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last minute hol!

:help2: I have just booked a last minute hol to salou on 11th Aug and now getting really worried about it throwing my LT out! We're going self catering (so hopefully I wont get tempted by all those yummy hotel meals), but dont really know what I'm supposed to do. I would love to be able to stay on LT over hol, but realise how unrealistic this is going to be..(as my OH says "I'm going to look like a right lemon eating on my own...!") so what should I do, whats the difference between re-feeding and maintenence? I haven't talked to my pharmacist about these yet, cos i've got a LONG way to go...? any suggestions? thanks :gen157:
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Do you have a shake beaker?If so that should make it easier to have the shakes without looking like a right lemon.I would eat a protein and veggie meal in the evening.Loads of water as well as my friend has just come back from salou and said it was just to hot.
Have a great time, I am so jelous as I am not due another holiday till October.
will that work? will i have to "re-feed" first? that sounds ideal, but thought anything other than the shakes makes you gain weight? the science makes me sooo confused :confused:


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I'm re-feeding for my hols. When I started LT I decided that I would eat on my holiday.I am going to stick to Chicken/fish and salad/veg. Also I am taking maintenence bars.
I would talk to the Pharmacist about it,but its your call. The way I see it is, it's 2 weeks out of my life and I'm going to enjoy myself (without pigging out ;)).
Don't put yourself under to much pressure though. Do what you want to do.:D


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My Cousin just got back from Greece and she had all intentions of refeeding but think that went out the window when she got there. She ate normal and yes gained 5lbs over 2 weeks but jumped right back on as soon as she got back and lost 9lbs in her 1st week back. Up 2 u hun xx
How lovely, a holiday.

I think your choice should be determined by how tempted you think you are going to be while away. If you plan to drink alcohol then you must refeed properly. If you think you could manage on just protein and veg/salad for one meal and shakes for the other 2 then do that.

Good luck with whatever you decide and have a fantastic holiday - lucky you!



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I'm going to Greece in 3 weeks - can't wait but still want to do LT whilst I am there. Does the protein meal in the evening seem ok to everyone... should I substitute one of my shakes or still have all 3 throughout the day ?
Advice please ? Thanx
If it were me then I'd have the protein/salad meal and 2 shakes. I think that is similar to refeed but not too sure.

Have a wonderful time in Greece. Whereabouts are you going?



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mmm depends on your will power ..i think if you are easily tempted you should refeed and then jump back on lt after you return!
Or if you really think you can do it...2 shakes and a protien meal...please not tho you will still be in ketosis and not able to drink!
Or if you are really determind 3 shakes nothing else!
Good luck with your choice!


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Going to Kalamaki in Zante - first holiday abroad with the kids - aged 5 & 2 so dont know how relaxing it is going to be..
Just as long as I am not at work, I don't care:D:D:D
thanks for everyones advice! i think i'm going to just go for the protein meal and 2 shakes- not a massive drinker anyways so i dont think i'll be temped... i'll just be happy if i don't gain, losses would be a bonus ;)

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