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Kirstabubble's Food Diary - Back on it 100% :)

Hello everyone.

I've been dabbling in Minimins for a while now, and I think it's time I got properly involved. I've been doing Slimming World since the end of June and so far have lost 19lbs. I eventually want to lose about 3.5 stone, but we'll see how it goes. I haven't had great losses over the last couple of weeks so I am hoping by being on here, I can motivate myself a bit more. I'm in no rush to lose the weight, and I am doing it to be healthy - I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease last year and even though I'm well at the moment, you never know how long it'll last, and I want to keep myself as healthy as poss :)

So I'm gonna put my food diary up on here for all to see.

I shall start with today's...

Friday 24th September - Extra Easy Day (as normal)

Breakfast - Grapefruit followed by a banana mixed with 28g Fruit n Fibre and Fat Free Natural Yoghurt.

Lunch - Cheese, Ham and Leek Pasta n Sauce (1syn) with Lettuce and Cucumber. Then Activia Fat Free Peach Yoghurt (1/2 syn).

Snacks - Two mandarins.

I shall update with Dinner later

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Hi and well done on your loss so far !! thats Fab !.
I'm new but found putting a diary on helps me stay on track.. I also do ee with a couple of Green days thrown in.. x


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ha ha same as me. came straight from ww. I never understood pointing fruit !? I lost 1st then really struggled..

got to say i am LOVING SW !!!
Update on yesterday's diary...

It went a little bit wrong after work.

I popped into my friend's new salon and had a few of the welcome nibbles and a little piece of cake. Ooops. It really wasn't a lot though, so I'm just saying 12 syns for the whole day.

I did have a healthy dinner of syn free potato wedges, salad and chicken grilled with peppers and mushrooms.

And today...

25th September - Extra Easy Day

Breakfast - Banana, followed by two poach eggs wth toast (Hex B) and tommy k (1/2 syn).

That's it so far!

Kirsty x
Ok, so the rest of my dairy for Saturday is as follows...

Lunch - Fruit Salad from M&S (I was at a football match so popped in to get this rather than have a Pukka Pie).

Dinner - Risotto with Prawn, mushroom and onion.

Snacks - Small skinny latte (Hex A)

Syns - Rich Tea (2), Sugar in tea (1/2), Tomato Ketchup (1/2), Turkish Delight (4).

Kirsty x
Here is Sunday's diary.

Sunday 26th September - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 30g special K with strawberries and skimmed milk (Hex A, and Hex B)

Lunch - chicken breast with no skin, and a Philidelphia Splendips (7 1/2 syns, skimmed latte (3 syns), banana.

Dinner - Roast beef and potatoes (all free), yorkshire (3 syns) and gravy (2 syns).

Snacks - square of chocolate (3 syns).

So I have had 18.5 syns today, which I'm not too upset about seeing as I walked 12km for charity this morning, and my feet feel like they will fall off. And that takes my total for the week to 82 syns. Which is averages just less than 12 syns a day.

Let's just hope weigh in goes ok tomorrow!

Thanks Geordie Girl...I'm doing my usual eating as little as possible on a Monday before weigh in this eve.

Monday 27th September 2010 - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Half a grapefruit, followed by a banana with FF Natural yoghurt with honey (1 syn).

Lunch - Mug Shot, side salad with FF dressing, nectarine, and a boiled sweet (1 syn).

After WI tonight, dinner will be...

Prawn and mushroom risotto (Hex B for olive oil).

My Hex A for today will be 175ml of skimmed milk and 14g of grated cheese on the risotto (am I allowed to split Hex A's in this way?).

I'm also going to be having an Options Hot Choc tonight before bed, because I am FREEZING today!

Kirsty x
So I lost 1lb this week, which I am pleased with.

Came home from WI, and boyf was eating a pizza...I had a tiny piece, so going to count 3 syns for it. After dinner, just had one tiny square of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth (* week is on the way) so another 2 syns for that.

So that's 7 syns for today...decided against my Options as to keep the syns down. I'm enjoying this peppermint tea though!

Kirsty x
Tuesday 28th September - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Banana, with FF Nat. Yoghurt and honey (1syn)
Snack - Half a grapefruit.
Lunch - Mug shot, edamame beans from Itsu, a handful of Salt and Vinegar popcorn (2 syns) and a necatarine.
Snack - Afternoon cup of tea with two squares of chocolate that a colleague kindly (!) bought back from his hols (3 syns)
Dinner - Nando's - I am having a half chicken and ratatouille. I won't eat the skin of the chicken, and have saved my Hex B for the oil they undoubtedly use somewhere. I'll add a couple of syns on just to be on the safe side (so 2 syns).

I also walked about 2.5 miles this morning, rather than get on the tube.

Hex A - 350ml skimmed milk for tea
Hex B - Tbsp olive oil
Syns - 8.

Kirsty x
Yesterday was actually 8 1/2 syns as I had half a sugar in a tea at football. I'm trying to keep to 8 syns a day this week but I was under that on Monday, so I'm happy.

Wednesday 29th September - Green Day

Breakfast - Banana, strawberries and strawberry Muller Light
Snack - Satsumas (x2)
Lunch - Staggs Vegetable Chili (3 syns), Sainsbury's 2 Minute Meal Egg Fried Rice (1 syn), Toffee Muller Light.
Dinner - Poached egg on 2 x small wholemeal loaf (Hex B), tomato ketchup (1/2 syn).

I need to get another HexB in somewhere, so I might melt 28g cheese onto my toast, making my Hex B's Wholemeal bread, and cheese.

Hex A - 350ml skimmed milk
Syns - 4 1/2 so far (subject to change)

Kirsty x


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well done on your loss and keep it up, your diary's are all v good x i sometimes find it hard to eat my syns especially if not hungry !
I went to the gym last night and did the following...

25 mins Cross Trainer (Burned 270 kcal)
10 mins Bike (Burned 50kcal)
15 run (Burned 230kcal)

Here's today's diary...this is my first ever Red day, so if you any opinions, please let me know :)

Thursday 30th September - Red Day

Breakfast - Banana, with 28g Fruit & Fibre and skimmed milk.
Lunch - Tuna with soy sauce and mixed veg, followed by frozen yoghurt (7 syns), square of choc (1.5 syn).
Dinner - Bacon, mushroom and cheese omelette (cooked with 1 tsp light butter - 1 syn), with grilled tomatoes, & Muller Light,
Hex A 1 - 350ml skimmed milk, for tea and cereal.
Hex A 2 - 42g low fat cheddar
Hex B 1 - 28g Fruit n Fibre
Hex B 2 - 30g Ryvita mini's

Syns - 9.5 syns (slightly over my attempt at 8 day, but I'll make up for it over the weekend, as I'm not doing anything where I'll need to use syns).

Kirsty x
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I was very proud of myself yesterday. OH wanted sausage and chips for dinner, so I was standing in the chip shop with him, salivating. I almost ordered some fish as I was doing Red and would have taken the batter off. Then realised I'd end up eating some of the batter, so I decided against it and was more than happy with my omelette.

Friday 1st October - Extra EasyDay

Breakfast - Strawberries, banana, fat free greek yoghurt, teaspoon of sugar (1 syn).
Snack - Chocolate square (2 syns), Cup a Pasta.
Lunch - TBD but I want something filling because I feel rubbish today.
Dinner - Out for dinner tonight so going to have pasta with seafood, garlic, tomatoes and chilli from Carluccio's (saving my Hex B for oil, plus another couple of syns in case). And diet Coke. Not drinking today

Kirsty x

Rest to be updated later

Kirsty x
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aw draw a line under it, we all go over every now and again the trick is getting back on track xx
Saturday 2nd October - Red Day

Breakfast - Muller light (before gym)

Gym - 20 min treadmill (running, burned 298 kcal), 30 mins x trainer (burned 314 kcal), bike to cool down ( 5 mins, 40 kcal).

Lunch - bacon, mushroom and onion omelette, and fried tomatoes (in fry Light). Also low fat cheese in omelette as Hex A 1.

Dinner - Steak in gravy (canned from M&S, free on Red), mixed veg and mushrooms.

Hex a 1 - 350 ml milk (in latte)
Hex a 2 - 42g grated cheese (low fat)
Hex B 1 - 71g dried apricots.
Hex B 2 - ????

Syns - Marshmallows - 4

Kirsty x
Sunday 3rd October - Extra Easy

Snack - Banana

Gym - 35 mins X Trainer (burned 370 kcal), then one hour of yoga.

Breakfast - 2 x wholemeal toast (Hex B) with light butter (1.5 syns) and honey (1 syn).

Snack - Turkish Delight - 5 syns

Lunch - Super Speed soup and Muller light.

Dinner - Beef Rogan Josh (adapted from SW Mag) with rice.

Syns - 7.5 syns

Kirsty x

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