Link to Ann's (westhills) diary from Jan 4th


I STILL mean it!
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Thanks for sharing your wonderful diary with us. Parts of it really hit home for me, some even made me well up. I can so appeciate the difficulties that we have to go through with that extra weight to lose and I'm sure that we all share the same fears.... seat belt extensions, theatre seats, chairs in restaurants etc. This site is fantastic for sharing all of our innermost fears without being ridiculed or judged. It's reading the posts on here that keep my motivation going and renew my determination to reach target. Already I am living a whole new life.... even though I still have a way to go. I have found that I am now being more sociable and enjoying nights out, I don't feel like the biggest person in the room any more. Also on a plus side drinking the water means I don't wake up the next day feeling terrible with hangovers from hell. Prior to doing CD I always had a bit to drink before leaving my house so that I could actually cope with going into a crowded place for a night out. I don't even really like alcohol too much :confused: .
I'm due to go onto a plane in November for the first time in a couple of years and while I am quite anxious about it, it's not taking over my every thought as it has done in the past.
Also after reading your diary I found myself looking for swimsuits as I love swimming but never had the courage to go...You have inspired me to bite the bullet and go for it :) .
Reading everything that you, russiandoll, and many others are now achieving give me the strength I need to keep going. Thankyou

Jazzy xx
I'm so pleased it helped you, Jazzy. At first it's difficult to share some things about yourself - but I honestly don't mind WeMitts knowing everything there is to know about me! (And I've lived a very colourful life! - sometimes red and orange, sometimes blue and even black)
I see my life now as a kind of turquoise/lilac colour, for some reason. Have I finally flipped or what!!!!!!

Ann xxx
Thanks ann for sharing your diary, you really are an inspiration.Your week 3 was brill 9lb down, you had great loses everyweek. Well done, you are really helping me. Thank you. xxxx