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Lack of sleep affects weight loss?


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At work today we had a study day on the childhood obesity strategy for our city. One thing I had forgotten, was the link between poor sleep and weight gain or lack of weight loss. Thinking about this, it may explain that when I am not working I lose weight better that week and when I am holiday despite eating vast amounts of unhealthy food I only put on 1 -2 pounds. For those who want to know the science bit here it is:
Research has proven a definite link between sleep and the hormones Ghrelin and Leptin which influence our eating habits, the messages of fullness and hunger to the brain and the way the food is utilised by the body. when you don't sleep the hormone that tells us we are hungry increases whilst the one that tells us we are full decreases. As a result you will naturally eat larger portions and have morre cravings when you haven't been sleping well. continued lack of sleep can lead to hormone changes that will not only sabbotage your weight loss efforts but could also lead to a long term weight gain.
So night night everyone lol xxx
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I suffer from insomnia on and off, so this makes lots of sense. Lately I have been aiming for 8 hours sleep a night, and along with the SW plan it's made me feel more awake when I am, as opposed to how I used to feel - tired, moody etc, and I get really tired at a reasonable hour if I've had a good sleep the night before. It sounds odd but if I get say less than 5 hours sleep, I won't be tired at all and will quite easily be up until 2 - 3am the next night, which starts a cycle of 5 hours sleep or less every night and then the over eating begins and so on.. sorry that's rambly :S


Wishing and hoping!
have sleeping problems and I don't think it matters for me personally. Some days I am starving others not regardless of sleep. Now if it was emotinal based reasons then yes they effect my eating badly :(

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