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Let's Shrink the Bear !!!


Determined to succeed ...
I'm not sure how it happened - I caught sight of Pauline Quirke and her '6 stone weight loss' when I was checking my mail on AOL. I found myself [unusually] following the link and her speaking of 'lighter life'. Now being a girl on a budget [which of us isn't now a days] my google searches led me to the £70+ per week price tag but a posted note mentioning a more manageable £30+ Lipostrim. I reluctantly looked up the details and the 'participating pharmacies' in my area - convinced of course that no one close would offer the service and found to my surprise that a Pharmacist just 4 miles away did.

Yesterday I found myself in the town - I was going to pay some money into the Building Society next door and ...... I found myself wandering in and ....... plucking up the courage to speak to the [male] pharmacist. Next I know, I was explaining a few medical blips that I thought would exclude me [No - that's fine] and having filled in the forms and been attended to by his female assistant I came out 'signed up, and rearing to go! :confused:

Don't get me wrong - I've struggled with my weight all my life - I'm the traditional yo-yo. I can loose it but don't seem to be able to maintain it for long. It's only a year ago I went to the Chelsea Flower show in a dress that I would struggle to get my right thigh into now [well almost!!!] and I don't really know how and why I ended up back to needing to loose 67lb [again!]

Anyway - I have to get my head in the right place before I'm able to loose weight. I'm there now. This diet wil be a struggle for me because I don't really like the shakes, but I have to take it one meal and one day at a time. :eek: a means to an end [and I'm hoeing they'll grow on me ... not literally you understand!!]

I'm going to keep this diary to remind me how dreadfull I felt about myself having crept back up to 15:07.0, How I felt along the way, what I battled and how [with so much help from others] I managed to overcome the difficulties.

I'm sure there will be highs and lows but I really want to be able to wear the nice cloths I have and to not feel so self concious about myself.

Still, one day at ta time. I didn't get to be the size I am again in a day so I won't be able to put it right in a day ! I can only stick to the rules each day - None of us can do more...

Anyway - we're all here 'journey - ing' together - Let's make every day count!

Day 1 [yesterday] - 100% onefromone...

Let's go girls !!! :girlpower:
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Determined to succeed ...

Well, made it safely through Day two without any dramas.

Could have had a bit of a head-acre if I had given it more thought but just had another glass of sparkling water and ignored it. :(

Tried to make a vanilla moose today [4 floz water] but turned out a bit like melted ice cream !!! More experimenting on the water content me thinks. ;)

Am surprised by how easy it all is at the moment - I KNOW ths will change but it's a nice feeling right now


Let's keep going :girlpower:

Day 2 - 100% all the way ... twofromtwo


yummy mummy in the making
Well I had noticed her weight loss while watching her on em resale but didn't realise she was doing lighter life! Well done on her and 6 stone bloody hell! I'm a day behind you Hun and this afternoon I'm struggling, I'm a little bit hungry and I have a terrible wind pain in my shoulder, thoughts of slimming world running through my head but like my hubby has just said it's just my mind playing tricks and i need to not listen to it! I made the mousse but didn't like the consistency, will be shakes ice cold quizzed up with ice for me it's the only way I can drink em! Well done hun x x x


Determined to succeed ...
All went well today - a bit of a headache but manageable. Had a fairly restful day as didn't want to push it too much and had an early night...

If I can just get through the first week, everyone says it gets easier...

:) TRF 100% - 3/3


Determined to succeed ...
Day 4 came and went and was fine - really not sure I like these shakes but I'm hopeing that they will grow on me. Might ask to try the flapjacks next week - I don't think I'll mind that they [people have stated] are horrible.... It's this milk like taste makes me gag. I've tried the moose thing and the liquidize with ice but I do still struggle. Maybe should give the soup a try but I've never liked cup-a-soup - My Chicken soup has to be of the Heinz 'cream of' variety.

NOW you see why I need to do Lipotrim TFR !!!

Have a good day everyone. ;)


Full Member
thank god!! i am on day 4 today and am really losing motivation, it really helps me smelling food for some very weird reason. I am beside myself cuz the only shakes i can stomach are the chocolate ones and i have run out. Will be looking forward to following your success and will let you no mine too as my weigh in is a day after yours.

good luck!!!!


Full Member
hopefully our tickers will start moving soon!! :)


Determined to succeed ...
I sooo admire you - smelling food! you are very brave.

My son works shifts so pretty much looks after himself food wise. Also, he leaves for a hoilday tommorrrow [2 weeks] so I hope by the time he returns all this will be 'old hat' [with regard to it being the 'easier after the first week' bit!]

Yes, it will be good to get our tickers started - my weigh in is Wednesday so we'll have to keep each other informed.

Thank you for your best wishes and wishing you lots of luck



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i had a weigh in today before thursday.... the pharmacist really tried to deter me but i wasnt having it.... lost 4lbs+... weigh in on thursday, will keep you posted!!!!


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Determined to succeed ...

Well, Day five [yesterday] was another 100% day 5/5 so REALLY pleased. Felt a little hungry today which surprised me even heard it rumble which is a first but pleased I've got through the day without any problems.

Really looking forward to my first weigh in - can't believe how much I'm looking forward to it [now, how sad s that!]

Hom16, I think it's you mentioning starting the 'tickers' - Well done you and love the bouncing smiles...

:flowers: Have a good time everyone x.


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Good luck to you both! It is tough but we can do it!X


Determined to succeed ...
Thanks Maggie - you are very kind...

Well Day Six was pretty uneventful - 6/6 100% so 'shine my halo'. Can't beleive I started this diary as a bit of 'therapy' for me and all I'm writting right now is how I seem to have it all under control [not that we want to tempt fate you'll understand!!]

On the bright side, it is my first weigh in tomorrow so at least I'll have something else to report and I can finally get my 'ticker' started.

Thankyou again for your kind thoughts and best wishes...

Let's keep just pluggling away at it :rolleyes:
Well done Ted E. Bear. You're doing great. I'm on Day One, have whole day to myself. Going to cinema tomorrow with my son, hes at my Mom's at mo but you have to build your life into this. Going to be hard at cinema but plenty other tempatations to go that have to be overcome.

Anyway, credit to ya, youre doing BRILLO!!! x


Like a Renegade Master
Good luck with tomorrow, i am looking forward to reading your happy posts x


Determined to succeed ...
This is the second time I've attempted to record my thoughts and feeling following my 1st Weigh in and loss of 9.5 lb. :angel09: [I must have pressed the wrong button 'cause I lost everything!!]

Before I went I felt both aprehensive and excited - chuffed to bits with the results so just hope I can keep it going.

I know I won't be at my ultimate goal by 16th September [only 8 weeks away] but if I stay focussed I should be a couple of stone lighter - inclusive of this first loss, and feel and look a little better. I studdied with the Open University and finally attained a 2:1 BSc[Hons] and the 16th is the date of my graduation! I'm not one for being on show so I'm hopeing all goes well. :bolt:

Been reading a little about 'non-food, rewards [I could joke and say I didn't think they existed, but I'll behave!] Bought a few little items to brighten up my study yesterday as I thought I [and indeed, all of us!] should celebrate our sucess'

On a positive note - I do beleive I'm getting there with 'shakes'. I used to really stuggle but am now liqidising them with cold water kept in the fridge and them blitzing in a few ice cubes. It might be a bit much to hope for but if after another week I could actually look forward to them, that would be absolutely wonderful.

[I'm embarrassed to state that there have been a couple of days when I've only had two 'meals' a day 'cause I just couldn't stomack them :yuk: - and yes, I've experimented with the moose!] Reading the posts, I'm going to ask if I can try the soup. Tried the penut flapjack this week and that's just about bearable too.

Well, I'll sum up my first weeks success as promising, but must keep focused and not think it's eazy, must work hard but most of all ...

Mustn't Give in ...



Determined to succeed ...
It's early Sunday evening and I have probably had the most difficult 2 days since I started.

I've had a friend for the weekend and whilst that has been great, I have only been able to fit in two shakes in each day - that said, I certainly haven't eaten anthing so I'm still 12/12 100% but I know I must have the 3 shakes. Hope this doesn't slow down my weightloss this week - I soo want to do well.

I want to be 100% until September so tomorrow will will see me 20% towards that minigoal...

So lots to be proud of - now, about that shake ....
[trundels off to the kitchen to prepare...]

Keep Strong ... :)


Determined to succeed ...
Well, today should have been easier ! I was so looking forward to getting back into the 3 shakes a day...


07:45 this morning, the phone rings and my friend asked if I would accompany her to the hospital. What's a girl to do ? 'No problem!' Rushed to get the first shake down before I was picked up at 08:15 and didn't return homw until 16:30 - so that will be 'skipped lunch again' will it.

Oh um, there's always tomorrow. :eek:

well, on the plus side whis will be 13/13 - TFR 100% :angel09:
Ted E bear, love the thread. I am starting back on Lipo tomorrow. Reading posts like yours gives me a little more motivation and belief I can do this. Please keep posting and good luck xx


Determined to succeed ...
Thank you Nickki ... Wishing you lots of luck on your weight loss journey...

I have a feeling you are going to be terrific :)

Ted x.

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