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Kyra's food thread, 05/02/09. Comments welcome


Twilight Fantasist
i keep forgetting to write what i eat down.. and i know from when i have, it does help!!!

it also helps because i do binge - less than i did when i was a kid but i still do it. and if i could prevent them, or know what triggers them... well that would help!!

So, today i have eaten..

healthy a choice of Skimmed millk
2 healthy b choices of two slices of brown bread - 4 slices in total
4 rashers of bacon with the rinds of - small rashers at 2 syns each
1 dollop of no sugar/salt tom sauce - 2 syns.

1 muller light banana custurd
1 activia fat free (they really do work!)

any one want to comment.. feel free!
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Twilight Fantasist
starting over... hell of a weekend. must stay away from men during the diet..serioulsy..

anyway, today was a much better day because i could handle it all. the weekend of misery ended because my manager perked up, and i havent bumped in to the idiot that stayed outside my house all friday night (longer story)

green day

2 x small wholemeal slice of toast- HE B choice
2 teaspoons of very very low fat spread - 1syn
1 tablespoon of marmite
1 apple
1 banana
1 small glass of no sugar cranberry/rasberry juice - 3 syns
1 mullerlight vanilla and chocolate
1 bag ryvita minis - HE B choice
skimmed milk - HE A choice
47g low fat chedder - HE A choice
half a can of passata , with added garlic and herbs
half a small packet of fresh pasta - 3 syns
lasagne sheet crisps - small handfull.
1 apple
1 fat free thai bachelours noodles.

i tried to eat more today. i find it difficult, food isnt cheap and sometimes im just not hungry. but i made the effort and since i put on this week , im determined to get back on track.

til tomorrow!


Twilight Fantasist
4 pieces of small wholemeal toast 2HE B
one helping of skimmed milk 1HE A
2 muller yogurts
1 activia fat free yogurt
3 eggs
1 small tomato sauce no sugar 3 SYNS
1 teaspoon very low fat spread 1 SYN
three jaffa cakes 6 SYNS
lasagne crisps
1 apple
2 bananas
1 bowl of sweet potato SW chips
You seem to have lots of snack foods, but no real meals Hun is that right??
I know food can be expensive, but me and Hubby have managed to bring our food budget down to £60 a week for a family of 3 and thats with fruit and veg. My shopping used to total £180+.
If I can do it, have 3 substantial meals on this plan and still loose weight, then anyone can. It takes more of an effort, but definitely worth it in the end.

Take care


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