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Less adventurous

Do you find that now you are loosing weight you are less adventurous with what you will actually eat?

I find my diet pretty much consists of the same foods; bran flakes, yoghurts, salad mixtures, low fat soup, fruit and chicken. Just last night I sat at the fridge and look for quite an amount of time wondering what to have. In the end I had to ask my boyfriend for a suggestions as I just didnt find interest in making anything in there.

I look at things like crisps and think no cant have those. Bread - no cant have that. Sweets - uh definately not! Do any of you do the same, even with food that isnt particularly bad?
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I find that ALL the time.. Even when I'm not dieting though. I get bored of the same food and try to come up with exciting options and different menus. With Go Lower, I don't have quite the same problem as they provide my meals for me, however, I still cook for the kids my hubby and still try to be more adventurous.

I'm always swapping ideas with friends and family - I dont think its just when I diet I get bored, I get fed up with the same old same old...as do most of my friends..

No, I am the opposite. I make sure my meals are varied and rarely have the same meal more than once a week. Breakfast however remains the same as I just love it (oats with a mullerlight and fruit). Some examples of my meals include:

*ryvita, low fat cream cheese, boiled egg+homemade soup
*jacket potato or oven baked butternut squash with baked beans and cottage cheese
*an omelet with quorn sausages, portabello mushroom and butternut squash chips
*quinoa salad with grilled chicken and hummus
*prawn and salmon salad
*tomato risotto with prawns
*ryvita coated cod with vegetables and ketchup


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No, I'm the complete opposite as I'm continually trying new foods and recipes. If you're going to be doing something for the rest of your life you certainly don't want to be bored, so you need stop being complacent and put some effort into introducing variety into your diet.
I'm another who found the opposite. Starting on this diet meant I found new recipes I wouldn't normally make. I'm going down the low fat/low gi route, following the general gist of Rosemary Conley so I've found her books and magazines good for a bit of inspiration if things get stale.

That said, I do eat the same breakfast in the week (special K) mainly due to time, and have a bit of an addiction to tinned tomatoes now (half a tin on slice of wholemeal toast with a low fat sausage for lunch).


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I tend to try lots of different healthy things like adding more superfoods into my diet or like this week I'm going to try qinoua (keenwa) (sp?)

I think it's just a case of finding new recipes and not being scared to try!
I think the more adventurous I try to be, and more I think about what I'm eating, the better I eat. If I'm in a rush or not thinking thats when I slip. Generally I love trying new recipes and things anyway or I get bored!
I think thats it, nail on head. I am too scared to try new ideas or even recipes that encorporate new food ideas. I do still think I have a few aspects of a previous eating disorder hanging over me. Hopefully eventually these will fade and I will be happy.

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