LL Developement!

Hi All,

wondering if anyone can tell me what happens on LL developement, do you still go for the 2hours a week, do you get a new book? I will reach my 100th day on the 1st Jan so nearly there! 30lbs down feeling fab, but another 140 odd to go,


I finish foundation on 20th December and start development first week in January. From what the LLC has said it is exactly the same except we only get 1.5 hours instead if 3 (but the price remains the same). Apparently we expand on issues raised by doing the foundation book. Hope someone else posts too as I would like to know more too !

Congrats on your weight loss !
I've switched to CD now so don't know the whole answer, but I remember our LLC telling us that development was a 1 1/2 hour session, testing out the information we've already learnt.

Not sure about new books etc.

Kitty x
Hi. I started Development 3 weeks ago and am finding it really good. I had a great Foundation group - really lovely people and we all bonded well - but at the same time it's good to meet new people and learn from their experiences and get some fresh perspectives. The basic principle is the same - the main difference is that there's no DVD to watch, you just weigh and pee, then get straight to the group work. They explore and reinforce the principles we learnt in Foundation and you get a notebook to use for the exercises. There's no "textbook" but they give you photocopies quite a lot. The session is 90 minutes and the price doesn't go down as they base that on the number of foodpacks you buy. I was a bit apprehensive about development as I thought I'd be depressed that I have to continue when so many of my group are now in management but I'm finding it really useful. I think I'll be doing it for about 3 months before going into Management. Well done on getting so far - your 100 days will be over in no time!:eek:
Hi Emj
I have my week 10 weigh in tonight. Last week I got to my 3 stone loss so was delighted ! have had a tummy bug this week though and feel bloated and my scales show no loss so not looking forward to tonight ! I haven't broken abstinence at all. I can't believe foundation is nearly up ! It's flown by and yes the future is daunting.

Thanks for that fallenangel. Helpful. Sounds useful too and I have to keep going for a few more stone yet !
3 stone in 10 weeks - wow!!! That's fantastic. Good luck for tonight - and if the scales aren't in your favour tonight, you'll have an even bigger weight loss next week.
I've lost 3 stone and need to lose another 3st to hit target - seems a long way away at times but when you see how much some people manage to lose on LL, it's amazing - my LLC lost 11 st!