 HEA, 1 HEB, 3.5 syns

I spent a while food planning for the next 2 weeks today, so I can shop around it! Fingers crossed it works!
34 Minutes aerobic exercise this morning - high purple-o-meter factor!

Breakfast, huge bowl of porridge (35g oats, 175ml milk, 200 ml water, made up into a vast quantity, not sure how!) with mixed berries (HEB + 1/2 HEA)

Lunch : Creamy lemon and brocolli pasta (1/2 HEA), 5 actifried potato wedges (will count 1/2 syn), a mango and an apple.

Got to make a shopping trip this afternoon, but the Isle of Wight festival is on, about a mile from my house and I'm slightly scared of the mud that I guess is now running down the streets from the TV news coverage. :D Will be walking to the shops since it took me 3 hours to make the 4 mile trip home on Thursday night!
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