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Lipotrim and menstural cycle

Hi Peeps, just wondering what others have noticed about the changes in there menstrual cycle and how it affects there weight loss.Into my fifth week of lipotrim and went for my fourth weigh in the day after I had finished my period ( heavier and longer than usual)and was gutted to find I'd only lost a pound, as my period had finished I felt that could,nt be to blame, however I woke up this morning to find my period had returned along with the grumps and cramps ( it is very light, hardly anything at all) Hoping someone else out there can give me a bit of reasurrance this is normal and wondering if I will catch up next on the loss next week or if thats it, can I just expect to have a low loss every time its TOTM.
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Lipotrim can play havoc with our cycles for some reason. Regarding weight loss, try to look at your loss over the month, rather than weekly, easier said than done, I know!

Clair x
Oh great!!! Im just in the middle of mine and I have to say I was quite surprised when it came (it's a few days early and it normally is like clock work) anyway... hopefully next two weeks I will lose LOADS of pounds ;)

i had the same the last time I was on Lipotrim 4 years ago; bleeding mid cycle and then really heavy during actual periods. It did however settle down when I had come off lipotrim.
Just had my period after second week on Lipotim and it dragged on for a while and was heavy but has finished now.
i have heard of other people who periods stopped on Lipotrim or lightened, looks like no such luck for us!!

josiej x
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since ive had my baby ive been on a pill that didnt give me bleeds at all....because of my size and weight the doctor prescribed that one for me. as i was to large to have a normal pill....

didnt bleed for over two years ... 4weeks in on lipotrim and ive had two bleeds already ...

i was coming off the pill anyways coz ive had the husband done *wink wink*.. i guess loosing the excess weight has made my body normal again...

thats gotta be a good thing..

but yea periods suck....!!!!!:cool:


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im on the implant and dont have periods on it at all, used it for over 4 years, with a break to have my son who is 5 months now and then had another fitted, no period since baby born, 6 days on lipotrim and bled for a day, came off it and been off it 3 weeeks now and have had one long bleed whitch really annoyed me, coming back to lipotrim in next few days so hoping i dont bleed more


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Totally know what you mean guys, I'm not even on TFR - for the last week or so loosing by maintenance products, and its still happening!! I'm not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing!?!? Maybe we should find out from LT or a doctor or something

This is also happening to me :) Apparently weight loss increases the amount of oestrogen being produced by the body, and this is why thin people are meant to be more fertile!

So if your trying to lose weight to try for a baby (which I know alot are) its just proving its really working


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cool we should be extra careful if not in the position for babies just yet so.thanks
I too have had problems. I had a Mirena Coil fitted in August and had only had one slight bleed but started very painful periods shortly after starting Lipotrim. They have become more regulare but extremely painful but if I am making more oestrogen as Malevolent suggests, it makes sense as the coil is meant to leach progesterone to counter balance the oestrogen. Bummer! Hopefully if will all settle down when I finish dieting and my body adjusts to being slim. I always thought it was because the body was in starvation mode and wanted to make sure that there wasn't going to be a pregnancy to support but that makes no sense at all now! Blonde moment! x
i have been back on lipo 4 days and have been bleeding very lightky fir 3 of them, and it happend same last time i was on it a month ago................saying this i dont have periods as im on the implant
damn i didnt know this would happen , im on hormones to stop my bleeding as i bleed 3 weeks out of 4 due to numerous womb problems. was looking forward to not bleeding for the 6 months ill be on them. fingers crossed the hormones will still keep me blood free . i start lipotrim tomorrow


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My first time around on TFR i bled from week 2 right through to week 22. Not heavy heavy but there. I saw the doc twice about it and was reasured it was normal. As your body is losing weight via an extreme diet and its a coping mechanism. It will sort itself out but i looked at it as a small price to pay to be slim :)

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