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Chasing the Rainbow
I cant post this in the total solution forum cos it's about food but i'm dying to know.......if we can have all these drinks such as bouillion , coke zero etc, is there nothing we can nibble on such as lettuce?

I'm chewing up the inside of my mouth and need something to chew lol
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if you're on TS then no, you can't have it. I'm wondering if the nibbling on stuff contributed to being overweight? I am overweight because I overeat and nibble. Through boredom and loneliness.

Have some more water, clean your teeth and get an early night :)



Chasing the Rainbow
well nibbling on lettuce wouldnt have contributed more like doritos and cheese sandwiches but i see your point, it's probably just a habit that i need to break :sigh:
I know, it's really tough. And I know these things are often viewed on a sliding scale of what's considered an acceptable break in the TS regime. Problem is, once you break it, your mind cons you into more breaks!
Was there yesterday thinking just one crab stick won't hurt till I took check and knew it would cos I would have been angry I went off plan and then ate em all.... For me TS or nowt at the mo x


Chasing the Rainbow
Yeah that makes definite sense! The black and whiteness of TS is what drew me to it, but since learning of all these drinks you could have it made my greedy mind wonder lol
I think... for me. TS is the only thing that is going to work for me. When i am slimmer strangely enough i never feel the need to snack etc as i think ... hmm i will notice if i put weight on. Now though, i am so huge and bloated, it never sinks in when i'm troughing that actually i AM putting more on.

Crikey isn't being overweight actually really scary?


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If you miss chewing have one of the bars instead of a sachet!!!


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The bars help alot but I prefer the shakes, but I also miss chewing.

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