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Day 1 of restart (DAY 100 if I'd stuck to it properly)

Tired of making excuses as to why it won't hurt just to have a little something nice and blowing it all. Stuck to ss'ing for 2 months - no probs. Then 'tasted' (ie binged for Britain!) food and have not had more than 3 'good' days since. Weight going back on with vengence. So, today is day 1. I just need to keep thinking 'Christmas - nice outfits - partying'.
Reading other people's diaries really is inspiring. Hugs to you all!

148 days to Xmas folks!!
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Good for you, hun and well done on biting the bullet on your restart!
Why not buy yourself something slinky NOW in a smaller size and hang it outside your wardrobe so you see it all the time. This really worked for me last Christmas when I was desperate to get into a size 14 Galaxy dress. And I did!
Here I go again!!!!!

Haven't posted as re-start didn't go well!!!
Ate constantly for last few says (and purged). Feel terrible. Had a long 'chat' with myself and decided that the hunger, cravings and misery I may face until I get into ketosis can't feel worse than continuing to do what I do does.
SO .... Friday 4th August 2006 is the day I start losing - and stick to it.
Been reading the WMITT threads and want to join them for November meet in B'ham, but only if I am doing the CD thing properly, 100%, the whole 9 yards etc....!! If I stay ss'ing for the next 2 weeks, I book a place! Need an aim, that's it!

Great reading all your inspiring comments around this forum, sending giant hugs to all.
Good job you are not allowed to swear here, otherwise that is all my post would be!!!!!!!

I'm so angry and disappointed with myself. Friday did ss'ing 100% no problem. Yesterday, binged by lunch time and purged, then repeated the whole thing before going to bed.

These are some of the darkest days I've know. I have an eating disorder, but all health proffessionals have given up on me now and I recieve no support or help at all. Ss'ing is my last hope to try to get food into perspective and to lose weight. I have to get this right.

It is such a comfort reading others successes and sometimes their struggles on here. I know through these that success is possible and how much it seems to improve people's lives. I also know that I am not alone in facing the difficulties of losing weight. Thanks to all who post, you are fantastic people, you give so much hope to so many. (I also LMAO at some of the posts!!!!)

Oh well, today is a new day.
Hi Kebab,
I understand exactly how you feel, I lost 3 stone in 3 months with cd and have gained it back in 3 months bingeing i have restarted i dont know how many days in between and i have now faced facts i just can't do it or i will end up bigger than i was :( !

I have decided i wont ss again its not for me my body goes into a state of panic now when i dont eat and since i have accepted that i have looked in other areas GI i just got so confused portion control etc then slimming world i just cheat same for weightwatchers then i looked at paul mckenna and it hasnt been long but it is helping the binges have stopped just like that i know its gonna be a long process for me but when i get to target this will be a way of life so hopefully all will be good !

Like i said this is just my experience you need to find whats right for you i wish you lots of luck xxx :D
Thanks Julie,

I'm new here, so I know I could find your threads somewhere, but when you say that you are doing PK, do you mean his DVD?

Has it really helped you control your relationship with food? Glad to hear you have found something that works. I might give it a try as well as ss'ing - I like to hedge my bets!!!!
Hey Kebab,
It's the i can make you thinner book which comes with a cd that you listen to every day and the book has simple exercises that you can do to combat bingeing emotional eating or just general cravings and they do work!

I also got the i can make you thinner 90 day journal to fill in and it really helps to fill that in every day !
I think some of the others on the paul mckenna thread are using this with ss every little helps !!

Thanks - going to Merry Hill later, will pick up a copy in Waterstones. Thanks for the help!
Go to this room here

Lots of talk about PMcK

May I also suggest Divas room here

It'll give you lots to think about next time you feel a binge coming on :cool:
Hi Zareena! Thanks for the encouragement. How are you doing? Is it CD or LL or something else you are doing? Keep in touch, I love to read how others are doing! HUGS!!!

Well, day 1 (again!) and so far so good. Didn't manage to get to Merry Hill so will try to get a copy of Paul McKenna tomorrow as I have to pass it as I go to my CDC to pick up more 'food'. Have decided to try 4 packs a day instead of 3. On LL, which I did for about 6 weeks before switching to CD, I was fine, but you got 4 packs at about 125cals each (I think) so that would be about 500 cals a day. I'm not sure how much a CD pack is, but I don't think it would be that much more than LL, so I'll try this.
Hey Kebab

Just wanted to wish you every success on your restart with CD - it can be tough second time around but there are lots of great people on here to encourage and motivate you. Also check out the "Bring Your Head Inside" forum...there's a thread on there about second time around which you may find useful....

Good luck, hun...:)
No problem Kebab!!!

For a moment there I read your signature as....Going to have a fab kebab! All memories of Jade Goody from Big Brother came flooding back!!! :D
Hi Kebab,

If ytou're going to do the four packs then why don't you try CD 750? You'll still lose loads of weight but also get some real food as well.

If I don't crack it this time round I'm going to do 750. I'm sure others on here might be doing it too - good luck btw :)
Hi Brightness, might discuss that with CDC tomorrow - thanks!

Oooops! The 'fab kebab' thing - I did think! My screen name is kebab, so I thought I'd like to be 'fab' (Not the Jade thing though!!!! Name is kebab, as I'm Donna. (Just like Brightness!!!!) Must change message!!!
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Monday 7th August

Well yesterday went great until about midnight when, for no reason, I ate half a pack of choc. peanuts. Well not exactly, I licked the choc. off and threw the peanut part away to limit the damage!!!!! Just how screwed up is that????

How's everyone doing?

Had 4 packs of CD and that really helped - the choc. peanut thing was head hunger, not physical hunger. I need to work more at reading the 'Bring your head inside' thread!!

Oh well, I still class yesterday as a success, as although, yes I did eat, it was a tiny amount compared to a binge, and by far one of the best days yet. So, today my aim is to do it all again (without the peanuts obviously!!!) Seeing CDC at 12.30 to get a weeks supply.