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According to lipotrim, sometimes the water intake can dilute the urine and it doesnt show on the sticks, but you are still in ketosis. As long as you are following the diet and drinking your expected water intake you will be in ketosis.

Try not to get too hung up on using the ketostix, we can become a little obsessive to them.
thanks for that info, still struggling wth awful hunger pangs late morn mid afternoon and sometimes at bedtime! and thats with drinking loads of water any advice on overcoming this?


I will be skinny again!!!
hmmm... Sorry only advice is to work through it!!

Is it every day???
not sure if my last reply went, so thanks for all your advice, but can anyone plz help the hunger mid morn late afternoon and sometimes bedtime even with drinking loads of water need advice!


I will be skinny again!!!
i replied above ^^

do you drink coffee???

black coffee worked miracles for me
no not every day up until sat past was bad then since sunday been good but today quite difficult


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I am on day 9 today and I am feeling like that on and off, today especially, and I drinking loads of water and have had a fair few black coffee's, perhaps we should both have one more before bedtime. Yesterday was absolutely no problem.

Jo x
black coffee and tea witha sweetner i think is also helping me, its warm and also feels like normality x
yeh i do like a coffee, i've even got used to it without sugar! must try taking more , i must add i'm on the maintainance programme i wondered is it ok to eat fruit here and there?


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Just ignore me ..... edited coz didn't make sense .... :(!!
If you are still suffering from hunger pangs, try splitting your shakes in 2 halves, then you could have 6 half shakes a day instead of 3 full shakes. Also like above, just keep glugging the water and hot drinks. Have you tried any of the leaf teas? I find the peppermint tea is really nice and I mix that with a chocolate shake, thats my favourite.
You will just have to work through it. It's harder if you are not occupied with something. Day 6 was my worst and then....a miracle, next day I felt like a million dollars. Haven't touched coffee or regular tea, just enjoying the water.


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r u havin chewing gum???

that realllly made me hungry last time! but i didnt know i wasnt to have it!!

thanks everyone this site is soooooooo encouraging it really helps x, think i mite split packets, sounds good, just being on and reading everyones experiences gives you a real drive x

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