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Last Half a Stone Challenge! any takers?!

Right guys

I was feeling negative this morning but I have given myself a good talking to and after lots of water i am now feeling better!:D

I have 7lbs to lose which may not sound alot to many of you but believe me, i have slowed up so much, i fear that its going to take me forever to shift!

This thread is for anybody who has half a stone left to shift and want to really go for it during October - by Halloween we must be at goal!

Any takers?

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Ooh yes please - count me in! I've offically got 5 lbs to lose (although may go for a few more once I get there...) BUT, after an awful weekend where I was like Pacman around the kitchen and local shop, it's probably nearer 10:sigh:. I don't know what happened to me, I was doing so well for so long and then all of a sudden, wham, no will power and I didn't care, although I do now:eek:!!

Anyway, just goes to proove to me how important maintenance is and sticking to it and NOT giving into temptation... Sooo, yes please can I join you, it may be just what I need!
Welcome Rikers - wow you have done brilliantly!

Any more?
Hi JoJo

How's it going today? You have done really well, how long have you been doing CD and did you do it all on SS or one of the other steps?

I'm sure there must be some more people out there nearing the end - hello out there!!!:D

I'm still finding it really hard but at least I seem to be picking less - think I scared myself at the weekend, also when I got on the scales and saw how quickly I could put it back on!:party0051:
Hi Tara

I was looking out for you to join this one! wow, you are so close!!!

Well, girlies, hows it going today? I've been at work all day so away from temptation. Infact, I forgot my shake so it was a long day!

Rikers - i ss'ed for 6 weeks and then went onto 790. I am now doing something between 790 and 1000 till i get to the end. How about you?

I'm going for 9st 4lbs Tara, its hard to know the right goal until you get there isnt it? i originally put 9st 7 but as i'm only a little way off that i know i will still be too big at that weight. I'll see how i look if and when i get to 9st 4lbs.

When are your next weigh ins? Mine is Friday but wont be a big one after last weekend.
Rikers, sorry i forgot to answer your question - i've been on cd since 26th June
Hi jodie,
Have just seen that our start date & start weights are as good as damn it the same babe! how strange is that, would you have belived it 3 mths ago that you would be weighing in the 9sts 3mths later, i know i didnt belive it.
I agree it is hard to know the ideal weight untill we get there. when i first see my cdc i did think i would set a goal of 9.4 but at the last min i decided on 9st, think in a few wks time i will know when to say thats it i'm happy at this weight whatever that maybe, by the time i get to goal of 9st then i would have lost 3st 4lb!!!!!!
I get weighed on fridays too.
Todays been ok, just impatient for my infection too go away now so that i can feel well again.
Am on 4th ltr of water
awwww u poor thing Tara, hope you are feeling better soon.

Yea its weird that our start date/weight were near enough identical! And no I never would have believed 3 months ago that i would now be in the 9stones - wooooo!:D

My original target was 10st as i knew that was realistic. I then said I would like to be 9st 7lbs but i know thats going to be too fat. Will just have to keep going!

Which plan are you on at the mo?
Thanks jo,am sooo looking forward to feeling better kinda fogotten what that feels like at the min!!.
Have been doing the 790 this week but have missed a couple of my dinners as just not wanted to with the feeling ill thing (infection in my mouth) but have made sure i had all my packs each day and the milk allowance,
when are you starting the 1000 plan?


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S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
Ok I'm going to jump in a join your challenge you guys ~ have a little more than half stone to lose and have serious doubts (due to a slow down in my weightloss) that I'll lose it by Halloween ~ but I'll have a go :D

I set my original target as 9st 10lbs believing if I could just get below 10st I'd be happy ~ then dropped it last week feeling that at 9st 7lbs I'd have a bit more leaway (especially if I indulge a little over Christmas) even thought that if I could make it to 9.7 then I might aim for 9st (crikes never happy hey) ~ now I've got doubts I can drop below 10st :eek: (currently 10.3)

Anyways, I have been playing about with 790 for a few weeks, but will move onto the 1,000 from next Monday and see what happens. Might help kickstart the weightloss again ~ who knows.

Have my next WI tomorrow, so will let you know what my true starting point for the challenge is.


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S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
Thanks Tara ~ hope the whole mouth infection thingy gets sorted soon ~ sounds sore (ouch), are you taking anything for it? Hope you feel loads better soon hun.
Hi all. Getting to be quite a few of us on here now, great! I've been doing 790/1000 for the past couple of weeks but will power is at an all time low and keep picking - which is BAD!!! Getting better though and in a roundabout way I think it's actually helping me identify reasons and situations that make me eat - so I'm trying to look on the positive side of going wrong if that makes sense! Going to try my hardest for the end of October though, am going on hol in Nov and would really love to be at target for then. Have been doing this diet since the end of March... have a feeling it's going to be in my life one way for another for a while to come with the holiday, Christmas etc, even if it's just following the maintenace plan to keep me on the straightish and narrowish.
thanks domino, yup it is sore n painfull, been poppin the old painkillers and have been on amoxicillin since monday, had a tooth taken out last thursday and its that bit of gum that has now got an infection in it!!!(infection wasnt there b4 tooth came out!!)

Rikersgirl STOP the picking huni,, we can and will do this last push together we are SO very close now xx 95lb loss is just FANTASTIC well done xx
Good luck girls i know you'll do fantastic and you'll all be at goal before you know it!!!!!
Thanks Saffron, you are right and I WILL STOP THE PICKING! I really want to do this last bit - it's a sad thing to say but I've never completed a diet before and I would so love to be able to say "I've done it and now I'm maintaining"!. So, no more picking.

I've been playing around with the 790/1000 for the last couple of weeks. Do you reckon it's better to carry on with just the 1000 now or the next step up? I can't decide which would lose the last bit the best way and I think I need to be focussed. Ideas anyone?

And is it just me - or is anyone else finding maintenance hard? I never thought I'd say it, but at the moment SS seems easy:rolleyes: with no food to think about?!
Rikersgirl YOU will see this diet to the end babe and get to you goal yipppeeee

if i were you i would stick with just the 1000 for another couple of weeks maybethen go to the next plan for a while as far as i understood it it is better to do each plan as long as possible

I have said all along that i wish i could SS for the rest of my life have so enjoyd ssing, yes i am mad lol
Ok Saffron, will try and do that. This thread is just what I need to help me stay motivated. So near yet so far, lol!

You've done incredibly well yourself and not much more to go. And I know what you mean about SS, SOOOO easy..... although never appreciated it at the time.

We will ALL get to target, and we will feel so proud when we do it.

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