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Lisa's dukan diary

I'm on my third week of dukan now and after the initial attack weight loss I have been very disappointed that I only really managed to lose 1-2 lbs in the second week. I have found the diet easy to follow so far and had a go at baking some muffins which was fun. My veggie hubby thinks I am mad and does not really approve of my meaty diet! I love snacking on baby tomatoes on my pv days and think I am becoming addicted to activia fat free yoghurts! (Thanks to Morrisons for having 8 for £2 for the last couple of weeks - I have stocked up!) I hope I can stay motivated but if there is no real weight loss this week I will find it hard to resist the fridge full of chocolate and wine that we won at the school fair on Saturday!
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Hello and welcome. Something I didn't know from the book was the limiting of diary that is now recommended. I am sure someone will give exact amounts but I think it is to keep under a kilo. The activa yoghurts I think are for occasional use and you may want to use just plain fat free yoghurt if you are stalling or weight slowing down.

If you post your menus on here or the nenu threat, people can have a look and see if there are any improvements you can make.

My weight loss is now about 2lbs a week but slowing down as I reach my end goal. You have done well to get 9lbs off already though :)


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Hey there! well done so far on a great loss. Limiting my dairy intake really helped me - you'll see in my diary I was stalling horribly for nearly two weeks, but the scales budged when I reduced my sugar, salt and dairy. I was being too liberal with the Muller Lights - it made a big difference! A loss of 2lbs a week for a year is 100lbs. Better than putting it on, right? :D

Plus, remind yourself: pick up a bag of sugar in the supermarket. Losing one or two of those a week in PURE FAT is a GOOD thing! Eat lots of green veg on your PV days - it does help keep you feeling good.

Stick with it - you are doing great!!! :D
Feeling a bit tired today, but no slip ups yet and on day 17. Snacking on goji berries as pv day today whilst watching Apprentice - they are not bad and satisfy the snacking urge watching telly. Went to cinema last night loved Bridesmaids with the girls and resited all urges to share sweets and popcorn - a skinny latte and a diet coke did the job! Looks like I have finally got the scales to budge - 1lb off today maybe cutting down on the yoghurts has worked. Pleased with the weight loss so far, I hope I can keep it up. Hubby forwarded me the Dukan news story yesterday - I think any long term possible health risks are far outweighed by the benefits of the weight loss so I will stick to it regardless.


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Hi Lisa, well done on your progress so far - and excellent work in resisting the cinema snacks!

I just wanted to say: 2lb per week is about the average and maximum loss you can expect with Dukan, so don't get frustrated if it is that and no more. Also it's not a straight progression (are you weighing every day?) - in my case I would stick (I wouldn't call it stall) for about 5 days, sometimes even go up and then the weight dropped off again over a few days and so on and on. As long as you know that you have stuck to the plan, eaten enough protein, drunk enough water and avoided salt (and obviously all forbidden things...) then it should work.

As for activia - which ones are you having? Fruit ones are not a good idea - stick to plain and flavour them yourself - sweetener and cinnamon or vanilla, of you could mix them with a portion of sugar-free jelly (Hartleys in sachets (makes 4 portions)) - max 3 per day allowed.


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Hi lisa, well done on your loss.

I have to say I agree with anjuschka about the 2lb a week loss. We lose extra during attack but that level of loss per week can't be maintained as it would be dangerous and probably impossible.

You are doing really well and 2lb a week is supposed to be a steady and healthy loss.

Keep up the good work :) x
Thanks Ems and Anja, I have been weighing myself every day, so will cut that out! The Activia lowfats are mostly vanilla, but a fruit one sometimes - I have tried having total 0% last 2 days and really like it (even ok without sweetner). Anja I have looked at a lot of your recipe ideas and thanks for posting them because it is great to have some ways to spice up the diet! The jam is a great tip and I will give it a go next time I shop. Thanks for your support!
I have decided to take up knitting to stop me snacking in front of the telly...got a book out of the library with some ideas beyond my usual scarf. Still feeling positive. I have rediscovered pickles today - baby pickled onions with my pv lunch mmm - I hope they are ok!


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Pickled onions are ok in my book as long as not too many or they become a vegetable. I make my own so 1 or 2 are generally enough!

What have you decided to knit then? Have you come across the ravelery (or something like that) site. Free patterns and good ideas. I love to knit but my little one has enough cardigans at the moment so I am getting into making some dress up clothes instead.
I'm a real knitting beginner as far as anything other than scarfs is new to me - I thought I might try a boxy slash neck type fishermans jumper I saw a pattern for as not much shaping or fancy stitches...still haven't started have been amusing myself with the patterns for now.
So far so good on the diet, feeling slightly slimmer - hubby commented on the decreasing size of my boobs today and was quite sad! I hope it is not just those wobbly bits that shrink!
I have just had a go at the Dukan recipe for choc chip cake - not bad but I guesstimated the amount of sweetner and it was not sweet enough for my taste - otherwise I can recommend it - I have never microwave baked before so I was please with the results - my oven baked muffins were not as good.
PV day so a proper Sunday lunch (almost) it's nice to be having the same as everyone else.


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Enjoy your sunday lunch!

My boobs have shrunk my three cup sizes so I know how you feel. It's annoying :( why does it go from the parts we like first and take forever to go from our bums and tums?! Xx
Going well still no slip ups and down to 13.5 stone yay!
My lovely friend cooked me a fabulous Dukan friendly PV lunch today - cod baked with leeks, sping onion and parsley with lemon on top and celery salt, steamed pak choi, fennel, baby carrots, asparagus and cougettes with a fat free hollondaise sauce...wow she is such a great cook! I will have a try at cooking this myself soon I think, it was delicious.
Still craving snacks in the evening but still resisting. Not much progress with the knitting however! A weekend away with the in laws coming up - I don't want to make a fuss about the food so I am planning 2 PV days when I am there and I will take a coolbag with some snacks etc in just in case.
week 4 - weekend at the in laws was a bit tricky as I did not want to make a fuss so not 100% by the rules but not a bad effort - has slowed weight loss a bit though. My coolbag of goodies including a dukan cake really helped keep me on track.
I can't believe that I have done almost 5 weeks and still haven't given up! I'm not an expert dieter - only seriously dieted once before - I am so pleased to have lost so much weight already!
I have ditched crab sticks this week in favour of mini bags of fridge raiders (on offer at tescos so thought they were worth a try). They are really tasty but a bit naughty probably looking at the ingredients, but a nice change all the same.
Knitting seems to be helping with the snack attacks although not quite good enough at it yet to look at telly at the same time!
In spite of veggie husband's initial disapproval of the diet he is preparing me dukan friendly meals without complaining - it seems to have become a natural part of my/our routine now, so that makes everything easier too.
A weekend of temptation not entirely resisted! Oh it has been tricky this past week! The knitting in front of the telly has helped with stopping evening snacks but I have been getting a bit lax in other things...semi skimmed milk when the skimmed runs out! Oil used sometimes in cooking (not normally by me!) sneaking a bit of extra oatbran to have an exra toffee muffin (or 2), fruit picking on Fri and forgetting for a few minutes I was not allowed and putting rasps and strawbs into my mouth instead of putting them in my basket! A spoonful of homemade coleslaw at the BBQ yesterday. A pork scratching earlier (hubby-'you aren't allowed those are you?') and the worst yet...I had a bit of a crispy creme donut in my mouth, chewed a bit and spat it out - thanks to hubby (everyone else has been eating them at home coz he brought some left over ones home from work)...quite disgusting of me - the depths that I have sunk to! At least I have resisted the temptation to devour the whole thing which is about to go into the bin! But I am so happy with my weight loss I would not risk it by giving in to crispy cremes...or would I?! Into the bin NOW!


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Oh those evil temptations. You did well to spit it out, lol. I was fine on cruise, temptations were easily avoided with a simple I can't have that. This conso is a whole different ball game! You are doing so well, over half way there now and your BMI is coming right down. Keep it up and keep knitting!
Hurray!! I'm so pleased - I've been shopping for my holiday and everything I picked was too big!! Then the size below ... I've dropped 2 whole sizes already and I still have a way to go yet! Yay! I can't explain how good I feel today - I feel so much more confident. I had to tell everyone in the changing rooms!

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