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Legs - Muscles Sore

Ok my legs in the past 3 weeks have been gettin so painful i have to stop walking. I am doing the same route and same distance since November and in the past 3 weeks the muscles seem to seize up (i think thats the best way to describe it) what the hell is going on, i feel like im actually falling apart
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Lady Marmalade

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Hiya LMS, first of all well done for sticking to it since November! I really don't know for sure, the only thing that came to mind was what is your diet like, are you restricting any food groups? I know when I was low carbing I would get terrible leg cramps due to low potassium, I used to take a potassium supplement or if you can have them you can eat bananas for a quick potassium fix, they give you a good energy burst as well. Even if you have a balanced diet, if you are drinking huge amounts of water (say more than 3 litres) this can wash nutrients through your system before you have time to absorb them, so it could still be a mineral or vitamin deficiency.

But please these are only thoughts and I don't know for sure, if the pain is that bad I would see your doctor! Probably nothing serious but it's best to see the expert. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon! x
oh god i hope its nothing serious. Its weird it only started, i was thinking it was the new runners i got but i put back on my old ones today just to see and it was the same. Unles i have hurt myself with the new runners, even tho they are the same brand. I tried to google it but not getting far. My diet prob isnt the best cause im living out of home and its costing me a fortune on rent so im living cheap. I still get a lot of fish in diet tho. Bananas give me terrible heartburn :(

Lucky Cat

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That seems weird if it's something you've been doing for months.

Have you changed your pace at all? Have you stopped warming up/gradually building up speed? Do you just start out at breakneck speed?

When I upped my walking when I first started my diet, I was having real problems with my calves and Achilles which would start really aching and feel stiff after I'd walked a while. I just made sure that I had a really good stretch afterwards and slowed my pace for a few days and the symptoms went.

If you don't do it already, stretching is so, so important. I can't emphasise enough the need to do it. Some people think that they don't need to do it if they're only walking but it makes such a difference and will help prevent injuries.

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