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Ketosis and hunger?

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I am in ketosis... at least I assume I am-haven't diverted from ss-but I am still getting strong hunger pangs. I mean actual, physical tummy grumbling pangs-not the biscuit whisperings that I can deal with!
I get hungry at meal times-well, shake times, you know what I mean!
Is this normal? Was I wrong in thinking ketosis took away ALL hunger?
Also-not cold to the bone anymore-is that normal? Help!!
Thanks. x
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Mmmm not sure hon,I know i'm in ketosis as have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time,am currently on week 6 and am pretty much always cold.
But I to have suffered on an off over the past week with hunger pangs,have just been trying to drink more water or keep busy till it passes.

Hope it passes for you soon x


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Hi, I never felt that I was in ketosis either, my stomach used to growl like an angry bear at times. When I felt the urge to deviate from the plan I used to try to take a nap, I found it really helped - especially during the first few days.

I started nibbling around the six weeks mark and have been trying to re-start unsuccessfully for two weeks now. I am adamant to get back on track and all this has made me realise that I really was in ketosis before I cheated, else I wouldn't be finding things so tough now. Believe the hype you hear - re-starting is far tougher than trying this diet for the first time.

Good luck, I hope you're able to stick to it, read Charley's diary on the 100% forum for motivation.


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Hey hun, cant help with the hunger pangs as after day 3 and into ketosis I seem to be one of the lucky ones that doesn't get them, distraction is a really good technique, I find that a soak in some gorgeous smelling bubbles with a good book is a fantastic evening distraction because that is when I get the most cravings for food, apart from time of the month like at the moment when they are there all day!

Feel yourself lucky that you aren't cold, I'm on day 5 now and bloody freezing, the kids are sat in t shirts and I have a long sleeve top on and a jumper and still feel cold!

Good luck with the rest of your journey.



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Ketosis can take away ALL hunger for some people, but didn't for me.

It certainly blunted it, but I could always tell if a meal was due with tummy rubbles.


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I experienced hunger pangs in the first 10 days. Thereafter I only experienced a slight hunger pang which I coped with by drinking water, getting up from my desk for a while, or going for a walk when at home in the evening or getting busy with someone to distract until it subsided. Managed to get to day 31.

Oddly enough I have not felt cold at all,unlike when I first did CD day year.

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