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Kikikisses - Well hello there target!


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Hello all!

Started SW about a week ago after a few days of trying out the healthy eating plan. After just a week and a half of eating well I feel I have a lot more energy and pride in myself which sounds a bit OTT but it's just a feeling eh :)

I've been 100% dedicated to the plan, mainly to see if I actually enjoy it rather than just to torture myself after months of rubbish eating (Went to my other halves place up North for a week and his cooker was broken so it was take away 4 days in a row ugh never again!).

I actually love it! The freedom to actually EAT instead of cutting meals out and such rediculousness.

I study at college at the moment so Wed-Fri I tend to take in my own pasta'n'sauce made earlier which varies at just a few sins each or for a red day I go with a chicken salad with feta for my HeA.

In the morning I stick to Weetabix or porridge as I'm boring haha but I tend to have fresh fruit too.

Sticking to yoghurt at break times so I don't feed my sweet tooth. Also found as these are free they are also filling and make me feel I've had something substantial to keep me going between breakfast and lunchtime.

I'm not 100% familiar with all the ins and outs of the diet yet but any advice will definitely come from those who know it best, the people using this healthy eating plan!

Weigh ins are Saturdays and I was very proud of my loss of 4lb for this week just gone after already losing 4lb the previous week from what I assume was stored fluids.
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Hey; welcome to the mad-house!

Congrats on taking this first step. It certainly can seem a long road ahead, but the help and support you get from the lovely people around here makes it all that bit more tolerable.

Good luck! x


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Thanks for your input CyberRuby :) rather than a long journey I'm thinking of it now more as a healthier lifestyle.

After reading a good few blogs/diaries about people who have succeeded or are succeeding with SW. A lot of them seem to use more Original days than Green days so am trying to put that in my diet. This has been quite entertaining as I'm quite happy to have pasta, potatoes, beans and salads. I know I can use these as HeB but it doesn't feel right that way.

Today I had;
  • 2 x Weetabix, HEb
  • Yogurt and apple as a snack
  • An Alpen light bar in the morning and one in the afternoon HEb
  • A snack sized Twirl (11Syns)
  • Grilled tomatoes with an egg fried in just fry light and a piece of chicken
  • HEa was milk in Weetabix and I saved a little from that for a coffee.
Also made my own Stir fry for lunch from fresh vegetables and chicken, kinda proud of all the effort I'm putting in. :)
So I still have a HEa but not really sure I need it now am pretty stuffed :)

Exercise I went out on my bike, cycling strenuously for the best part of 20 minutes and did some time on WiiFit.

Am worried still that not having a gym membership will hinder my losses and the visual accomplishment. Just now that's unaffordable so even going up and down the stairs a few more times for moving things around.


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Had a pretty good day. Was in town for most of it so had to be careful not to be tempted and honestly I wasn't really :/.

Brother and his friends had McDonalds/KFC and I stuck to a jacket potato without butter and with beans since this was all that was at hand but that's gotta be a million times better than a double cheeseburger haha!
Little bit down today, had a really good day food wise and have been making sure I get everything I need ready nice and early for college.

Been struggling with feeling good whilst being in class. I'm a 23 year old (24 in less than a week), in a class of 16-18 year old girls who are so energetic and slim and it just drives me nuts. Most of the problem is when they make comments like, "Oh I'm so fat! I need to lose like 5lbs!" and I think to myself what are they saying about me and my weight. I know I should act my age and just let it pass me by but when you see everyone eating their naughty food and fitting in size 8s it racks my brain.

The few things that keep me going are knowing I will be healthier, knowing I'm doing this for myself and not to impress anyone and last but not least I enjoy this eating plan. Getting the energy back and feeling that I can focus better and won't get a lot of head aches makes college work so much easier.

I'm only 3 weeks into my healthy eating but I think it's helping me gain a good perspective over life in general.

Now time for a little Wii Fit if the family aren't watching Eastenders :)

If anyone has any advice on keeping motivated around people who can eat whatever they want I'd love to hear it :p


You are doing fantastically well and bear in mind that by reading how well you are doing is in fact inspiration for those who are feeling shaky.. so keep it up.

I live with 2 teenage sons a 20 year old son and my hubby and believe me they can eat :D but I am now so in the zone I can still have my treat but keep within my syns without letting them get to me while they eat their doughnuts.

I so want to be slim again so dont let anyone spoil that for you and do it while you are young enough to enjoy it hon.

I was never going to be fat and thirty, then I was never going to be fat at 40 now i'm 41 and am committed to losing the weight once and for all, dont let yourself get to that stage, I promise you, you will regret it :eek:

Keep up the good work and do it for yourself x
hey, forget everyone else and that they can eat what they want and put into their mouths food you could only dream of..... thats what this site is for, just talking to others who are like us and cant do that, who have to watch and be careful, and there is lots of us here lol.

you are doing gr8 hun, keep it going, every week you will get that bit closer. These peeps who are getting you down have issues which they need to deal with in their own way, but are so self centred arent actually realising that they may be hurting other peoples feelings with what they are saying.

Just keep up the good work, write down what you are having and log on and tell us about it, you are NOT alone... big hugs xxx
Today I feel really exhilarated, it sounds silly but I pushed myself to walk home from college. It's 3-4 miles and at the end of the day it really felt it as most of it is uphill :p

Either way I didn't get any naughties in the shops I passed (picked up some alpen light bars for lunch box next week) and I resisted getting a bus with my 10 trip pass. I'm saving money AND exercising!

Let's hope this changes more than how tired I am when I get home hehe!

My day:
Breakfast - Weetabix x 2 & Semi skimmed milk (HEb&a)

Snacks - Apple, Grapes and strawberry low fat yogurt.

Lunch - Pasta n Sauce (2syns).

Afternoon snacks - 3 x Jaffa cakes (7 1/2 syns total) & a few more grapes.

Dinner - Gammon (weighed HEb), butternut squash, brocolli, mashed potato (no butter or additives), carrots and a little worcestershire sauce.
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Today is my weigh in day ( I do the online weigh ins) and I lost 1lb! I am so happy! It's only week 3 and so far I've lost 9lb. Some might say, "Only 1lb why so happy? Shouldn't you be disappointed after a 100% week" but I'm exstatic as I thought with the amount of fruit I'd consumed I'd have STS or gained.

That's another lb to proudly take off my total and a step closer to my goal.

I hope everyone else feels as fab as I did this morning.

In another strange turn of events my mother (who started again when I did as she'd stopped SW for a while) has lost the same amount 3 weeks in a row as me. We don't particularly eat the same things since we live quite separate lives. How bizarre though eh? I guess maybe it's a little proof that healthy eating can work the same for people who share the same genes.

Thought I'd post the picture that made me really start pushing myself to diet :

Doesn't help I'm sat next to my friend who has the opposite problem of being underweight but everything about me looks huge and it made me so sad. Pulling a funny face by the way, don't naturally look like that haha!

Here's how I looked at 17 at about 10-11 stone.

I was a lot happier then, still not a perfect size 10-12 which I'd like but I was happy and healthy.
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Sorry for double post.

Just ordered a corset top to wear to a friends party at the end of the month (her theme is skantily clad disney characters) and I'm going as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland because apparently a guy is going as Alice :D. Hope the outfit isn't too racey and that it fits nicely, gonna be working my arms out like no ones business :)
Spent the best part of today with my mum, walked through mousehold (local wooded area) and up gas hill (lovely steep hill of doom). Was a lovely day with the sun shining and just felt liberating to be outside and not stuffed up inside the house all day. Really pleased aswell because I found Green & Blacks 100g bar for only £1 in Somerfield! Bargain or what, so weighed a bit of that earlier and had some delicious choccy. Think I'm fairly lucky in that I quite like dark chocolate and it's lower syn value than the milk!

So far today:

Breakfast: Weetabix x2 & skimmed milk (HEa&b)

Snacks: G&B dark chocolate (weighed 7.5 syns)
Hand full of grapes

Lunch: Omelette with cheese (HEa)

Not really super hungry at the moment so just saving my other HEb for this evenings tea. Also left 100ml of skimmed milk from my 350 allowance so I can have a cuppa.
So today is my birthday and I've been really good. I'm still 100% and instead of a cake I'm having a delicious fruit salad with zero fat yogurt for dessert.

Had a wonderful walk into town with mum, trying to get every bit of exercise I can. Treated myself to Just Dance and No More Heroes for the Wii so hopefully Just Dance will be a little exercise with more fun!

Also my lovely OH has given me money towards a Notebook/Laptop so I can carry it around with me at college and even log onto body optimise in town!
Having a bit of a downer today, have been really good with my food and sneakily weighed myself today and I'm 2.5lbs down but that might just be fluctuation.

Just sitting in the bath made me think horrid things like will I ever get rid of this extra weight I've been carrying about since I was a child. Kinda depressing :/

Either way I NEED to stick with this, why give up and make things worse eh?


Hi kiki happy b'day for yesterday and keep up the good work.

We all get down days hon, we have to do our best to ride the bad days and not be tempted by the fridge and that way when we come out the other side we feel so much stronger.

Great picture by the way I actually had to take a double look, you are the spitting image of my friends daughter :eek:

keep smiling and you will lose the weight you want x
Hehe thanks, just think I've been on such a high from all this energy and today I feel a bit grotty.

Ou Maybe I have a secret twin hehe :D


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Hello you;

Thank you for the lovely comments on my journal; thought I'd check in with you now that I'm back.

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good time. Fruit salads are epic, they have saved me so many times. I love them with yoghurt too (though I do put Splenda in my yog, because I have such a sweet tooth) - so healthy plus with the added bonus of feeling smug afterwards when you see everyone else clutching their cake-filled bellies.

Keep on keepin on - the down days are a pain but they pass eventually and you are stronger for them, I reckon (at least I hope so, or I'm stuffed! ;-)

With you on the splenda there, a sprinkle of it feels so naughty but so nice without the bloaty fatty feeling after!

Thanks for checking out my ranting/rambling :p
Hiya - just looked at your diary and you're doing really well, esp to get through your birthday whilst staying on place. Good luck
Well it wasn't a huge struggle but the birthday treats did seem like something missing but I guess it wouldn't be worth the temptation and gain. :)

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