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Liz's CD Diet to Goal

I've just had a planned break over the weekend and gone from 11 stone 8lbs to 11 stone 11lbs and need to get back on track.

Have managed to do this before, but am finding CD harder the closer I get to goal. I've also just gone back on anti-depressants for anxiety, so feeling a little tired, nervy and out of sorts.

Thinking that a diary will help me to get to my goal of 10 stone by 19th September before my holiday to Orlando. Plan to write down what exercise I do and just how I'm feeling.

So today was my first day back on SS+ and been fine so far. Also done 20 mins on x-trainer. Got to drop a few lbs before WI on Wed or I will have STS. Drinking lots of water :)
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Hi liz, don't know if you're interested but there's a 'september holiday challenge' on the go at the moment. Seems like theres a few of us who want to reach goal by then.
Good luck
Good luck hon, I'm sure you can do it. It does get harder doesn't it and once you've eaten it's soooo hard to get back on track! xx
Thanks guys. I noticed the holiday thread, looks good. I started the pirate challenge, but it's quite quiet at times! Think I might join it, as could do with having the same goals as others.
I promised myself this holiday providing I reached goal!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Ah this is great. I know where to find you now and can keep up to date with how you're getting on. Think of some mini targets as well as the main ones to keep you on track. You then feel like you're acheiving a bit more (well I do anyway).

Well done getting back on track. You can do this xxx hugs x
Thanks Sunshine :) Good idea about mini goals - am desperate to see 11.5 stone on those scales! Was so close before this mini break, but I'll get there :)


can see the end in sight!
good luck liz, I know we can do it. I'll be following your diary and look forward to Reading your progress!
Thanks everyone :) Had my little meal (won't go into detail for those SS-ing) and my final tetra.
Am settling into doing nothing now.
Been reading about introversion and extraversion online -I go off on massive tangents with things I find interesting.
I'm a complete introvert and love spending time on my own, but am forced to be an extravert during the day because of my job. So evenings I really cherish where I can be quiet and relax :) Sometimes I think living alone in a cave would be lovely!
Weighed this morning and back to where I was at last WI. Hoping to drop some more tonight before WI tomorrow.
Am shattered after waking at 4:30 this morning. The antidepressants are massively affecting my sleep, which is something I never normally struggle with. I wake early and when I sleep I have the most bizarre vivid dreams, so I'm not even sleeping deeply.
Am shattered :(


can see the end in sight!
being sleep deprived is torture, you have my full sympathies.

good luck getting through the rest of the day and well done on getting back on track! x
Thanks you two :) xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon.
Hope you manage to have an early night its not great when you have lack of sleep.... Well done you for jumping back on your doing fab hon.
keep smiling xxx
Thanks Curly xxx
1lb down this week on my scales. 2lbs down on CDC scales, but am going by mine as have all the way through - it'll all even out in the end.
Not overly bothered by only 1lb as had weekend off :)
Back on wagon now!
Feeling a little bit better, but struggling with it affecting my sleep. Just keep dozing off part way through the day!
Hopefully the side effects will wear off soon :)
Thanks for asking hun x
Today is the day that I stop picking, which I have been struggling with. Yesterday was less a pick and more a binge, which isn't good. Hopped on scales and 1.5 up, but that will come off soon enough.
Am determined again and must stop messing around. Think it's the lack of sleep. Up at 4 again this morning and it's driving my crazy.
On the plus I feel less anxious and stressed, which is lovely :)
I have the day off today to go for a hospital scan, think it's called a DEXA scan. Hate hospitals, so Mum is coming with me, despite me being 32!

So I am going to go and have a coffee, then go on x-trainer for 20 mins, do some squats and lunges, then walk the dog! Today I change!!!

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