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Kim's Diet Coke to Water challenge


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I'm seriously addicted to diet coke.. I drink at LEAST 2x 2litre bottles each day, plus when I'm out and about I will buy a 500ml bottle to drink while out.
I've been doing slimming world 3 weeks so far, 7lb first week, 3.5lb second week, and 2.5lb tonight.
I'm expecting a 1-1.5lb weight loss next week.
I'm going to see if giving up my diet coke and having water instead will make a difference to my weight loss and give me a small boost.
I get terrible headaches when I go cold turkey off diet coke so I will be allowing myself one 500ml bottle each night as a treat when the kiddies are in bed.
I have just finished a 2 litre bottle now, and I usually take one to bed with me which I drink throughout the night whenever I wake up or the kids wake up.
So tonight I will be taking a pint of water to bed with me and I'm not looking forward to it at all :(

I'm going to use this thread to just come on and rant whenever I'm feeling annoyed about not having any diet coke or just coming on when the diet coke trigger goes off in my head. Seriously, I found giving up smoking easier than giving u my diet coke last year.
I'm hoping that updating this thread will help the week to go quicker too!

God I need some already!!!xxxxx
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Blimey thats alot of coke!! I like drinking diet coke too and am also trying to limit the amount I drink mainly because i'm breastfeeding. I hardly drink any water and am going to try drinking 8 glasses a day starting as of tomorrow! Best prepare myself for the headaches and spots! Good Luck Kim!!

Katie xx

p.s you must get really bad wind!!


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Hahaha, I've been told they are quite bad lol!
My skin's horrible at the minute, I'm constipated, sluggish, always tired and really bloated. It's so hard to quit though, but I reckon drinking tons of water a day will help with the said problems!
I'm going to keep my diet pretty much the same as the last 3 weeks and have the same number of syns as I've already been having, just going to see if changing to water will actually change anything


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I'm also a diet coke addict, but not limited to diet coke- I also really like Dr Pepper zero. :eek: I don't drink quite as much as you though, Kim! :p

I would also like to cut down but I'm not ready to tackle that and the food just now! I've been struggling to stick to plan recently so maybe I'll do this once I'm back in the swing of things

Good luck, Kim! :)


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Lol, me and my friends often complain about 'diet coke farts'! Yeah drinking water should help with all those problems but prepare to feel crap for the first couple of days! Keep us updated on how you do, and i'll do the same! Yum dr pepper zero! Glad they dont sell that in my local shop!! xx
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I gave up Diet Coke at Easter, and to be honest I didn't find it that hard to do! Although I was only have 1-2 cans a day, not 2 litres!

If I were you I'd go for a halfway measure, and use fizzy water. I hated the taste of fizzy water before SW but love it now. I tend to have it with no added sugar squash. You still get the fizzyness but it's so much better for you! may be easier on the cravings too.

Good luck

I too used to drink around 2-3 litres each day of diet coke, but when I started Lipotrim I had to switch to water. I did suffer with the odd headache, but they were not as bad as I expected. After a few weeks on plain water I felt so much better, my skin also looked better. Since I came off Lipotrim, I have tried diet coke once, and found it not as nice as before so I have stuck to my water.

Good Luck!
Clair x
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flipping heck. I actually thought I was addicted (1x2ltr a day, 500ml bottles when im out) but i wouldnt dream of taking a bottle to bed with me! lol

water always gives me a boost..

iv been weaning myself off slowly.. try buying half diet coke, half sprite zero ( difficult at first but far less caffine) and make a rule, every glass you have, you have to drink a glass of water FIRST.

its tough to begin with, and even if you still drink the same amount for a while, the water will help flush you through a bit more and keep your skin properly hydrated x

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That's an awful lot of diet coke it can't be good for you and that's what's probably making you sluggish. Good suggestion drinking fizzy water & no added sugar squash or weaning yourself off it. I think going cold turkey will be too difficult, good luck hun XX
Thanks for the suggestions.. i don't ever drink no added sugar juice.. is it free??? I'm doing it to save money too... Roughly £3 a day is £90 a month :O Jesus I've only just worked that out :-/
i love diet Pepsi, i find it stays fizzy longer than diet Coke but i did try and limit myself when i started on SW - i now drink about 2/2.5 litres of water a day when i am in work, its so easy to go to the water cooler but at weekends i really struggle to drink 500mls! I always find drinking from a bottle easier than in a glass - maybe you could try that?
OMG that's so much caffeine!!

Have you tried lime & soda? 50ml of roses lime cordial is 2 1/2 syns, but you wouldn't use 50ml!!! also get the tesco one it's only 55p. the soda water is cheap too. It'll give you that fizzy fix.

Try & finish the bottle of soda water or fizzy water in a day or so, as it becomes acidic if it's been opened & can taste a little tangy!

Good luck with this, it's the best thing you can do for your body. Coke has phosphoric acid in it, which opens your taste buds, giving the sensation of your thirst being quenched, but actually it dehydrates you. hence you wanting to drink more as you're still thirsty!!!



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Good luck Kim! I gave up fizzy pop 2 weeks ago, was always going to the supermarket cause I'd run out and then buying more stuff so figured if I bought squash it would be cheaper and healthier!!
I got the headaches... and the spots!! Never suffered with spots but they came out everywhere, settled down now though :0)
Also, we all went to the dentists yesterday and my little boy's front milk teeth were showing signs of erosion and he only probably has a fizzy drink once a week!! OH is always getting told off for having fizzy drinks, I seem to get away with it... my teeth must be stronger maybe?? Anyway, fizzy pop is banned in our house now, don't want to be ordering dentures all round he he!! xx


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Good luck with it. Coke is really really bad for you in those amounts. Just google it and see. I agree with you not going cold turkey - better that it takes you a few weeks and succeeds than doing it in 3 days and not coping
Well the headaches have started already! I've had 2 pints of water this morning but it just doesn't quite hit the spot! I will have to wait until later to get the fizzy water. I might actually google the bad stuff on aspartame and read it.. I've been to scared to before, but now it will keep me off it I hope


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You never really know if the scare stories are true but I've heard of it being linked to osteoporosis. Am off to google now as I heard a story about a woman who was crippled with MS and turned out to be all down to coke and when she stoppped it she recovered. True? Who knows!!!


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Also (from what I've been told/heard/read) your body gets the sweet hit of diet coke (and other things artificially sweetened), produces insulin to deal with the sugar but the sugars not there so your body craves it - makes sense really
Hi Kim, I used to be exactly the same and drank loads of diet every day. I went cold turkey about two months ago. I felt really ill at first but after about a week I felt so much better! Keep at it, its worth it. Best of luck.
Well done hun. It can only be a good thing to do. I like a glass of pepsi max or diet pepsi but only one glass an evening, if that.

My C did a trial a bit back where some ladies cut out the diet coke, that was the only change they made and they had much better losses that week.

Even if you halved what you drank it would be good for you and your purse.

Rant away if it helps you and good luck, the first few days will be the hardest.

Now if I could give up coffee.....
Ok I'm not coping very well at all. My mum usually fetches me a can of diet coke when she nips over to me, and she did today and I had to drink it. My head is killing, Everytime I move it from side to side it hurts so much and my forehead above my eyes is aching. This is really bad. My shoulders and arms are really aching too... it sounds like I'm coming off crack lol.
I've just had some tea and really needed some after it so got ready to go to the shop but then stopped myself and had water instead..
This is so hard!
I've gone from over 2litres a day to just a small can today. It will get easier I'm sure. My first day is nearly done :)

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