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Leah's Lightweights..... CALLING ALL TEAM MEMBERS...

Little miss and bleeding heck are defo also around but are bot working a lot , they will around later.


Leahs Lightweights
Am here

Stayed the same this week sorry!! but have moved onto 1200 so wan't expecting a big loss as my body adjusts
hi was wondering if i could join your team i am a restarter and lost 10lb in my first week i lost over 10 stone 3 tears ago kept it off for over 1 year then had a bodged tummy tuck nearly died fell into depression and pt 7 stone on my head is ok now and here i am restarting lost 10 in first week on day 10 going strong
hello hello.. here at last..

was searching for this thread!
im here.. but im sad to say


not good i know.. TOTM and working loads hasnt helped im sure

hopefully a better week next week.
hope all the team is well
Hi hun, not sure whats happening with team challenge or the team really every1 has gone awol.lol.
right ... im bumping this thread... and will update in just a min...

so those team members that are around..

stay tuned
hi sorry its me again do you need any more team members i come on here everyday 1st week weigh in i lost 10lb 2nd week weigh in today i lost 5 lb if you have a place i'd love to join
hi susan...

right i have sent an email to ireneh. im not sure if she is doing thw whole overseeing of the team challenge... if she is, im willing to be 'temp team leader'... or team leader if leah is gonna be really snowed under bless her, of leahs lightweights

i know there is me and you, and i think bleedinheck is still about. and then see if anyone else wishes to join - i offered air girl as well. then i think next week, when we have a full team, we can start again. i should be able to log on everyday at the very least and i think i can get my head around it

plus i need something to inspire me to keep going and this could just be it.

what do you think susan?
thats fine by me hun, airgirl is lovely I hope she joins us.

I will pm you my WI on thursday morning, just let me know if you want me to do anything else hun.xx
haha i do try...

right then... susan70 - the ever present lovely loser, you are here!

so far:

Bleedinheck (as i know she is working lots but stil signs in)
ill put a space provisionally for air girl

that to me says there are two spaces.. is that right?
as we had one drop out and leah isnt here at the mo..

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