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Katie's Kicking the Spare Tyre!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by manners83, 1 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. manners83

    manners83 Member

    Hi All,

    Due to major knee surgery my active healthy life changed two years ago and the lb's have been slowly creeping on, along with a rather unflattering spare tyre! So I have decided to do something about it!

    I joined my local Slimming World last week and weighed in at 12st 10.5lbs :sigh: (after always being under 10st this was a huge blow)

    I have completed my first week and fingers crossed I will have lost a few lb's, I haven't been completely syn free but am having a low syn day today to hopefully shift one more lb before tonight...however, when ever I think of going to the group all I can think of is food!

    Does anyone have any ideas for Party/Finger food that is either syn free or low syn? I'm off to a big dog show on Monday and need some ideas to keep my going through the day!


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  3. DiamondSW

    DiamondSW Full Member

    Hi Katie

    How did you get on at WI tonight?

    Things I can think of off the top of my head are chicken drumsticks (with the skin removed), homemade hummus with peppers and carrot sticks for dipping in, sushi packs (between 1 & 3 syns for a pack from most supermarkets) ryvita's with cheese (Hex a & b) with some cherry tomatoes. Hope this helps :)
  4. manners83

    manners83 Member

    Yes good thanks.... 3lb down!!!!! I'm so pleased!

    Just need to stick at it, thanks for the ideas! I brought the little book of lunches which has some fantastic finger foods too :)
  5. DiamondSW

    DiamondSW Full Member

    Aww brilliant, 3lbs off is great for your first week - well done!
  6. manners83

    manners83 Member

    So I forgot to log my weight loss the past couple of weeks as I was on holiday in Portugal.

    I started on 24/04/14 at 12st 10.5lbs
    01/05/2014 - 12st 7.5lbs
    08/05/2014 - 12st 7.5lbs
    15/05/2014 - on holiday
    22/05/2014 - 12st 6.5lbs
    29/05/2014 - 12st 4lbs (SOW)
  7. manners83

    manners83 Member

    Annoyingly I gained 1lb this week...even after 7 miles of walking and a 2 hour Zumbathon :(

    Feeling deflated :cry:

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