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KD or any CDC- advice required please.

I'm going on holiday on 1st 3 weeks in July and panicking already about diet. Can you mix and match plans eg. Can I do SS one day and next maybe 810 and then back to SS+ or whatever. Or would that muck things up big time. I just know realistically that I'll not be able to stick to SS all the time but I know I might some days. What do you think?
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Gone fishing
Though there appears to be mixed opinions about whether it's a good idea to mix plans, I think it's totally acceptable to do this when on holiday :clap:

Don't panic hun. You'll do great. Just stay focused and really enjoy the non eating side of the holiday.
Thanks KD for swift reply. What I need to realise is that life is enjoyable without eating. All my life everything I do revolves around food. I want to enjoy the holiday for itself without the food obsessions but know realistically I won't be able to avoid it all the time. But that makes me feel better. If you start eating some meals eg on other plans, is it very difficult to return to SS?


Gone fishing
. If you start eating some meals eg on other plans, is it very difficult to return to SS?
Nope. It's all in the head ;) If you are determined enough, you'll do it.
I'm going on holiday in August to Poland and won't be at goal weight by then.What I'm planning to do is 810 as we only get to go to visit family there once every 2 years.I don't want to go as high as 1000 as I might struggle with that but doing 810 last week made me realise it's perfectly possible.The only thing I will miss is fruit as Poland has gorgeous fruit(nicer than here),but I'm willing to sacrifice that till next time we go :) I refuse to let anything get in my way of losing weight this time.For once in my life I plan to come back off holiday lighter not heavier :) If all goes well I will be 3 stone lighter by the time we go :) I've found going back to SS fine this week if that helps?
Thanks all your comments have helped me chill out about it all- I think just scared I'll find it too hard to get back on SS but you've both reassured me- thanks x

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