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Lady A's Food Diary

6 Weeks of Pure Sw!!

Day One: Green Day

Breakfast: Special K with Skimmed Milk (5 Syns)

Lunch: Brown bread (dry) with spagetti and laughin cow x light (0 Syns)

Dinner: Quorn SW Korma with Basamti Rice with a Tsp of Ground Almonds (5 Syns)..and 1 pompadom in the microwave sprayed with fry light.

Snacks:Tin of Asaparagus, A few new potatoes,Water, 1 Diet Coke

Total Syns: 10

Day Two: Green Day (Had a very hungry day)

Breakfast: Special K with skimmed milk (5 Syns)

Lunch:Super Low Fat Bachlors Sweet Chilli Noodles with some quorn pieces flaked in (0 Syns)

Dinner: Quorn Lasagne with Brocolli (0 Syns)

Snacks:SMall bowl of boiled rice and some new potatoes boiled - Sw lemon drizzle cake ( 1.3 portion) (5 syns)

(10 Syns) - Also 50 Mins of high intensity LBT and a 20 min swim :)
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Tip of the day mix chicken style quorn bits when your boiling the low fat noodles it absorbs the flavour from the packet and stay really moist!
Day 3 - Green Day (I will try and have a red day soon :))

Breakfast: Special K (5 Syns - which annoys me as its so low in fat??)

Lunch: Left over quorn lasagne (2 syns)

Dinner: SW Spinach and Mushroom Pasta (4 Syns)

Snacks: 4 small squares of chocolate (4 Syns)

15 Syns :( but 1 Hour of Aqua Zumba followed by a quick swin :)
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Day Four - Red Day!

Breakfast: Special K (5 Syns)

Lunch:Sw Bolagnaise (Syn free as I ommited the tomato paste)

Dinner: Sw Beef Madras with Spiced Spinach and Mushroom Side, a handful of cooked rice (I have small hands :)) (1 Syn for tsp garlic oil with veg)

Snacks: 4 Small squares of chocolate (4 syns) have a glass of wine (No idea but it was 94ml of wine so I will guess 3 syns)

13 Syns :( - Gotta watch these syns!! But in penance I went for a 40 min swim and did 30 lengths of the pool followed by some aqua aerobic style excercises!
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Day Five - Green Day

Breakfast: 2 Eggs Scrambelled with Quorn Bacon (Free)

Lunch: Boiled Rice with peas and Quorn Bacon (Very boring but ran out of time - Syn Free)

Dinner: Two Small Jacket Potatoes with tuna sweetcorn with ex light mayo and lotso salad!! (1.5 syns for mayo)

Snacks: Fruit, WW Caramel Waifer (4 Syns)..Maybe a muller light?

Total Synage: 5.5 Syns :), Plus 30 Mins in the gym followed by 30 laps in the pool!
Saturday - My Day Off!!

45 mins of swimming

Sunday - Red Day

Breakfast - None :(

Lunch - A few slices of chicken

Tea - Pork roast dinner with veggies and gravy (5 syns)

Snacks - 2 Pints of Cider (1100000000 syns :()

Breakfast - Crunch Cereal (half a bowl approx 3 syns)

Lunch - Small Morrisons salad (left all mayo related items out but going to put 5 syns in just incase)

Dinner - Tuna Pasta Bake (Free - about half I would usually have dont have much of an appetite)

Snack - 4 squares of chocolate (4 syns)

About 12 syns - However I did do an hour of Yoga and 2 Miles of Walking!
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Tuesday - Red Day

Breakfast - Eggs & Quorn Bacon (ate half :()

Lunch - Low Fat Chicken Soup with Veggies with a slice of bread(1/2 Syn - only ate half of it)

Dinner - 1 brown roll with some salad and a little mayo and a little uncle bens micro rice no idea on syns about 5 or 6? Still not hungry I know im not supposed to count calories but cant imagine I ate over 900. Feel really rubbish!

Snacks - None :(

1 Hour of LBT tonight - woo and a 10 lap swim followed by 10 mins of jacuzzi and 10 mins of steam room time :)

Still not feeling that hungry today, have a bit of a bad tummy too :(
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Wednesday - red day

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambelled with a x light laughing cow in with it. (Syn free)

Lunch - 2 x light laughing cows on 2 rivita seasame crisp breads - all I could manage :( (Syn free, used rivita as hex a)

Tea - sw beef curry with onion salad a table spoon of rice - mini nam bread ( 5 Syns)

Snacks - 1 x light traingle and half a glass of wine (3 Syns)

Got My appetite back last night!
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Thursday - Green Day

Breakfast: 2 x light traingles, 1 nectarine (better than nothing I suppose)

Lunch: Tumeric Rice with tomato, cumcumber and onion

Dinner: Pasta in sauce with quorn burgers and veg nothing to inspiring but im only cooking for me tonight!

Snacks: Not Sure
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Syns 2 for x light mayo and 1 for pasta in sauce...

Also 45 Mins of lap swimming!
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Friday - Green Day

Breakfast - Muller Light and fruit

Lunch - Spagetti with 2 x light triangles

Dinner - Last two quorn burgers with pasta and sauce with asparagus

Snacks - Perhaps a cheeky wine later as I wouldnt of had any syns!

....An hour of LBT tonight woowoo!
Saturday - Treat Day!!

Sunday - Green Day

Complete right off - Hubby ended up in hospital!

Monday - Still in hospital!
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Tuesday - Green Day

Hubby is doing alot better, home and looking forward to some proper food! - Thank god!

Breakfast - Muller light and fruit

Lunch - Vegtable soup with a x light triangle

Dinner - Quorn Tikka with mounds of rice!! :)

Snacks - Special K Bar (5 syns), x light triangle, Glass of milk

1 Hour of LBT followed by a long soak in the jacuzzi...then steam room and sauna (makes it all worth it :))
Wednesday - Green Day

Breakfast - Muller light with fruit

Lunch - Alpha betty spagetti (random right?) with x l triangle

Dinner - Goats cheese and aparagus filo tart with salad (8 syns)

Snacks - Small bowl of rice

15 Laps of the pool..followed by 45 mins of Aqua Zumba..no time for jacuzzi tonight though as im off for a meal with my ladies!
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Thursday - Green Day

Breakfast - Mullerlight with fruit

Lunch - Spaghetti with x light triangle

Dinner - Potato, Pepper, Spinach and Goats cheese (Hex B) pie (4 syns for a little extra cheese)

Snacks - Special k Bar (5 syns) with glass of milk (Hex A)

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