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Life isn't fair...


The Diet Guy
My best m8's Dad died a few weeks ago, they were a very close family and it was totally unexpected, he just dropped down in the park when taking the dog out for a walk.

Anyway we had booked this weekend to go to London with them to get away from it and relax a bit, I was worried about going as I am not really well enough to be bashed about but we had decided to go anyway and just use Taxi's.

But just got a call from him, his brother has had a bad stroke overnight and is totally paralysed in hospital and in a real pickle. The guy has just turned 40!!

Life just isn't fair, if he hadn't had it tough enough with his dad he now has this :(
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I'm so sorry to hear about your friends tragic news: I hope his brother makes a full and speedy recovery ... he has his youth on his side so hopefully this will be the case.

Sometimes life does seem so unfair and it also often seems that bad things happen in batches ... that's been the case for me this year: 2007 won't be going down in my memory banks as my best time ever. I feel like I've been in a meteor shower and unfortunately, the worst is yet to come.

I'm sure your friend can count on your support - you're probably the best mate someone could have in a situation like this. He's going to feel shell-shocked for a while but in time and with the help and support of his family and friends such as yourself, he'll get through it.

My thoughts go out to him and his family xx
Life just isn't fair Mike you are so right. And it always seems to be the good ones that get it in the neck.

I'm so sorry to hear this news and hope he and his family will get through this ok.

I'm sure you will be a great support to him

Gen xx


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Hi Mike,

This is very sad news and your right it just seems so unfair.

Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your friend and his family.

Love Mini xxx


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How is your friends brother now Mike??? Any improvement yet??? Hoping he does have a full and speedy recovery.
sometimes people get nothing but bad luck , dont they .

i hope your friends brother pulls thru soon mike , sending lots of positive thoughts !

He is ery lucky to have a friend like you xxx
big hugs xxx


The Diet Guy
He just called to say that they have done a scan and are really worried as a lot of fluid build up on the brain so they want to transfer him down to Addenbrookes (Cambridge) which is about 90 minutes away for further tests.

My friend said the doctor looked very worried and to be honest they don't ship you 100 miles away if they think they can deal with it at the local hospital.

Fingers crossed anyway as he is a lovely guy with a young family still.



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Oh Mike! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's awful news.

My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.


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I'm sorry to hear about that awful news. He's so young for that to happen. Hope the tests come back better than it looks.

Sending him my thoughts and best wishes - at least he has a great best mate.


The Diet Guy
Not good news at all I am afraid

He didn't have a stroke after all that, he has a large brain tumour (unknown what state) which is the problem.

He is going down to Addenbrookes ASAP for more scans and an operation / biopsy.

Fingers crossed he is the next Martin Kemp!



The Diet Guy
Just an update really, he has been transferred to another hospital but they have rescanned and the tumour is much bigger already, they are operating today and say it is a 70% chance of being an aggressive malignant cancer and a 30% chance of an infected benign tumour. So fingers crossed!!!


Really hope your friend gets good news soon..

My own Aunt was diagnosed with skin cancer in the last day or so, well I only found out yesterday, and you said it life isn't fair... a nicer woman with a nicer family you couldn't meet

I just can't think about it at the moment but am hoping and praying she is ok

My prayers are with your friend also