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Ketosis with SF?

Is Ketosis possible on Slim fast?

I had a look at the Optima range, looks like we cant get it in the UK. However, is it possible to reach fat burning using slim fast.

I have lost 20lb in the past 3 weeks. Have recently been put on new medication, cannot eat, feel sick most of the time. I have been having 1-2 shakes per day plus water/tea. I know this isnt ideal, hopefully my appetite will return soon.

Is it worth buying sticks to check for ketosis or a waste of time whilst using the SF products?

I looked into full replacement diets however due to my BMI most were reluctant :sigh:

Any help would be fab

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Just having 2 SF shakes a day sounds dangerous, as far as I know SF doesn't provide you with the fat/carbs/protein that you need everyday just the Vits and Minerals... I may be wrong, but I know I'm right on the fact you need more than just 2 SF shakes per day!

As for Ketosis I don't know, I would imagine on just 2 shakes per day you will go into Ketosis but not a healthy monitored ketosis


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Yes, as previous poster said, you do need an extra meal with SF as it doesn't have everything you need. There's a possibility you will go into ketosis, but the protein etc wont be high enough to be healthy.

What was the problem with the BMI? Too high, or too low?

Thanks for the replies

Right now I cant eat, its not by choice, I am changing medications in the next week.

I contacted Cambridge diets but they wont deal with me as my BMI is under 25. Which is frustrating. Will continue for now and try to get to lipotrim chemist in the next couple of weeks

Any advice would be fabulous
Hi London Dancer, I did Slim fast before for a few weeks, you really do need a meal with the shakes to give you the vitamins. The slimfast gives approx 60g of carbs, 13g of protein and 6 g of fat to 100g of powder, so more than half of it is sugars, I doubt very much you will go into Ketosis using slimfast as you are simply putting too much sugar into your body, I know you say you are not well at the moment and it might be better to sort out your medication and get well before doing a VLCD. You might lose weight on the two SF shakes but it will be out of starvation and you will feel dreadful. Maybe you should just buy some of the drinks from the pharmacy packed with vitamins and minerals etc if you are feeling sick all the time.(not to lose weight just to put some nutrients and calories in) Your body needs to have a balance even on a VLCD And two slim fast shakes will not give this alone.
As for cambridge diet, you can not SS ( 3 shake plan) but there are several steps in the Cambridge diet and there are steps you will be able to do, if you post on the CD forum, there are lots of consultants who can give you the exact information.
Whatever you do, please take care and look after yourself.

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