lazy curry?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
picked this up in asda last night ...has anyone else tried them?


they do tikka massala and a few others aswell.

3.5 syns for each pack.... says it serves 4, which i take as serves 2 :) ....1 if i've got my eat on!

hope they're worth the synage!
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is getting better at it
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ohh please let us know what its like i have the biriyani one in the cupboard but not tried it yet


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Dont use the tikka masala one.. its horrible. very spicy, yet bland with an odd citrus tang to it. Its disgusting! - its put me off trying the others.. yuck


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I have tried the biryani one and love it. I bought a spicy meatball one but have not tried it yet. They were on special offer in Morrisons 49p each,not sure if the offer is finished yet.


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3.5 syns? thats dead good. how much cost wise?
what exactly is it, just add them with tinned tomatoes?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
they're 2 for 99p in asda.

you just fry your onion in frylight, then add the sachet, then add your veg or meat and a tin of tomatoes and simmer.

haven't tried them yet but am looking forward to it :)