ketosis Help Please


S: 11st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 32 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me.:confused:
I'm on Day 17 of LL and I'm still not in ketosis, my LLC says she had a lady who never showed being in ketosis in her urine only in her breath, but I'm not even noticing that, I lost 5.28lbs in my first week but only 1.76 in my second total 7.04lbs.
I bought my own Ketostix and I've just checked it again, it's paler than the 0.5 :(
I must say I have not cheated once and am doing a minimum of 8 pints of water (aim for 10) a day, so this is really confusing me:confused:

Has anyone had this trouble?
Any advice would be truly appreciated:)
Thank you for reading

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Hiya, I havent had any problems getting into Ketosis, and assume I still am there!! Hve you been testing just after a 'meal' maybe? I have read somewhere that all the 'meals' will take you out of ketosis for a short time, but you should just slip back in....maybe if thats when your testing, that could be the explanation?

Doesnt LL guarantee that you will lose 3 stone in 3 months? Well you've only done 2 weeks so far, so your losses are kind of on target for the moment.

I can imagine its annoying, but remember, if you are sticking to the plan 100% drinking all the water and not taking excessive exercise, then you WILL definately lose weight, as you are doing.

Have you been constantly hungry or anything?


S: 11st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 32 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Kazz
Nope not been hungry or cold
Not been testing just after eating either, it's very strange

Just a thought, would a period make a difference to ketosis? I had the mirena coil fitted 12 weeks ago and have had period since, doctor says the bleeding could go on for up to 6 months before it settles down :eek: .


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Hiya, I have no idea if period has anything to do with it hun!!
But, if you havent been hungry it sounds like you probably ARE in ketosis....wat a pain if the sticks dont show it!!

If I were you, I would just keep at it...the diet is obviously working if you are losing so dont give up just cos those stupid p sticks are showing any good news!!


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Hi Sue, firstly well done for getting to day 17 on LL.
Some peeps do take longer to get into ketosis but i am quite sure that u would be in ketosis by day 17.

You say you are not hungry well that usually means that u r in ketosis.
When u test yourself with the kertostix do u test yourself first thing in the morning, the reason i am asking this is because if you test yourself during the day after u have been drinking water it could make the reading very low as ketostix test the amount of ketones in your urine and the water flushes out the ketones hence a lower reading.

I know it is hard when you are being 100% strict and not losing the amounts u r expecting but pls pls dont worry 2 much u r def losing weight and most prob next week u will have a really good weight loss.
Have u checked your measurements as i am sure u would of def lost inches.

Sorry i cant offer any more advice as i am not very experienced with vlcd diets but i am sure someone will soon come along who can help u.

Take care xxx


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I have known people who have never showed that they are in ketosis but have lost the weight on LL. The LLC said some people's bodies are different, their urine is less concentrated and the ketones don't show up etc. So if you are losing, don't worry. Keep your motivation up and don't let it put you off. Melissa x


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I never showed to be in ketosis on the sticks. Not once....not even the slightest bit.

Shouldn't worry about it. It won't make any difference to your weightloss as long as you're sticking to the diet :)


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All I know is - if you stick to the diet, you will lose the weight, no matter what colour the ketostix say. Icemoose has done the mathematics of it all somewhere, it is IMPOSSIBLE to follow a VLCD diet and not lose weight.
stick with it, and forget about the ketostix is my advice.
Ann x


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I'll just add my two pennorth in!!!

I have never ever ever tested for Ketosis at all in all the time I have done this diet!!!

Its impossible to keep the weight on with 500 cals a day and loads of water, you may have weeks that you don't lose as much as expected, womens bodies are a strange thing and they can retain water for a short time and hormones can play a massive part in weight loss!!!

Well done on getting this far, chuck your ketostix is the bin and enjoy losing the weight!!



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Great advice from everyone and I hope your mind has been put at rest.
I would imagine you are definately in ketosis and that all the fluid you are taking in is just diluting your urine so the ketones dont show up on the stick. It is different for everyone.
I only drink 3 litres of water when SSing and my ketostick is always pale even when i am well and truly in ketosis. Hope this helps make you feel a bit better. Keep at it and you will lose weight!!!