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kelieghs food diary x


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sunday 28th march 2010

breakfast = lowfat yougurt
lunch= stir fry veg qourn chicken and blue dragon sauce

tea= pork potatoes veg and gravy

hex= a. semi skimmed milk
b. pork

syns= blue dragon sauce 6.5
gravy 2.5
healthy snacks= 2 satsumas and a banna

total syns used= 9
total syns saved=6

exercise= half hour on wii fit burning 175 cals
and a long walk with my dog

todays a fresh start for me after falling of the wagon
tomorrow is weigh in!
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monday 29th march

breakfast= toast (2 slice ww bread) low fat butter

lunch= 3 qourn sosages, beans and toast (ww bread)

tea= shepards pie (qourn mice, mushrooms,onion and stock. topped with mash) green beans

hex= a. milk
b. ww wm bread

healthy snacks= satsumas
low fat yougurt

syns= butter= 1.5
ww wm bread= 2
gravy= 2.5
ww choc chip biscuit (4)= 3

total syns used=9
total syns saved= 6

exercise= 45 legs,bums and tums of the sky fitness channel this absolutly killed me, never exercised so hard but felt amazing after.

weigh in later= lost 3 1b thats 15 in total so thats my first stone whoo hoo!!!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done on your loss this week Hun...keep it up!


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thanks mrs v

tuesday 30th march 10

breakfast= skipped
lunch= last nights shepards pie & gravy
tea= chicken kebab with salad (from chippy)

hex a= milk
hex b= chicken from kebab

syns= kebab=7.5
choc= 8.5
gravy= 2.5

healthy snacks= bannna, satsumas

total syns used= 18

well today i was working late so called to the chippy for tea i picked the lowest syn value possible
i have gone over my syns today but have saved some so shouldnt do to much damage


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wednesday 31st march 10

breakfast= low fat yogurt
lunch= sw wedges beans and cheese
tea= salad, baby potatoes and low fat sweet chili and red pepper cottage cheese

hex a= milk
hex b= cheese

syns= sushi 5 syns

healthy snacks= banna

total syn used 5
total syns saved 10


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thursday 1st of april 10

breakfast= banna
lunch= salad tuna and baby potatoes with a low fat dressing
tea= sw chips, qourn sosage, beans and a poached egg

hex a= milk
hex b= tuna

syns= small sushi pack 1.5
choclate creme egg 8.5

healthy snacks= melon

total syns used = 10
total syns saved= 5

today has been the hardest, all day iv had the urge to binge eat. i managed to held back, comeing here and reading other peoples storys has helped. i hope 2morrow will be easier :(
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friday 2nd of april 10

breakfast= muller light
lunch= qourn sosage, mushrooms poached egg,beans and toast
tea= sw quiche

hex a= milk
hex b= ww wm bread

healthy snacks 2 satsumas, a pear and a frozen muller light

syns= options hot choc= 2
quavers= 4.5
total syns used= 6.5
total syns saved = 8.5

exercise= 30 min cheerleading dance workout from sky fitness channel. i didnt rate this one i dont feel like i was makeing much effort

today iv tried the superfree sw quiche it was really nice and also freezing muller yogurts these are lush
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saturday 3rd of april

breakfast= poached egg on toast
lunch= pasta with sauce and spinkle of cheese (not sure about the syns so going to count 6)
tea= sw chips, sw pepper onion and mushroom quice and beans

hex a= milk
hex b= ww wm bread

healthy snacks= melon. mango and pineapple

syns= pasta sauce and cheese 6
asdas cheesy puffs 5.5
muller ligh luxury cherry 2.5
walkers crisp 6.5
6 ww choc chip biscuits 4.5
options hot choc 2

total syns used = 27

oooopppss iv gone well over my syns i just felt hungry all day. although iv gone over i did work out that i have 42 syns left and only one more day to weigh in so i have enough to cover it
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sunday 4th april happy easter

breakfast= a pear

lunch= qourn sosage, beans, mushrooms and toast

tea= potatoes, cabbage, lamb, gravy, yorshire pudding and mint sauce

hex a= milk
hex b= lamb

healthy snacks= pears,satsumas muller light
syns= gravy 2.5
ww wm bread 2
cadbury caramel bunny 5
options hot choc 2
yorkshire pudding 3

total syns used 14.5
total syns saved 0.5

exercise= 20 mins aerobics from the sky fitness channel (toneing legs)

im really pleased that ive had the will power to resist scoffing an easter egg. weigh in 2morrow so hopoing for at least 2 lbs off

total syns used for the week 89.5
total syns saved for the week 15
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thanks for the support tafflass i lost 3lb im so pleased with myself this is the first week for aslong as i can rember that iv managed to control my binge eating i really feel like this is a fresh start and i can achieve my goals

breakfast= poached egg on toast

lunch= new potatoes, salad and sweet chili cottage cheese

tea= spaggeti bolognaise made with qourn and a passata sauce & garlic bread

hex a= milk
hex b= ww wm bread

healthy snacks= pineapple, banna and mango

syns= ww garlic bread (cibatta) 10
asda hazelnut low fat yougurt 3

total syns 13
total syns saved 2

also got slimmer of the week this week! :D


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tuesday 6th april 2010

well i feel like iv messed up big time today i got in from work and had two tuna mayo cobs and now i regret it. i hate impulse eating like this

breakfast= hi fi lemon yourt bar and a apple

lunch= lastnight leftover spagetti bolognaise

tea= sw wedges mushy peas and mint sauce

hex a= milk
hex b= hi fi bar

healthy snacks = pear, mullerlight

syns= 6 crabsticks= 6
2 wm rolls (small)=5
tuna mayo pot = 5

total syns used = 16

hopefully i can control this unessary snacking

as i only got weighed yesterday i need to put this right before next weigh in


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i havent updated my diary for 4 days im so ashamed with myself basically ive been binge eating it felt good at the time but now i feel so low. how am i ever going to stop this disgusting habbit

well todays a new day i must stay focused on whats important :cry:


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thankyou for the support im feeling much more positive now

heres todays diary mon 12 april 10

breakfast= apple and banna
lunch= beans,mushrooms and poached egg on toast
tea= sweet potato tortilla

hex a= milk
hex b= ww wm bread

healthy snacks= muller light

syns= ww choc chip cookie (2)= 1.5
options hot choc = 2
total syns used= 3.5
total syns saved = 11.5

tried the sweet potato tortilla and its delicious feel like iv had a good day wanted to try and fit some exercise in but im to tired hopefully ill have some energy 2morrow

must rember to save as many syns as i can as im going to my grans for the weekend and everything will not be sw friendly lol
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tuesday 13th april

brakfast= apple
lunch= wedges beans and cheese
tea= sw lasagne

hex a= milk
hex b= cheese extra low fat

healthy snack= banna and muller light

syns cheese 4.5


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thursday 15th april 2010

breakfast=muller light
lunch= asdas chick pea dahl rice and wm pitta
tea= sw quiche, chips and beans

hex a= milk
hex b= wm pitta bread

healthy snacks= grapes



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iv had a really bad week got wi later and im dreading it but its my own fault so im just going to go and face the music
i always struugle after loosing the first stone i need some kind of motivation to keep going.
so today is a new start no more looking back

breakfast= melon

lunch= qourn sosage,poached egg, beans and toast + ww wm bread

tea= sweet potato tortilla with salad

hex a= milk
hex b= ww wm bread

healthy snacks = banna, muller light,cucumber and carrot sticks

syns= muller cherry layer yogurt = 2.5

well i put one and a half on which wasnt to bad i think i needed a relapse to feel focused again i feel ready to get stuck in ..
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tuesday 20th april

brakfast = dry toast ww wm bread
lunch= jacket potato cottage cheese and salad
tea= quarn sosage sw chips beans and poached egg

hex a= milk
hex b= ww wm bread

syns 3 slices of garlic bread = 15

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