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Lauries Exante Diary....looking for november'10 starters

Hi everyone,
I've ordered my first months supply of Exante today. Im planning on starting the plan on Monday.

I am ashamed to admit, I've failed in every diet imaginable.
I'm the biggest I've been in a very long time. Last year I dropped to 15 stone with the CD and stupidly gave up. Ever since the pounds have crept back on and now I'm nearly 5 stone heavier.

My friend and I have booked an AI holiday for May next year, and I want to have lost at least 6 stone by then! Last year I got on an Easy Jet plane and didn't have to ask for a seatbelt extension. I can cast my mind back to that very day and remember exactly how I felt! There's no blinking way I'm getting on another aeroplane and embarrassing myself again!

Exante sounds perfect, I can't express how happy I am to have found this diet! I love the fact I can order online and do it myself with the help of the people on this forum! I used to find going to my CDC's house a chore, it's something I wished I could have done without and now I can!

Well I'm pleased to meet you all, I'll make sure to update my diary regularly. Roll on Monday a new month, a new diet and a whole new Laura!
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Good luck Laurie!

You should lose 6 stone by May easily :)


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Good luck Laura and welcome to the board.

Exante really is great, especially the losses.
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Hi Laura, I'm definitely with you in that I found going to a CDC to be more of a nuisance than a help, mine was a lovely woman but it just wasn't me, doing Exante I find so much easier because of this.

Stick with it and you'll soon lose the weight you want to - best of luck :)
Welcome Laura and good luck

You'll be going on your jollies a right little skinny mini

Hi everyone,

My packs arrived yesterday. I must say I'm really impressed with the delivery service! Especially the email you get telling you the parcel will arrive in the hour!
I'm actually excited to start on Monday, and although I know I should be cutting down on my food intake I have been a bit naughty the last couple of days! The last feast shall they say lol.
The shake I'm dreading the most is the banana flavour one, I think that's going to be a hold your nose job lol!
I will have my bars in the evening aww they do look yummy! Surprised you can have bars in the 1st couple of weeks? I know when I did CD that was strictly forbidden!...

Well I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I certainly am going to make the most of it! Might fit in a trip to the flicks, to see Paranormal Activity (anyone seen it??)

I'll be back on here Monday, see you all and take care X0X0


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For what its worth Laura none of the flavours are particularly strong so I dont think you will find the banana as bad as you fear.
For what its worth Laura none of the flavours are particularly strong so I dont think you will find the banana as bad as you fear.
Nothing that a sweetner or spoon of coffee won't sort out ;)

Hey Laura, good luck starting on monday :D

Ooohh the banana is my fave flavour shake, I love it!

And I saw paranormal activity 2 and I thought it was rubbish, not as good as the first one at all.

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Also Starting Monday...

Hi Laurie

I have had the dreaded seatbelt nightmare! Its a rotten feeling and I have also ordered my 1st month of exante and will be starting Monday - I am getting married in May next year and want to lose 6 stone so we will be on the same path! I am so determined to do this this time I need to feel fitter and healthier aswell as fit into a beautiful dress!

Good Luck, and lets keep each other motivated for a happier healthier life!

I've had a great last weekend of drinking and eating whatever I fancy... BUT...
Today is the start of a new me, today I start my new life on the Exante diet. The only way is up, never look back the futures bright!!

I've had my first vanilla shake and it wasn't bad at all, vegetable soup for lunch and a bar tonight...bring it on.

I have a day off work today so going to really crack on with this water. I bought 10 2litre bottles of water from tesco and am hoping this will last all week. Planning on drinking 2-3 litres a day. How much do you drink?

Also bit worried about making up my shakes, soups at work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there any bottles I can buy and just shake it up? It's really not suitable for me to plug appliences in and that where I work, eeeeek.....

Thank you all for your kind words and good luck to everyone else who is starting today too XOXOX


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The easiest way of doing it is to have your bar at lunchtime. Saves any faffing about with mixers. Otherwise you can buy a protein shake mixer but I dont find they mix the Exante shakes as well as Id like.
Thanks Joanne,
I'm going to leave it for the moment, but thanks for your advise.
I work shift work so it's quite awkward. I just need to sit and plan my days out around work.

I've just had lunch vegetable soup....that was an experience, I literally had to hold my noise and swallow. I think I need it more watery, it was very thick. I'll definitely be adding more water tomorrow!

TOTM as the moment too, gosh I do make things hard on myself don't I? LOL so suffering with belly ache as well.

Can't wait to try my bar later on this evening

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Hiya Laurie!

We are both in the same boat here, I had my first shake this morning, I had the strawberry, wasnt too bad I made mine with 300 mls of water as I thought it might be too strong with 200-250 mls, not a very strong flavour so may try it with a bit less water next time - how much water did you use for the soup? I,ll be having mine this evening and a bar this afternoon, must say i,ve worn a path to the loo already ... a good sign me thinks lol!

Can anyone tell me why i can,t use an apostrophe when posting? it goes onto a quick links search thingy .. don,t know if this is something i,ve done or is it something on the site ... help please :rolleyes:
Hiya hun, thanks for the message. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner.
Have you had the soup yet? What did you think? I used 250ml, which for me wasn't enough water. I'm not sure if it was because it was filling that I found it hard to swallow, or if it was just because I didn't like it! Either way I'm making it with a lot more water tomorrow.

So meals are over with today. I cut my bar in half and had some late afternoon and I've just finished the rest now. I tried the chocolate orange one, it was OK not fantastic, but all the same it was edible and I enjoyed being able to eat. Everyone was saying it looked like a flap jack, cor what a shame it didn't taste like one lol.

I've drunk 2.5 litres of water today, and am on my last glass now. I don't particularly want to be drinking after 8pm as I really want to sleep tonight and not be in and out the toilet.
I really can't stomach much more water and hats off to the people that drink bucket loads.

I'm going to catch up on the soaps then have an early night, here's to day 2 of my Exante journey.
Night y'all

xoxoxoxoxo Laura
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hiya and welcome

Day one sounds like it went well for you yippeee

Great reason to stick to exante is the money you save from cd that you could spend on clothes teehee.


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Helloooo :)

Hope day 1 went ok for ya. Mine was uneventful but ive got to say that the strawberry shake was just plain nasty. Hope day 2's a breeze for ya.
As I'm sitting writing this I'm drinking a cup of tomato soup. I can honestly say it's OK. Much nicer than the vegetable one that I had yesterday!

I woke up with a banging head this morning. I downed a glass of water and thankfully started feeling better, but still tired! Half 6 this morning I had a strawberry shake before I ventured to work. I can honestly say again I didn't find anything bad with this flavour either?
We all have different tastes I guess, and Im just counting my lucky stars that out of the 5 meals I've had only one has been awful!

Might try a sneeky glass of that Tesco squash people drink. I got some in Tesco today. Then again I might let a week pass and then see how I feel with the water situation... I really don't like water , it's always been a struggle when I did CD. I used to drink the perfectly clear stuff. Can't seem to find that in the shops these days?

Any way I'm back to work for another stint tonight, once a day just isn't enough for me. I've actually MUG written across my forehead lol.

Will be back tomorrow, roll on day 3!!!


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Hiya Laura

Hope you feel better today and that headache has gone :)

I,m with you on the water ... I can drink loads at work but when it comes to drinking at home its a no no, have been drinking loads of black tea and coffee so hopefully this will be ok, will be interesting to see if the tesco cordial has any effect on you, if it doesn,t you won,t see me for dust, straight to my nearest tesco to stock up lol!

How are you finding it at work? I,m off all week so ok for me, I told a few people what I was doing and of course they said the usual things, one even said I,d probably end up killing my self on the diet as it gives you heart attacks .... he always was a drama queen anyway lol!

I feel loads better today and actually had 6 hours solid sleep, which for me is brilliant (I don,t sleep much) went to bed early but ended up coming back down for a drink of tea as I was thirsty and couldn,t settle .. had a read of a magazine looking at all the fabulous clothes I will be wearing soon and went back to bed at about 01:45 and slept through till 08:00 which for me is amazing, well chuffed if my sleeping get sorted too!

Anyhow off for another drink hope you have a fabulous day and don,t have to go to work twice ... once a day is enough Laura! :)

speak to you soon...

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