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Ketosis Catastophe!!

Hi all,

Im new to Lipotrim and am into my second week. I found this board and on a TFR diet, its nice to know people are in the same boat and can do it together!

I did quite well week one losing 8 pounds but have had a disaster. No excuses, this evening I chose to eat salted cashew nuts, 3 slices of ham and 3 mange tout!!! Would this have knocked me out of ketosis?

Also, what tips are people using to help them get through these festive treat filled times!!! Challenging to say the least! :party0036:

All the best,
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well done on your weight loss last week. i don't know if that will have knocked you out of ketosis or not, I guess you will know if you start to feel real hunger (as opposed to the head hunger)

I find just keep drinking the water helps. The first 2 weeks are the hardest but you do kind of get into the swing of it and that helps.

I do other things like light candles to remove food smells after I've cooked it and I always have a glass of water to hand when I am cooking. The weightloss on this diet can be fantastic so I use that as a motivation. I will not let a few bits of food ruin my diet - they will always be available when I have lost my weight and I can then include them in my maintance plans.

I have read that people keep a journal and write down the foods that they really fancy and overcome the temptation that way.

Best of luck,


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Hi Freda, Have you got ketostix to check? There are carbs in cashews, so it might have knocked you out of ketosis... sorry :( Think of it as a positive. If you have knocked yourself out of ketosis you need to go through the first three days again and this will discourage you from eating again when you get tempted in the future!? Also, if you just cant stand it and need to eat, try and avoid anything that has carbs. Only if you really really have to! This way you can stay in ketosis. (but you will still have the guilt!)

Purplejulies, I am so glad to hear that the first two weeks are the hardest as i have been struggling soooo much this week. I dont feel hungry but i miss food soo much, i have been a bit of a manic depressive in the last few days (well the evenings). Cant wait to get past the second week :)
Hey Freda well done on your loss! Like purple julie said a journal helps I keep one and I don't write in it all the time like I did the first couple of weeks. But every now and then I write down soooo much! it also quite good to read to see how far you have come. But keep it up! one slip up doesn't mean the end!! WATER WATER WATER I know everyone says it but it works soooo well!! I am now between 5 and 6 everyday xx

P.s Lizzie evenings were my HUGE bad time I was a bratty child hee hee it really does get better!!
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Thanks so much for the response ladies and i have a new found motivation!!! You've done so well purple julie, an inspiration!!! I came into work this morning and there was a christmas pastry breakfast, im quite sure had i not read your motivating comments, i would definitely be well out of ketosis :D

Thanks LizzieB and forever hope, i will purchase ketostix today and try and drink enough water, have found it difficult the last few days. Have also found that i am like a demon in the evening and just try and stay out of the kitchen for the most part!

S: 19st4lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well done Freda on avoiding the pastry breakfast!! It will be so worth it.

Well done Hope on drinking so much water, i must admit I still struggle to drink much more than 4 litres a day


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Funny I used to do the same....worked for me also when I was on LT
I use a water filter, and count the amount of "jugs". Even though I am not SSing any more, I still try to have at least two a day, sometimes more.

You have all done brilliantly so far, keep up the good work.

Freda, welcome aboard hun, and good luck with your weight loss journey xxx
S: 19st4lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've had to go back to a bigger handbag so I can carry my litre bottle of water with me. I do also set guidelines - 1st litre with my breakfast shake before I leave the house. At least another 1/2 before a coffee at break time (school) and then finish the bottle and refill before lunch. Try to get another litre in before hometime and then my 4th in the evening.
Thanks Cheryl. I too am definitely trying to drink more water and it does kill those (head) hunger pangs!!!

Figured im still in ketosis so catastrophe over and back on track :). Hope everyone is having a lovely motivated weekend.


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Hi Guys,

I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks (well 2 1/2 weeks due to a 51hr delay coming home, but I wont go into that:eek:!!).

Good to see some new names on here. I agree with all the comments. If you have to eat, then have something high protein....i.e. meats and salad etc. This will not knock you out of ketosis and will be a lot easier to get back on the straight and narrow.

Water intake is VITAL. I'm starting lipotrim fully next week when I can afford the shakes (I still have a few left,but not enough for a full week) so for now I'm doing Atkins/lipotrim and drinking 3-4ltrs of water a day. I hope to get myself into ketosis by Wednesday.

Good luck everyone.

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