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Lilttle miss food diary (red days)

Hi all

like veryone else ive decided to keep a food diary to keep me motivated and to share tips and ideas...I see that alot of people get inspiration if they have become in a rut, ive been looking through some diaries and it has spurred me on to keep my own!! all those pics you post look fantastic so hopefully with a bit more posting i can soon add some.

my weigh in day is on a wednesday at 5.30pm

Current weight after being at class is 9st 10lbs

current loss to date = 6lbs

Look forward to meeting lots of people in this part of minimins x
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2/12/2010 Red day

Breakfast - 28g porridge HEB
skimmed milk HEA
muller light cherry yogurt
small banana

Lunch - Wholemeal bread x2 HEB
EL mayo 0.5 syn
2x apple
toms and cucumber, pickles
2x alpen light bar (6 syns)
1 x boiled egg

Dinner - Cheesy omlette 2x egg
plum toms
fruit salad (large)
Muller yogurt

yum yum
S: 15st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 0st8lb(3.72%)
hi little_miss_somersault well done on losing 6lbs thats a good start good luck on ur weight loss journey :)
Hmmmm not happy about not being able to go to the gym due to the snow...im a little gym addicted and feel that if i dont go as much this week i will either sts or gain...thinking positive and have hunted round for a pay and go gym which im hoping to go to tomorrow fingers crossed....xx

todays menu Red day 3rd dec 2010

breakfast - 2 x weetabix HEXB with warm skimmed milk HEXA banana and a muller cherry yogurt.

Lunch - 3x apple (i forgot my lunch due to scrapping snow off car so had to eat what i could at office) 2 x alpen light bars 6 syns 2 x wholmeal bread plain :-(
when i got home i finished early yay...had bowl of homemade veg soup and some shreds of chicken
Dinner - Cheesey omlette 42g hf cheese HEXA 3 x egg and tin of toms plus a yogurt later on

Boring I know but been such a manic day.....!!

Yay gym was open today so back to training for my mt kilimanjaro trek next year!! i get so frustrated when i cant get to the gym but now back on it and snow has cleared so hopefully 4 days straight plus wed so 5 days is total fingers crossed thats been ok and i see a loss this week!! feels so nervous for WI on wed for some reason.

feel a little guily as had to spoonfuls of cake mix..aaarrgghh why did I do it, think thats whay im worrying now but hey ho back on plan today.

4th december red day

breakfast - 2x weetabix HEXB skimmed milk HEXA warmed up, banana and cherry muller yogurt

Lunch - Bowl of homemade veg soup 2xalpen light bars(6 syns) 2x wholemeal bread

Dinner - Cheesey omlette 42g hf cheese HEXA tin toms and mushrooms muller strawberry yogurt 1xbowl of veggie soup 2xapples

I know another boing day, but havent felt like eating today :-( weathers been sooo miserable.

wow went for a hige country walk 8 miles in total done it in 2 hours hopefully ill see the efforts on wednesday!!! Am starting to challenge myself and set up walks to ease me into my charity walk up mt kilimanjaro.

well todays menu is appearing aliitle bit more inteesting than the other couple of days, even tho I still cant forget the 2 spoonfuls of cake mix i had the other night...i get so guilty when i slighty go off track..eecckk!!

well todays menu is as follows will add any changes after

Breakfast - 28g of porridge HEXB and skimmed milk HEXA banana and muller yogurt

Lunch - Fruit salad, 1x bowl of vegetable soup 2 xpoached eggs on wholemeal bread x2 from a 400g loaf

Dinner - chicken and bacon salad muller light yogurt 42g of HF cheese on top mmmmm

Snacks - 2x alpen light bars ( 6 syns)
feeling much more happier im now able to access the gym..hopefully ill see a little loss on WI this week I soooo badly want my 1/2 stone award on wednesday!!! trying to upload pics but im getting so confused so to anyone who does look at my diary any help is much appreciated!!! :)

well today has been a free food day with HEALTHY EXTRAS included

6th DEC red day

breakfast - 2x weetabix (hexb) skimmed milk (hexa) warmed up with banana and muller yogurt

Lunch - 2x apple 2x alpen light bars (6syns) 2x poached eggs and tin toms 2x wholemeal brad from 400g (hexb)

Dinner - 3xegg omlette with spring onion and mushrooms in frylight and 42g HF cheese (hexa)

I know a very eggy day but i go through times where i get addicted to certain foods at the moment its

bananas :-(

annoyed that i cant upload pics aaarrgghh
Todays been good went to the gym and managed to do a 5.5 mile walk plus some weights :) have *week coming up so im really dreading WI tomorrow but ive been on plan so fingers crossed i get my 1/2 stone i really want it tomorrow.

7th dec red day

breakfast - 2 x weetabox (hexb) skimmed milk (hexa) banana and muller yogurt - cereal warmed up yum yum

lunch - 4xapple 2 xalpen light bars(6syns) homemade chicken and veg soup 2x wholemeal bread bbq chicken

dinner - 3xegg omlette with 42g HF cheese spring onion and mushrooms
muller yogurt

also made a weetabix choc cake that hasnt got to many syns in so may have a bit if wi is good tomorrow
S: 15st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 0st8lb(3.72%)
ooooooh good luck fingers crossed :)
ah rubbish......knew it i had the STS this week wanted 1lb off to get my half stone knew it would be STS as it was 4 weeks ago and that was * week....didnt do anything off plan so hoping its just water retention and next week will show a little loss....

no very happy now

S: 15st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 0st8lb(3.72%)
hi hun don't despair at least u didnt put on :) ( i know u don't think thats any consolation at the moment) pick urself up and carry on i'm sure u will be rewarded next week good luck :)
thanks valerie11 im not going to let it get in the way i know its nothing i did different maybe going to have a bit more fish and change my food options round a little but im going to think positive and crack on with it this week. hopefully a loss next week :) fingers crossed.


Not been feeling hungry much today but always get like this around*week went to the gym and did hour incline power walking so chuffed with that tredmill said 800 cals but im never sure if they are accurate.

9th Dec red day

Breakfast - hexb 28g of porridge with HEXA skimmed milk banana and muller yogurt

Lunch - 2x boiled egg HEXB 2x wholemeal bread from 400g loaf, toms and cumcumber and pickles el philly 57g HEXA 2x apple

Dinner - Large fruit salad with muller yogurt 2x alpen light bars crunched over the top..yum yum

really doesnt look much when im writing it on here either oh well maybe a better day tomorrow actually noticed it was a non day today :)



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