Lemon Cheesecake Mullerlight


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They are absolutely GORGEOUS with a lemon HiFi bar chopped up and mixed in! x


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I love them too! :D x


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I have never even heard of them before!I'll have to look them out;-)


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I'm a huge fan of ANYTHING lemony... sadly though I didn't like these. Found they tasted quite, well, sort of chemical..... if that makes sense??


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I think tesco have got an offer on, 5 for £2. Might be helpful for those who love mullerlight

The Tesco offer is actually 5 for £1 - shame I can't have them as at that price it's a bargain.


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Its disgusting! Just makes me want the real thing.... its just lemon muller with soggy "biscuity" tasting, -kind of- bits???

Its odd, odd texture, odd taste, totally fake cheesecake and you know it, its like eating own brand choc compared to a nice brand like cadbury or galaxy.. or lindt.... mmmmmm lindt. ..


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I had one, but I made the mistake of licking the lid first and the taste of the aluminium lid ruined the yoghurt. It tasted like it was mouldy! Gutted!!!! Now I can't bring myself to eat another one and I love lemon cheesecake...


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Another no vote here - love lemon and love cheesecake but the soggy biccy bits turned my stomach...rather have the cherry choc ones for my syns ;)


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Just bought another one of these this evening and am going to have it tomorrow after my yummy healthy chicken salad ;)