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  1. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Hello all you lovely lads & lasses. Hope you all had a fab Xmas and are raring to go in 2010. I am on cloud nine cos my Norm came out of hospital today and is loads better, so I can get my head round the diet and exercise etc. I've decided that even with your support I need to go to a class to maximise my chance of success so I am joining SW on Monday. I got a card through the post offering free joining if you pay for 12 weeks, I might do that to force myself to go to meetings. Does anyone know how much 12 weeks costs? I've still got some Chrissy pres money from Aunties etc., so I could use that. Anyway, I'll be logging on more frequently from now on to see how you're all doing. Kisses.
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  3. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    glad norm is out and getting better, and that you are feeling more positive!!!

    Good luck with it all!!!
  4. siany

    siany Full Member

    hey i just checked slimming world website and it says that it works out at £4.12 a week if you take the free membership! im a weight watchers girl but been thinking bout changing to slimming world cos you can eat more!!

  5. purple_kathryn

    purple_kathryn Mostly harmless

    If you like cooking the recipes for Slimming World are pretty good. My mum isn't in SW but she does buy the magazine which has loads of recipes in it!
  6. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Just got back from joining SW and am super-psyched, they've got this plan called 'extra easy' and its kind of a combination of red + green. Sounded quite easy to follow so I'm gonna give it a go. I paid for 12 weeks up front so I'll have to go to meetings or I lose out. Anyway, I've only gained 2 1/2 lbs since I stopped taking the tabs a few weeks ago which makes my weight now 215 1/2 lbs, I'll update my tracker when I remember how.
  7. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Food diary: Day 1
    28g cheerios, semi skimmed milk, 1 plum, 1 apricot

    Lunch 1 packet supernoodles 7 syns (this was a mistake - I thought they were free food).

    Dinner : Home made leek and potato soup.
    Broccoli, carrots, fresh salmon.

    Snacks : 1/2 pineapple, 1 apple, 1 kiwi fruit.

    Day Two
    Breakfast : 28g cheerios, skimmed milk, kiwi fruit, plum.
    Lunch : Home made leek & potato soup
    Snack: 2 plums, 2 apricots, 1 apple, 1 pear, grapes, strawberries
    Dinner : Lamb streak (no fat) Broccoli, carrots, mixed salad, 2 tbs red. fat mayo (5 syns).
    Supper : can baked beans.
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  8. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Food Diary Day 3
    Breakfast : 3 rashers lean bacon, 1/2 tin beans, 2 eggs.
    Lunch : 300g lean ham, 200g pease pud, salad, 2 tbs extra low mayo (1 Syn).
    Dinner : Roast chicken (no skin), broccoli, carrots.
    Snacks : 1/2 pineapple, 1 apple, bunch of grapes.
    2x Vodka & slimline (8 syns)

    Running total syns : 21
    syns left out of weekly allowance 49
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  9. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Food Diary Day 4

    Breakfast : cereal, milk
    Lunch : Ham, pease pudding, salad
    Dinner : Home made shepherds pie, (fat removed), broccoli, carrots, green beans.
    Snacks : apple, pineapple, banana

    I am finding it quite easy to stick to EE but I think my portions are too big, apart from the cereal (28g) I am not weighing anything and eating till I'm full. I am making sure I'm having 5 f&v and drinking plenty of water though, so thats good.
  10. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    OMG! I just found out that cheerios are 5 syns!!! I thought you could have any sugar free cereal as H.ex.b. Thats buggered up the syns I was keeping for the weekend.

    Syn total left for week is now 34

    Food Dairy : Day Five
    breakfast : 28g porridge oats, milk
    lunch : ham, pease pudding, salad
    dinner : Salmon teryaki (fab-u-lous - SW mag)
    snacks : apple x 2 pineapple
    1 bottle red wine (25 syns) - it is Saturday night afterall.

    syn total left for week 9
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  11. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Have had an easy time of it this week, which is why I think I'm eating too much, I get weighed Monday night so we'll see.

    Food Diary Day Six
    Breakfast : 28g porridge oats, milk
    Lunch : Ham, 2 eggs, 1/2 can beans
    Dinner : Home made shepherds pie, broccoli, carrots, kale, peas.
    Snacks : 1/4 pineapple, 1 apple, nectarine, grapes.
    2 x vodka and slimline (8 syns)
    syns left for tomorrow (based on 70 per week) - 1
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  12. becca_979

    becca_979 starting again!

    Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow :cross:
  13. laura269

    laura269 Full Member

    Good luck for your WI tonight xx
  14. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    good luck
  15. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Thanks everyone, sw class is at 5.15 so I'll post the result when I get back. I'm gonna force myself to stay for the entire meeting, apparently the most successful losers do. Anyway I feel really fat today, so I'll be pleased if I lose anything at all.
  16. purple_kathryn

    purple_kathryn Mostly harmless

    How'd it go Lizzie?
  17. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Back from 1st weigh-in at SW and I've lost 2 1/2lbs, I'm very pleased with this as it means I'm back to where I was at the end of November when I stopped dieting and taking meds. I'll start the Xenical again tomorrow now that I know the fundamentals of the diet, and that I am not having too much fat. See you all tommorow. Lizzie
  18. becca_979

    becca_979 starting again!

    Well done for getting back to where you are and loosing the weight. Hope you have another good week.
  19. purple_kathryn

    purple_kathryn Mostly harmless

    Good luck! :D
  20. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Food Diary - Day one
    Breakfast : 28g porridge oats, milk, kiwi fruit, nectarine.
    Lunch : Home made chicken & veg broth with pulses. (Very filling)
    Dinner : Home made lamb curry, rice
    Snacks : 1/2 packet batchelors pasta & sauce
    banana, 1/2 grapefruit
    2x vodka & slimline (8 syns)

    syns left for week 62

    Feel like I've pigged out today, very full indeed. Shouldnt have had the pasta & sauce but I wanted to try it (without milk or butter). Was OK but I threw 1/2 away and made the curry instead, which was yummy.
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  21. Earthmother

    Earthmother Likes to cook

    Day Two
    Breakfast : nothing
    Lunch : Ham, egg & cottage cheese salad
    Dinner : Home made lamb curry, rice
    Snacks : 1/4 pineapple, 1 apple, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 carrot.
    56g cheese - 1/2 as H.ex.a, -1/2 as syns (6 syns)
    1 slice bread - H.ex.b
    Total syns left for week 56
    I feel very pigged out again today, I think I'm gonna have smaller portions, I keep eating till I'm stuffed because its free food. Can't be right. Also, must get some exercise, I'm not even walking at the moment because of the weather.

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