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Ketosis/ketones question..


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Something is confusing me - when fat is broken down you produce ketones. Even when I was pg with dd2 I would often have ketones in my wee but I was eating a broad range of foods and DEFINITELY more than 70g of carbs a day! So what's the difference between producing ketones and being in ketosis?

Thank you, confused.com
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Ketones in pregnancy usually point to Gestational Diabetes, or can be from excessive vomiting.
Did you ever had a Glucose Tolerance Test?
I had GD and if I had high level of ketones in my wee I had to drink loads to flush them out because it causes an acidic environment for the baby which is dangerous. If I still had high levels I would've had to have gone in to hospital to have a drip, but luckily I managed with drinking lots.


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I didn't have GD..

I asked a friend earlier - he said the same, he has ketones in his wee when losing weight but eats carbs too so he wasn't in ketosis and, as a man, definitely wasn't pg!!

So what is special about being in ketosis? I mean there must be something as your appetite goes and everything and your body switches to fat for fuel rather than carbs. Still-confused.com
I'm no expert on this, so I am just thinking out loud here.

All our bodies produce a moderate level of ketones, this is normal. Ketosis is the term used only when this level is elevated.

Ketones are produced by the liver when breaking down fatty acids. Therefore, I'm assuming that there could be certain things that will somehow block access to the liver's stored glycogen for some reason. This could give an elevated amount of ketones for a short period of time, but I'd imagine that it wouldn't be as high or as constant as being in ketosis on a VLCD.

Having just read more about ketosis, ketogenisis and ketones it's quite amazing how the body adjusts and adapts through it all.

It seems that it's the brain that makes us feel hungry because of its requirements of glucose in the blood. After 3 days it gets 30% of its energy from ketones. This gradually rises to 70% after 40 days. This is obviously why the beginning is so difficult and then it gets easier as the brain adapts.


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Hi sunflowers....congrats on the second edition to the family havent been on here for a while but delighted for you!!!
Hey me too, good to see you both on here again......I did start off on lipotrim but couldnt face it as was splitting with Hannahs dad so am now doing slimming world with Karen.
ketones in ur urine in pregnancy can point to a problem with ur kidneys. can also indicate ur not drinking enough water in pregnancy.

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