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Ketosis Question

What does it mean if your ketostix (two of them) put you at dark purple - the heaviest point of ketosis, while your wee is very very pale - I have been drinking around 3 litres per day.

My mum (not on low carb) used one and got no result, so they seem to be accurate.

They're brand new. I bought them as it looked like I was heading for a STS this week and I wanted to know if I was inadvertently doing something wrong. It seems not, but getting such a dark reading while fully hydrated seems odd.
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If you're hydrated as you obviously are then that is good! A lot of people say the colour of the sticks doesn't matter and ketosis is ketosis but in the book Atkins says if it's darker that means you're using more fat! So celebrate ;)
I'd celebrate if I was losing weight. ): As it is I'm going buggy trying to figure out why I'm not - I'm cutting out polyols from now on, but if I was burning sugar alcohol instead of fat then why the strong reading... gosh it's confusing.
LOOKED LIKE you were heading for a stay the same THIS WEEK? :p Are you having sneaky weigh ins? They are dangerous!
lol once a week at the same time of day wearing similar or the same clothes! I've gone 5 days seeing no movement on the scales and ended up 3 pounds lighter, another time I was 3 pounds down by Monday (my WIs are Fri) and then lost no more the rest of the week!

Once a week!!!!!! *attempts to look menacing...fails*
You're far too sweet to be menacing. ;)

I seem to stay the same all week and then lose right at the end of it, goodness knows why. But I do know that at the carb levels I'm on I'd hope to be losing a little more, and that goes for the past two weeks WI as well. SO. No more evil polyols. And at least the ketostix reassure me that I'm not accidentally messing things up.
Pfft i'm not sweet :(

Some diabetics claim polyols give them a blood sugar spike so they may well affect ketosis temporarily.


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Yay another scale addict :) are you losing inches instead of seeing your loss on the scales? Also you can't absorb polyols so that shouldn't affect it. I'm open to correction on this. But there are other nasties in sugar free things so beware of them.
There is nothing wrong with being sweet. Well, unless you're a mars bar.

I was just reading all the info about alcohol recently - ie if you drink booze your body won't come out of ketosis but it WILL use the alcohol as fuel so you won't burn any fat until it has burned off all the booze. I'm teetotal but was wondering/suspecting that the same might happen with sugar alcohols. Not that they were being absorbed as carbs, just being used as fuel ahead of the fat I'd prefer to be burnt off.

Also open to correction as this is just an extrapolation based on regular alcohol, but I think it's a good idea to bin the things anyway. I usually have a few carbs spare in my day so will get green and black's wrapped 75% chocolate squares. No sugar alcohols, low GI and 1.6g carbs a square.

Should do without entirely, I suppose, but a comfort eater needs an outlet somewhere. As long as I ration them to max: 1 a day.

I haven't checked my inches - going to do it at the end of the month I think.
I've been reading alot about sugar alcohol lately - still can't get me noggin round them. I've been reading about thorntons toffee in particular. Even on the thorntons website they say the chocs have half as much sugar in, despite the packet only saying 3g of real sugars.

Also, the GI of the main sweetner they use (Maltitol) has a GI of up to somewhere around 60 (I think). I think normal sugar is only a bit higher.

To be honest, I struggle to get my head around sugar alcohols, but have been hitting them quite a lot lately - proably why my weight loss has significantly slowed.

Trying to ween myself off them too!
Yes, confusing aren't they. Going on today's results they certainly don't take you out of ketosis but do cause stalls, which is why I suspect they must be burnt as fuel first. I'm just going to stay off them except for atkins bars in emergencies.
Would be fairly good if they were burnt first without taking you out of ketosis. An acceptable sacrifice along the way for people with a lot to lose? Far better than caving in like I have a couple of times and taking a fortnight to undo the damage.
Definitely better than going off course completely, I agree. But not worth it to me when reasonably speedy results are what keep me on course in the first place, I think.

Well, shall see what next week + no polyols brings.

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