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Katy's Food Diary....


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Went back to class last night - back on track with a passion :) Weekends are my downfall so have to watch out for them but here goes...

Today - EE

B: Apple, Banana & Strawberries with an Activia Fat free yogurt. Coffee (Milk as HeA)

S: 2 x Clementines

L: Sweet potato with tuna and cottage cheese (mixed together to make a tuna-mayo type filler) and salad. Cup of tea.

S: (grazed on through the afternoon as I was having a late dinner!) Apple, Banana, 2x Clementine, activia fat free yoghurt. 20g goji berries (3)

D: Cheesy pasta mug shot (2), carrot sticks and a few pickled onions.

S: Hi-Fi Bar (HeB) Cup of tea

Exercise: 1 hour at the gym before work this morning. lots of water drunk throughout the day (about 3 litres!)
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 2, Saturday, Extra Easy

B: Apple, Banana and a vanilla mullerlight. 2xcoffee

S: handful of carrot batons

L: John West Tuna light lunch - 6 syns (bit gutted by that - was in a rush to buy something whilst out in town and got this thinking it was going to be lower in syns) and cherry tomatoes

S: Cup of tea

D: Cod baked in a sauce made from chopped tomatoes, onion & garlic purée (1 syn) with a little bit of tagliatelle and steamed veg. Fat free vanilla yogurt & hi fi bar (HeB)
Another cup of tea!

Lots of water throughout the day

Syns: 7
Exercise: 20 mins interval training on the treadmill
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Extra easy again

B: Apple, banana & vanilla mullerlight. 2 x coffee

S: Handful of carrot batons

L: Sirloin steak (all fat removed) with steamed veg. Sugar free jelly (1) with half tin of pears (2).

S: Apple and a cup of tea.

D: Tofu loaf type thing (homemade -1 syn) with salad. 2tbsp
extra light mayo (1)

S: Hi-fi bar (HeB) and another cuppa.

Lots of water during the day

Syns: 5

Exercise: 25 mins brisk walk round a lake

Edit: Realised my lunch was purely red and my dinner was purely green so decided to change it to a Mix2Max day and have an extra hi-fi bar as my second healthy B.... Mmmmm :)
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Monday - Extra Easy again,

B: Apple, Banana, grapes & a mullerlight yogurt. 1 Coffee (Milk from HeA)

S: More grapes & a banana

L: Tofu loaf (1), VFF cottage cheese and lots of salad. 1 tbsp extra light mayo (1/2)

S: Cup of tea and a mullerlight yog

D: Spaghetti Bolognaise (Lean steak mince, onion, chopped tomatoes, garlic purée (1), beef oxo, button mushrooms, worcestershire sauce) with spaghetti and courgette ribbons. Topped with 28g cheese (HeB)

S: Quark mixed with an options sachet (2) and another cuppa.

Lots of water.

Syns : 4.5

Exercise: 1 hour at the gym before work.
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Tuesday, Day 5,

Not sure what day I'm on yet as I'm going to a friends for tea - she knows I'm trying to be good and I think she's making prawn stir fry so I'll see what it's like before deciding whether to go green and HeB the prawns, go extra easy, or even do Mix2Max (red dinner) and syn any bit's of accompaniments? We'll see. Haven't had any HeB's yet so can still play around with it. May have to syn/HeB some oil too...

B: Apple, blueberries, grapes & a clementine with a fat free blueberry yogurt. 1 Coffee (milk from HeA)

S: A few more grapes

L : Tofu loaf (1) with VFF cottage cheese, salad and 1 tbsp ex light mayo (1/2). Cup of tea.

S: Pineapple

D: to follow
Edit: Dinner was prawn stir fry and I've decided to go green and HeB both the oil (as i know she used some) and the prawns. pretty sure i didn't have the full amount of each allocation but better to be safe than sorry.
Also had 2 mini spring rolls (2.5 syns each) fresh egg noodles (2.5 syns) and a glass of wine (6 syns).
Then had a weetabix white choc bar on the way home (3.5) as I had a sweet craving (probably due to the wine!) And a cuppa tea when I got in.


Syns: 18.5 (not too bad reeeeeally - been low on syns all week too)
Lots of water during the day

Exercise: none :( best get to bed now so i can be at the gym first thing!!!

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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 6, EE...

B: Banana, blueberries & raspberries with a strawberry fat free yogurt (was beautiful!) and a coffee (HeA for milk).

S: Apple, 1 quorn turkey slice.

L: Salad, baked sweet potato with tuna and VFF cottage cheese mixed together. 1 tbsp ex-light mayo (0.5) and a squeeze of bbq sauce (1)

S: Pineapple, 2 x clementines, fat free yogurt & a cup of tea.

D: 2 egg pancake (just eggs whisked then cooked in a pan with a little fry light) topped with VFF cottage cheese and M&S honey roast salmon flakes (love these - and they're free!) and some broccoli and cabbage.

S: Quark with a turkish delight options mixed in. (2)

Still haven't had my second healthy B but too full to fit it in at the mo :-S

Syns: 3.5

Exercise: 1 Hour at the gym before work.


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 7... Weigh in day - eeeeeshk! Bit bloated today too :-S

B: Banana, raspberries, blueberries & vanilla mullerlight. 2 x coffee (milk from HeA)

S: Pear

L: Salad with cottage cheese and the other half of last nights M&S honey salmon flakes. Mango activia (3.5 - picked the full fat ones up by mistake - was very tasty though!)

S: Cup of tea and an apple

D: Not sure yet - going to the pub after weigh in for my mum's birthday. Will choose something good but can either do red, Mix2Max or EE, depending what I fancy (love the flexibility!)
Edit - went for pub meal, had grilled steak with green beans and baby carrots and a few new potatoes (HeB)

S: Cup of coffee & a Freddo (5.5)

Exercise: None - normally ice skate on a thurs but no lesson today. Might nip out for a little walk at lunchtime.
Edit: - went for a 20 min walk at lunchtime

Syns: None so far....10 altogether
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Weigh in result :- 2.5lbs off. Really happy with that - kind of wished for a little bit more but I'm not complaining as it is star week and I have felt bloated today. Going for gold this week. Slimmer of the week is mine! :)


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 8 - Green

B: Pear, blueberries and a banana with an activia full fat yogurt (3.5 syns but very nice - might give these away though and go back to fat free yogs - seems a waste of syns?) 1 Coffee (Milk as HeA)

S: Clementine

L: Batchelors Pasta N Sauce - Tomato & Basil, made with water only. (Haven't had one of these in a while and regretting it a little now as i'm all bloated :( Me and pasta/bread don't get on very well!)

S: Cup of tea, apple & a coffee

D: Home made Sweet potato & Spinach curry. (Wow - sooooooo nice!) (1 syn for the garlic paste)

S: 2 x weetabix white choc bar (2 x HeB). Cup of tea.

Lots of water

Syns: 4.5

Exercise: 1hr in the gym this morning.

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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 9 - Green (not gravitating towards EE as much as I thought I would)

B: Strawberries, blueberries, pear and a fat free yogurt. 1 Coffee (milk as HeA)

S: Cup of tea and a clementine

L: Sweet potato & Spinach curry (from last night - still yummy!) Quark and an options (2 syns)

S: Apple, Cup of coffee

D: Courgette & tomato omelette with 42g half fat cheese (HeB) and salad. 2tbsp extra light mayo (1.5 syns)

S: Hi-fi bar (HeB), 1.5 hot choc (3 syns)

Syns: 6.5

Exercise: 1.5 hrs at the gym after work. (before dinner)
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 10 - Red, as we're having a BBQ for my mum's birthday this evening.

B: 30g ready brek... Mmmm! (HeB) made with half milk half water, with a chopped up banana and nectarine. (milk from HeA) 1 coffee

L: Roast chicken without skin & veg. Cherry Muller, cup of tea and a mini Aero (3 syns)

S: Apple

D: Steak (fat cut off), chicken thigh (skin off), salad and slimming world quiche (with tuna, broccolli & mushroom). Beetroot salad. 1tbsp BBQ sauce (1 syn). Sugar free jelly (0.5 syns)

S: Hi-fi bar (HeB)

Syns: 4.5 (quite proud of that cos there was loooooooooads of tempting things on the table! I ignored the full fat eton mess!)

Exercise: None today -working all day so no chance for a gym visit.
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 11 - Red..

B: 28g Ready Brek (HeB) made with water and a coffee.

S: Pear and a cup of tea.

L: Leftover SW quiche from yesterday (with tuna, broccoli & mushroom), with salad and VFF cottage cheese. 1 tbsp ex-light mayo. (0.5). An apple.

S: Pack of cooked chicken breast slices & a coffee.

D: A bit of chicken and a bit of steak (leftovers!!) with veg. BBQ sauce (1 syn). Sugar free jelly (0.5) with a bit of quark & sweetener on top and a weetabix bar (HeB).

Syns: 2 (Going for a curry buffet with work pals tomorrow night - need a few to play with i think!)

Exercise: Over 1 hour at the gym after work (setting up a new programme)

At least 4 litres water :ashamed0005:


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 12 - Extra Easy

B: Banana, Apple, Strawberries & Blueberries with a fat free yogurt and a coffee.

S: Clementine

L: 2.5 Quorn Red leicester & onion sausage (1.25 syns), with scrambled eggs and some branston soya beans in a sweet chilli sauce. Cup of tea.

S: Peach. Coffee

D: Going out to an Indian all you can eat buffet with the girls from work. I am intending on using my willpower and being good - I have been assured that there is lots of choice other than just curry - I.e. Salad, grilled lamb chops, chicken tikka, plain rice etc.... and fruit salad for pud. Even so I have been low on syns all week so I'm sure a little won't hurt. Staying away from the naans though!

Edit: So proud of myself for last night.... I proved to myself that going for an 'all you can eat' buffet doesn't actually have to mean eat everything in sight! I came out feeling pleasantly full without feeling stuffed or that I'd blown the diet.
Had lots of salad, chicken tikka, a spicy lamb chop and fruit salad for afters. I've given myself 10 syns to cover it (over-estimated rather than under-estimated) and a HeB to cover any oil used in marinade for the lamb etc.

S: Cup of Tea

Syns: 11.25

Exercise: 30 mins swimming before work
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 13 - Extra Easy.

B: Banana, Pear, strawberries & blueberries with a f/free yogurt.

L: 2.5 Red leicester quorn Sausage (1.25) with scrambled eggs and branston soya beans in sweet chilli sauce.

S: cup of tea, cottage cheese, 2 Clementines

D: Green giant mushroom soup (HeB), king prawns and baby corn. One delicious scrummy well
worth the syns kit kat chunky :) (13 syns)

Syns: 14.25

Exercise: 1 hr at the gym this morning (and it's a new programme - felt the burn!!) and then went to the park with the other half for a jog round the lake. Did part jogging and part walking for 45 mins.
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 14 - Extra Easy - Weigh day - eeeeeshk!

B: Apple, strawberries, banana, grapes & fat free yogurt. Coffee and a tea.

S: Peach

L: Low fat super noodles, steamed veg & VFF cottage cheese.

S: coffee, cherries. Hi-fi bar (HeB)

D: Smoked Haddock with smash and veg. 2 Asda good for you cheese triangles (3 syns) and 1tbsp BBQ sauce (1 syn) fat free yogurt. 1 celebrations (2.5)

Syns: 6.5

Exercise: 30 minute ice skate lesson after work.
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Day 15 - Red

B: Banana, Strawberries, Apple & Kiwi with a fat free yogurt. Coffee (milk HeA)

S: Peach, Clementine x 2

L: Chicken (from the hot deli counter at Tesco's) with sugarsnap peas. 2tbsp Ex-light mayo (1.5)

S: Weetabix bar (HeB), Peach, Pear

D: Steak done on the BBQ, 1 Joe's sausage with carrot sticks & Salad.

S: Hi-fi bar (HeB), 1.5 cans of Guinness (12)

Syns: 13.5

Exercise: 1hr at the gym before work.
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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Going camping tonight until sunday. I've armed myself with lots of free food. Current plan is to do Mix2Max for 2 days and have fruit for breakfast, Snackpot/mugshot/couscous for lunch and BBQ'd meat and salad for tea. HeA will be milk in coffee. HeB will be Hi-fi bars or nuts. Will try and not have *too* much booze and keep as active as I can....!

Fingers crossed!


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Went camping - all successful - still stayed on plan :) Had a lovely time!

Saturday: Extra Easy
B: Pineapple, Fat free yogurt, 2 x coffee (Milk HeA)

S: Banana, pear, peach, carrot sticks

L: Low fat super noodles & a small tin of tuna.

S: Quark cheesecake (2), 2 clementines

D: BBQ:- Joe's chicken, Joe's sausage, salad, carrot sticks, mini corn on the cob. Sugar free jelly (0.5)

S: Hi-fi bar (HeB), 2 glasses on wine (12 syns)

Syns: 14.5
Exercise - not much but was generally a bit more active during the day)

Sunday - Green:
B: 1/2 banana, 1/2 pear, 1/2 nectarine, some pineapple & fat free yogurt. 1 Coffee (HeA)

S: Sharon fruit

L: Weetabix bar (HeB), Banana, sugar free jelly (0.5), 1 x coffee.

D: Home made Quorn & veg lasagne (cheese as HeB), SW chips & a little salad. Brown sauce (0.5), 99 cal toffee crisp (5), fat free yogurt.

S: Some VFF fromage frais as i still felt a little hungry (serves me right for not having a proper lunch!) and then a mug shot as i was still hungry (in my head i think!)

Syns: 6

Exercise: Not much except packing up camp etc....!
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