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Lianne's diary


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Hi, Is there a thread for writing food diaries or am I ok to plonk it here? I am getting married on May 3rd and have about a stone to lose with a 2inch loss from my bottom and waist to fit into my dress which comes in the beginning of March. I'm planning on doing lots of excercise and eat 1400 cal a day.

Day 1

Banana, tomato soup and brown roll.
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Do exactly what suits you Liannisso, it's a good idea to have your own diary i think.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding....how exciting!!
1400 cal is very sensible, especially as you are adding exercise.

I remember the seamstress having to take my wedding dress is too as i dropped a couple of dress sizes.


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I'v changed my mind and gone for 1000 cal - really need to drop the weight quickly before my dress comes. Here is what I've eaten so far:

Day 1

Banana(92), tangerine(43), brown roll(94), heinz tomato soup(220).

2 x raw carrots (70)

Prawn with tin tomatoes, courgettes, chilli, garlic and a small amount of pasta (400)

Total cal = 919

Day 2

Banana (92), tangerine (25)

Brown Roll (94) spicy parsnip soup (216)

Tesco Light choices pasta meal (368) Veggies(60)

2 x raw carrot (70)

1.5 hours of Netball training.

Total Cal 942

Day 3

Banana (92)

Baxters tomato spicy rice soup (200)

Brown roll (95)

5 x tangerine (125) WW yog (55)

1/2 pack of bachelors savoury rice (218), mackerel fillet (225) 2 x carrots (70)

Total Cal = 1080

Day 4

Banana (92)

Baxters chunky veg soup (184) brown roll (95)

Jacket potato (245)

HM Chicken curry(260)

2 x tangerines (50) WW yog (54)

Total Cal 977

I haven't been able to do much excercise as my glands are swolen :( Am planning on starting some excercise other than walking the dog on Saturday morning.

Day 5

Breakfast Banana (92)

2 x tangerine (50)

Lunch - Heinz chick soup (200) brown roll (95)

Tea - Ham (125) Jacket potato (245) salad (150) Low fat cheese spread (100)

Total Cal = 1057
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Week 2

Ok so I got through to day 5 without any problems but the weekend was a little bit of a disaster. I came down with a terrible cold and ate some comfort food and chocolate. Damn those xmas goodies that are still laying around!

Day 1

Banana (92) satsumas (70)

Veg soup (184) Brown bread (90)

Tea - potatoes (150) Chicken in tomato sauce (190) veggies (50)

Cadbury chocolate eclair sweet

Total Cal - 861

I'll use the remaining 139 on a couple of chocolates. - I ate 3 marks & spencer swiss chocolates (not sure of calorie content)
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One day at a time :)
It looks like you're doing really well! :)

The only suggestions I can make is to maybe swap some of your fruit for veg and up your calories by about 100-200 at least when you're exercising? I'm trying to have a 200ish cal protein shake right after I exercise.

You really are doing so well, better than me lol! xx


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Hiya. Thanks for your comments - I haven't been on the excercise as yet but was thinking about eating 200cal about 2 hours before my runs just so I have a good amount of energy. How are the protein shakes? If not those is there something that would be good to keep up the energy levels enough for excercise ?


One day at a time :)
I havent chocen one yet but I've heard they don't taste the best and it's good to make them with yogurt and fresh fruit!

Otherwise, muesli bars (watch sugar) or homemade fruit smoothies etc. Most snack type things are good.

The reason I'm going for the protein shakes is that the high protein levels supposedly help to prevent muscle loss while exercising or something lol! Saying that, a 1 egg chicken omelette packed with veggies could be good before exercise!

hth xx


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I was thinking eggs would be good - pain is I would need to have them in work and I haven't the means to cook with here. Perhaps a couple of boiled eggs and chicken would do the trick.

Good luck with your journey!! Are you keeping a food diary? x


One day at a time :)
I have a written diary and am posting on the What have we eaten today thread.

Today I've had:

B: porridge made with a sliced banana and cinnamon and nutmeg
L: Tuna salad on 1 x slice bread
S: chocolate mouse
D: cod, potatoes & broccoli
S: homemade lentil soup :)


totals around 1400 inc the soup :)


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Day 2

Banana (92) 2 X tangerine (50)

Green giant country vegetable soup from a pouch (129), brown roll (95) This soup was really nice and on sale in Tesco's for 48p

Tea - Home Made prawn and noodle soup (350)

Total Cal = 750

Might have myself a bar of chocolate later to bring me up to 1000
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Got stuck out in the snow on Wedneday night - took me three hours to get home and by that time I was so fed up that I went off the diet. I'm going to write down what I ate and calorie content so I know exactly how off track I went.


Banana (92) 2 X tangerine (50)

Green giant country vegetable soup from a pouch (129), brown roll (95)

3 x glasses of red wine (510)
Fish & Chip shop pie, chips & gravy (411) (956) (31)
Cadbury's twirl (230)
chocolate yog (120)

Total Cal = 2624 EEEK


2 X large free range eggs
2 brown toast with butter

Home Made chinese soup (300)

Large double choc chip cookie
3 x M&S swiss chocolate
1 x chocolate digestive
handful of dry roasted nuts
1/2 special chow mein
1/2 portion of crispy beef
1/2 portion of chip shop chips

can of tango

I will calculate this later, I'm so depressed now that I've written it down! How can I rectify this? I need to lose the weight to get into my dress. I still have a cough and runny nose so can't do any more excercise than just walking


One day at a time :)
you can rectify it by drawing a line under it and moving on as though it never happened sweetie - learn from it and move on, there's no point dwelling!



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Banana (92) tangerine (25)

Mushroom soup (130) brown roll (90)

Ready meal mince beef and potatoes (200) Yuck!

Crisps (120)

2 x chocolate (120)

Total Cal = 777


Banana (92) Mini bournville (100)

Soup (120) brown roll (90)

salmon (200) stir fry veg (200)

Total Cal = 702

I'll decide on what to use 248 cals on later tonight

Saturday and Sunday I behaved mostly - had a couple of bags of crisps and some miniature heroes but stayed away from the alcohol. It was quite incredible for me.


1 Brown toast and low fat cheese spread (200)

Baxters spicy rice soup (200)

Quorn chilli & rice (500)

1 x mini bournville 50

= 950 cal
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1 slice of brown toast (100) 2 x extra light laughing cow triangles (40)

2 x tangerines (50)

Mullitagwany soup (210)

Prawn taglitelli (500)

mini cadbury eclair and mini bournville (100)

40 mins step aerobic dvd

1 x thornton choc (75)
Calories = 1085


Slice of Brown toaat (100) and 2 x extra light laughing cow cheese triangle (40)

Heinz noodle soup (140)

3 x tangerine (75)


Tea was Stew - 500

3 x thornoton choc -225

2 x miniture heroes - 100

Total cal = 1180


oat so simple with banana (300)

Tuna light lunch - 200

Maltesers 200

HM Chicken curry (260)

rice (200)

Total cal = 1160

Step aerobics later
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Toast (100) x light laughing cow cheese (40)

soup (220) tangerine (25)

Banana (92)

WW ready meal (300) Veg (100)

Cal = 877

I am going for an all you eat chinese on Sunday but will try not to be too naughty!

Hope you all have a good weekend! xxx


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Was very bad with food on the weekend but am back to it again today:

Banana (92) tangerine (25)

Beans on toast(300)

Jacket potato (245) x light laughing cow cheese (40) salad (150) ham (100)

WW rice pud

Total Cal = 1063


Banana (92) 2 x tangerine (50)

Soup (200) bread (100)

Fish pie (254) Cabbage and carrots (100)

Slice of melon & apple (100)

2 x digestive biscuits - 170

1 x choc - 50

Total cal = 1116

40 mins of step aerobics
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Muesli (250)

soup (180) 2 x bread (100)

2 x tangerine (50)

Prawn, veg & noodle soup (400-tops)

Plate of salad (100)

mini mince pie (85)

Packet of Malteasers (180)

Cal - 1345
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Toast (100) extra light laughing cow cheese x 2 (80)

Chinese soup (200)

2 x tangerine (50)

Mackerel (200) 1.2 pasta n sauce (227)

Brocolli (40)

hob nob (67)

Cal = 964
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