Kim's Slim-fast Diary - Starts Today!!!


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Hiya, I'm starting my diet today & have decided to keep a weekly diary to help me keep on track. I'm new to Slim-Fast so don't know how i'm going to take to it, but i'm positive & feeling pretty inspired at the moment! :talk017:

If anyone has any success stories, i'd love to hear them - It'll inspire me to keep going! :eatdrink051:

My aim is to lose 2lb a week for the next 21 weeks, which is an overall weight loss of 3 stone. I think, for me, the hard part will be keeping the weight off, but I am getting married in June 2010, so I am determined to!! :devilangel:

Anyway, wish me luck & i'll update this thread every Monday (which will be my official weigh-in day) :cross:

Kim x x x

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Good luck Kimmy, like you i'm trying to lose weight for my wedding, its good motivation :)
Hi Kim,

How are you getting on?

Today is day 2 for me, and so far i have had a mango and peach smoothie for breakfast (yuk - never again!) a pack of sf cheese buiscuit type things, 8 cashew nuts and a cafe shake (yum!) Plus tea and water.

Not hungry and for dinner i'll be having a ready meal and low fat dessert under 600 cals combined.


S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Samantha,
1st day went well! I had a rasberry smoothie for breakfast, then a banana at 10am. I went to the gym at 11 and did 40 minutes cardio & 30 minutes of weights, which made me feel great! :character00116:
For lunch I had a strawberry shake, then had a SF chocolate & caramel snack bar around 2:30pm, which was yummy - reminded me of a mars bar :drool:
I made a lovely meal for tea which consisted of chicken, brown rice & veg in a low fat sauce, then 2 clementines for pudding. :eating:
Now, I have just put my little boy to bed & am having my last snack - a packet of monster munch, which are my favourite crisps & suprisingly only 108 calories & contain 0.5g saturated fat!!! (which is brilliant news for me on this diet!) :gimi:
I've decided that in future, I am going to have 2 of my snacks as fruit & 1 as either crisps or a chocolate snack bar, so I get my 5-a day in :greenapple:
Overall though, i'm very happy. I haven't felt hungry & it's been simple to stick to, so hopefully i'll carry on this way! :cross:

How much weight are you aiming to lose? & when will be your weigh-in day?
Kim x x
Hi Kim,

Glad day one went ok for you! Monday is my weigh in day, and I'm hoping to loose 56KG - It seems impossible at the moment though. I have got soo big that i can't really see a way back. Will set my goals at 7lbs each and slog through it that way.

I would like to loose 7lbs by the end of Jan. What are your goals and when is your weigh in day?