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Kim wants a (small) big white dress!

So I signed up to Weight Watchers last night for what feels like the 100th time (really 3rd) But this time I have the biggest motivation possible - A 4 month old boy & a wedding looming. If that doesn't give me the kick up the backside I need then theres no hope!

I've recently lost just over a stone on a meal replacement diet (never again!) Just wasn't for me, I love food too much!

So here Iam at 17st 8lbs, Its now or never!!!!

I'll update my losses weekly:

Week 0: - Lost 18lbs on Cambridge
Week 1: -7.5lbs 25.5 gone!
Week 2: +0.5lbs 25 gone!
Week 3: -4.5lbs 29.5 gone!
Week 4: -1.5lbs 31 gone!
Week 5: -0.5lbs 31.5 gone!
Week 6: -0.5lbs 32 gone!
Week 7: -4.0lbs 36 gone!
Week 8: +2.0lbs 34lbs gone!
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Thank you Fiona, It seems like a pretty active forum which is what I need...
Stuck to my points so far today, Infact I have more than 2 saved. No Idea what for though ha...

Gonna look through other parts of the WW bit and be inspired!
Hiya Hun
Ive just started back on WWs today aswell so am gona be on here a lot trying to stay out of the kitchen lol. I also did a meal relplacement diet (Lipotrim) and defo never again. Im hoping to get the weight down once and for all to make it up to my poor poor body for putting it through that lol :p
Aw congrats on your lickle baby and wedding. You will be looking absolutely fab on your day hun :)

Cath xox
hey hun, yo can do it this time :) x


Green tea advocate!!
Best of luck! I'm sure you'll do just great!
I joined for the 3rd time again in August - my leader still knew my name and everything...i was so embarressed but i know the end result will be worth it :D x
Thank you for your lovely comments ladies! Been Xmas shopping today, and its bloody roasting! Had a nice big walk round the shops and feel quite good for it. Was meant to go to the gym tonight but I have no babysitter, Its the thought that counts though - right?

On the plus side I've stuck to all my points today. I feel like im constantly eating though?! I love being able to have diet fizzy drinks, after living the last 8 week on water its bliss!

Went to book honeymoon yesterday and she suggested Disney World, so now I have no idea where I want to go. I want somewhere with a beach to show off my nearly-there beach body lol. I don't even know how much weight its possible to loose in 11 months...

I want to look at dresses but Im sure most shops dont stock size 22! Will wait a few months and then go try all of them on!

Rambling on now...
hey, how exciting booking honeymoons and going to try dresses on. keep in mind though that some dresses take quite a few months to be delivered once the order has been made so dont leave it too late xx


looking to make a change!
hey kim great to see you here the internet is such a small world lol

good luck on your journey hun x
I know Louisa lol, I much prefer this forum to the CD one though, this one has real life food!!

Hopefully I can go dress shopping in April time, would love to loose 5st by then, lots of trips to the gym are in order!
Evening Hun
Oooh wedding dress shopping. Id love to do that sumtime hehe like go in and pretend to be getting married just so I could try on all the pretty dresses heehee. Hmmm worried about myself now tbh :rolleyes:

Was just thinking there that even if you only lost 1lb a week for the next 11months that would be over 3 stone which is pretty cool :flirt2:

Lol yes I am already addicted to diet coke yum :p

Cath xox
I just wrote a really long post but then I pressed back by accident oops.

Mini your not mad lol, I think any woman would love to go and try dresses on! I have like more than double 3st to loose though so 2lbs a week should do it. I would love to loose 6st for next sept, which is about 2lbs a week. Don't know what dress size I'd be at 11st? Maybe 12/14? Anybody?

Dreading weigh in on Tues, I know I've stuck to it like 100000% so I don't know why Iam =[
Heehee thats my excuse then to go try some on......all for research of course lol ;)

I def think 2lbs a week is doable so yes thats a good goal to work towards. Im the same height as you and when I was 11st (not that long ago) I was wearing size 12s. Ive gone back into size 10s with the last half stone (10.8) so I guess it depends on build and hip size and all that too.
Hope your having a good day hun :) and dont worry bout Tues if youve been doing it 100% youll do great
Cath xox
Hi Kim, Good luck with WW. i started at 17st 3lbs in Jan 09 and am taking the scenic route!i lost 2stone with SW and then stuck, so started WW 4 weeks ago and feel good on it and the weight is beginning to move again. Hope it goes well for you.
Thank you Tracey. Im hoping 100% I don't give up this time, I think this is well and truely the last time I can try loose weight on my own, otherwise its a trip to the docs. Im not saying that having surgury or a bit of help from the gp is a easy way out, but I'd love to say to people I lost 7/8st and I did it eating healthy and excercising.

Also I want another bubba but I defiantly do not want to be classed as 'high risk' because im carrying extra weight. I was told throughout the 9 months my baby will be huge blah blah, I was measuring 4 weeks behind and I was never offered a scan as my baby could of been hiding. When they eventually gave in he was measuring so behind they were gonna induce me! Bloody typical~!

So wedding, honeymoon, bambino. In that order!

OOoo and im vvvvvv excited for my 21st bday now, I want to hopefully be a 16/18 by then cos I seen a nice dress in River Island and they don't go above an 18 lol
5 Days in and still going strong! Been going through all the babys clothes and stuff to ebay to keep my mind off food so been very busy!

Having the roast beef and yorkshire pudding from last months mag tonight so will see if it tastes nice. Not been dissapointed with last months recipes yet!

Better go and out the veg on otherwise nobody will be getting fed...
Hi Kim, Glad its all going well. It is a daily battle for me, and I think of food all day! Lol! Had a panic as last night all the family wanted a take away curry. Thought of not having any, but ordered carefull and really enjoyed the feeling afterwards of having stayed in control as opposed to the awful feeling of guilt. I also remembered that I had a choice what I ate, and didnt have to eat everything in front of me-a really ad habit of mine! Really looking forward to seeing how your first weigh in goes, you will do just great-we are both in this for the long haul so good luck to us both!! lol
Thank you Tracey - There will be a time when we can enjoy the odd curry once again! I think I kinda have to get used to the fact that unlike the Cambridge Diet that this is a lifestyle change - the new foods that im eating i.e lettuce will be my best friend eventually and that this isn't a quick fix until the weight is gone.

I think im also gonna have to get used to the fact that the weigh isn't going to drop off as quick as it was. I think I'll be happy with 4lbs+, If its less than that I'll admit I'll be feeling slighty dissapointed. Aswell on the Cambridge diet, if you ate your packs and drank the water you knew you were binning atleast 3lbs, that isn't gonna happen on this diet.

I think thats the way I have to take it - I will not be a 9st stunner on my wedding day, its more likely gonna be 11st - The price I pay to eat!!

That is tonights ponderings finished with!


Up for the challenge
Hey Kim. Sorry for the delay. Welcome to WW! I think you should be able to lose 6 stone by September it is a realistic target :). I have lost on average about 1/2 a stone a month with a couple of disastors so it can defo be done. Good luck with your journey and your exciting plans. Give us a shout if you need anything. Take care. xx

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