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Little picture - AVATAR. About self


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Where on earth did the word Avatar come form I've just been playing and trying to change my sig and found out what an avatar is. :D
Here's my piccie - now i feel like i've arrived. Taken at Christmas time when my weight was almost 20 stones !!
Ok I know you've all been doing this for ages but I'm on week 3 and i can't belive how much i use this site.It is so so encouraging. I'm almost 50 (in 2 weeks) have four kids, 21 just graduated, 20 at uni, 13 heart probs - so constant hospitals - but copes really well with it all and last but not least a 5 year old - with Down syndrome who means i spend a lot of time chasing her as she's an escape artist. I've found this diet so refreshing as i don't have to constantly think about food.
So chaps and chapesses thats a bit about me. Can i please be nosey and ask about you all ???
with love Joolieee x
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i have 3 kids which is when i put on my weight i have been on LT for 7 weeks and have lost 35lb have my WI
on mon so hopefully will be a bit more by then i am lovin LT

sorry pressed the wrong button and posted the last bit accidently!


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Hi, I'm Helen, 37, no kids, engaged, have a mad boxer called zebedee, i'm 5'3" and weight 79.3kg (about 12 1/2 stone) want to lose about 23kg. i am in week one, and found it so hard to start with, but getting used to it now.
I work as a home carer and will be moving to Devon soon with OH, retraining as a counsellor/pshycotherapist after move (starting OU courses in both later in the year)

good luck and all the best :)


rainbow brite

It's nice to be able to put a face to the name :)


Desires to be slim....
Hiya Imac,

Im Lianna, 27 (28 in 2 weeks...) 2 daughters - 4yr & 18month old. Full time Financial Manager.

Starting Cambridge Diet on Monday after appointment with the counsellor. Did LT in March & April. Lost 27lbs but had to stop to have my tonsils taken out.
Have the all clear from the doc (you are not allowed to do VLC diets for at least 6wks after the operation) and am ready to lose more weight!

5ft 9. Starting weight is around 13st 12lbs... (will know exactly tomorrow!).

Nice to meet you!!!xxx
Hi, I have 3 beautiful children and a gorgeous OH. I'm a part-time teacher and live in sunny Hampshire (well, a bit chilly today!) I'm 5'5" and I'm hoping to get down to under 10 stone (I started at over 18!!!)

I've been on LT for 12 weeks (tomorrow) and have lost just over 4 stone. I'm hoping to find out at my WI tomorrow that I am halfway to my target.

I've found the diet pretty easy to stick to but that has definitely been helped by the inspiring stories I have read on here. I am not tempted to cheat coz I don't want a telling off from Gaz!

Good luck hun.


rainbow brite

You're a Monday WI girl too! Yay! Should be loads of good threads to play with tomorrow then :)
Should be a lot of missing pounds tomorrow!!!!

How many of us have WI's tomorrow? I wonder how much we will lose in total?

I know Em and I obviously do, and you and msblonde and possibly missyd but not sure about her, I'll have to go check :)
Yup, missyd too :D
Well that makes 5 (are you impressed coz I can count!!!) so I'm guessing 17lbs between us! What do you think?

If chele80 is a Monday girl too then I'm gonna go for a nice even 20lb guess! :D
If Chele is a Monday girl then I'll go for 22lbs in total.


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