Lady from Lighter life dies drinking too much water!!


Slimming for my children
** Woman died from 'too much water' **
A Huddersfield woman died after drinking four litres of water in under two hours, an inquest is told.
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Now it says on the website they are clearly told to drink over a certain period but i wasnt and i used to get cold head and i had a misscarriage and lost my hair doing this!!
I was going to go back on the cheaper version which was cambridge but this has completely put me off.

They say the more you drink the more you shrink? So i used to drink 7 or 8 litres a day!!!!!

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Im just me!
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Oh my good god i cant believe this i really cant,its terrible.


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This kinds of puts things in perspective, doesn't it. Really sad. Health is so much more important than being skinny...of course, the two things often go hand in hand, but...

Mrs V

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I read this earlier too!
Yes, its important to drink water, however not to that extent!


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it's just really really sad i have total paranoia about this as i've read about it before i drink an awful lot i think the rule is if your stomache feels uncomfortable stop and i don't think this lady did unfortunately what a horrible loss i just hope her family are ok.


taking one day at a time
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it is really sad .I read this in local paper as im from same town she has sadly left 5 children behind sad story


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so sad x

Percy greenfingers

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It is sad, but we all hopefully go into these things with our eyes open, and being very over weight could have had the same devastating effect. I'm sure some of us will even use this as an excuse to stop, when so many have completed the diet following the rules and been very successful.
Thoughts have to go to her family and 5 children though....


I ate my willpower!
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I read about this lady earlier in the paper. I have done Cambridge and I was told the more you drink the more you lose but not once was I told to drink over a period of time. I find it difficult to drink loads of water so I was lucky, but it just goes to show how dangerous these VLCDS can be.


Slimming for my children
I was also told the more you drink the more you shrink! i used to drink so much all in one go i would sick up water! but i had to in order to get the full quota down! x


It is very sad what has happened to this lady.

She drank a very large amount of water in a very short period of time rather than drink it through the day. According to press reports she drank 4 litres in under 2 hours.

Like all VLCD's, LL say to drink the water over the course of the day rather than within such a short space of time.


Gone fishing
Oh gosh, it's so very sad :(

This quote about drinking more to help lose weight...we've try to dispell that one on this forum so many times. Think it's even a sticky. But people are often desperate to do whatever it might take to lose a pound or so more (which they believe might happen) :(

I've heard of other diet counsellors not in the VLCD world also suggest drinking more for extra weight loss. Don't think it's just a VLCD thing.

I guess if one of their dieters died, I very much doubt the type of diet would have been highlighted at all. It would have been just one of those unfortunate things.

It just goes to show how important it is that counsellors from any diet, spend time giving correct advice and check that it's understood by the client.

I sometimes wonder how much my clients really take in and remember. After all, the majority just want the diet products whatever it takes. You can also see some people 'turn off' when you go into more detail. Just waiting for you to hand over the goods and weigh them so they can get on with the job.

I think the majority of us would state about drinking through the day, but it's one of those things that I should imagine we assume people will do, and maybe this is a good reminder (for me anyway), to not just mention it, but really get make sure my clients know how important this is.

Don't know where the DM they got the info that LL recommend 4L, as they changed that some time ago, and are now recommending people drink to thirst, which I've always thought was much more sensible.

so I was lucky, but it just goes to show how dangerous these VLCDS can be.

I don't think they are dangerous. Certainly not when the correct advice has been given. As I say, it could have happened with any diet..and it still is so very rare. One life lost is one too many, but I hear of atheletes who have died doing the same thing...but wouldn't say doing atheletics was dangerous.

My thoughts go to her family. So tragic :(


Finding inspiration
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Whilst it is important to make sure you're hydrated, it's actually dangerous to drink too much (obviously!). There was another case recently where a woman was advised to drink loads of water like this and drank so much she started fitting and is now disabled. I have heard of a few cases like this in recent months, so I don't think this is an isolated incident. There should be more education about the dangers of too much water, especially in situations like this were people are vulnerable and desperate to lose weight fast.

As the post above say, people "switch off" when they go into details and just want the results. There needs to be greater awareness made of healthy hydration. And also remembering that part of our '2 litres a day' comes from the fruit and veg we eat.

This really makes you appreciate a plan like SW where you just eat normal food and make healthy choices...


MM addict
when i was on cambridge i found it so difficult drinking the required ammount.
i used to fill like get it over and done with quickly and that'd be it for the day! thats probably what she was thinking but that is too much ... the poor womens family...
i dont know how your supposed to work and drink all that i was on the toilet most of the day.
i've read a story b4 about a women dying it was in the sun a couple of yrs ago!

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
Its so sad, my thoughts are with the family,
TBH i didn't no that you could drink so much water it could kill you and when i was on cdc i was drinking 2lts a short space of time, as i was told the more you drink the more you shrink, so i think vlcd counsellors should make people aware of the dangers because some people don't no.