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Leah's Atkins Diary

Just taking a quick break from cleaning for a sit down. On day 3 of Atkins and I have to say, i'm feeling rough (Atkins Flu?? Whats that thing they call it?)

I'm having to sit down for a minute while cleaning, and my eyes feel so heavy. Not hungry at all and I just want to sleep.

BUT, it's all for a good reason. I know i'll pick up soon.

I'm coping well so far with the food. Today I had

B: None
L: Cheese coleslaw and chicken
T: Sausages and green beans and broccoli

W: Not enough, but lots more tonight
E: See above lol
A: none
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Clean green leafy machine
Yep sounds like Atkins flu alright - and although you probably feel a bit yuck, it will pass, I promise - and then you know your body has cleaned out all the bad carbs.
Lady's right! - push through the flu and diet nirvana awaits you on the other side! :)
Morning Leah, I was the same and then suddenly one morning I woke up full of energy and felt absolutely great love.
Thanks everyone, good to know i'll be feeling good soon.

OH suprised me with a glass of wine last night, I hope it hasn't thrown me completely off track. However, being drunk with Atkins Flu is er - fun? I was very drunk after a couple of sips and a bit dizzy. Cheap night I guess!

Will the wine make a big difference? Is it full of carbs? I know we shouldn't drink but it was hard to refuse! Maybe should have been stronger though.

Today I have my left over beef curry with beans and brocolli for lunch, and pork steaks for tea.

I have a rather large headache (hangover?) today and no apetite and just getting a shower wore me out til I had to sit down lol. I hope this is the sign i'm on my way to ketosis and I'll feel better soon!

B: Cuppa tea
L: Beef Curry & Veg
T: Pork Steak & Green Veg
E: Probably not
A: Nope, OH is away tonight so i'll be good!


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Come saturday or sunday i'd say you'll be like the energizer bunny running around :) It's such a small price to pay for losing weight and actually not going hungry.
I think all wine is differant. I drink white blossom hill and thats 7.5g per bottle. Don't usually go by glasses :D
being drunk with Atkins Flu is er - fun? I was very drunk after a couple of sips and a bit dizzy. Cheap night I guess!
LOL yes, it's a well known side effect Leah, :D


This is for life
Hi Leah, day 3/4 I had the worlds worst headache too but once it went the world was a smilier place:)

Hope you get into it soon
Thanks Jim, No it's less money, but less stress and no commute so it works out :) We're putting in an application for a house just down the road tomorrow. All change!

I told my boss, he was a little dissapointed but I can't stay there just to please him!

Had some pork steaks for tea. I have a huge headache but feeling less tired now :)


Clean green leafy machine
Congrats Leah (it's the day for new jobs, I got one too) - well done for making a lifestyle choice, I'm sure you will be very happy - and good luck with the house application :)
Just had a waver at lunch. Started to feel very sick, hungry, faint, stomach ache. All I wanted was some bread or a bagel or anything. But I powered on! Had a chicken leg, salad and cheese coleslaw, so I'm feeling happy now :)

Just looking at sofas and things for new house! Eeek! Excited! Application went in this morning.
Yes! Sorry. New house (fingers crossed with application) and new job. All change, all for the better. cAn't wait!

Wondering if my boyfriend will notice that the new bath mats have diamantes on them... hehehehe

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