I am due to start LL on 1st January and was wondering if there is anybody out there planning to do same.

I came across this wonderful site recently and would love to go through this journey with others in same boat.

Only found out about Lighter Life when I read about Colleen Nolan (who lost 3 stone on LL) in a magazine. I decided to do some research on net, and found this site. It is thanks to all you inspirational women (and some men) on this site that has launched me into this "mad woman:eek: " who cannot wait for Christmas to come and go so I can start LL and follow in your footsteps:) .

So, if you plan to start LL in the New Year, please contact me (and anybody else who has some advice for me - I shall be very grateful).

Keep up the fantastic work ladies - I am in total admiration of you all. :eek:
January 07

Hi there Now or Never. I am starting Lipotrim on 30th December never having done anything like it before. I have been lurking on this site for a couple of weeks now but not posting, just reading all the inspirational stories about people who have lost serious amounts of weight. I would like to lose about 4 - 41/2 stone - that would be FAB!!! I am giving myself 6 months as my little girl will be 2 in June and would love to be slim for that. How much do you want to lose?

Good luck and keep posting

Wanna Be Slim
This takes me back! In January of this year (2006) I joined in a similar thread on Discovery Home & Health forum for January 2006 starters. (Minimins wasn't "born" then)
Later in the month, I started the WeMitts thread, for people who have a lot of weight to lose, and the rest, as they say, is history. I did my 100 days on LL, and then, as so many people do, I changed to Cambridge, for financial reasons. I lost 5 stone with LL and another 6 stone with Cambridge. So, now I am 11 stone lighter, and my life is transformed in every way. Maintenance is difficult, but not as difficult as being nearly 22 stone was.
Good Luck to you all, you ABSOLUTELY CAN DO IT!!!!!!

Ann x
Hi WannaBeSlim

Thanks so much for your reply - like you I have been just looking at this site and only plucked up courage to post a message today.

I too want to lose about 4 1/2 stone - maybe five even. I got married a year ago and we would like to start a family but I dont want to until i lose this weight. I am galloping up the scales since the wedding (although have always been overweight). If I fell pregnant now, I think I would burst!

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is Lipotrim? Only recently found out about Lighter Life.

Judging by Lighter Life's claims and the other women's progress on this site, I am hoping to lose the first 4 stone in 4 months. Fingers crossed!

I totally understand why you want to lose the weight in time for your little girl's 2nd birthday - she will be quite a handful at that age I expect!

So glad you got in touch - pls post back as soon as you can.
I think thre's going to be a whole bunch of us undertaking a 'New Start' in January (me included). I won't be doing LL but CD ... identical in practical terms - just the CBT element in LL that makes them different.

You'll have loads of company when you start N-O-N :) When are you starting? I've booked to go back and see my CDC on Jan 8th.
Hi Ann

Just saw your message - thanks so much for your support.

I feel I am about to explore a New World! I don't know if you were the same, but I feel totally different about this diet. I haven't even attended the "Finding Out" meeting with my LL counsellor yet, but from reading all your inspirational stories I feel SO motivated - Thank you all.

Your story is fantastic - and you look amazing in photos WELL DONE, I have nothing but admiration for you.

How did you find the LL diet? Was it very difficult to stick to?

If I did half as well as you I would be pleased - you must be over the moon.
Hi Debbie

I am booked to see my LL counsellor this Sunday for fact finding mission (although already decided to commit to it). Then apparently we go on 28th December to pick up first weeks supply, and have been told the start diet on 1st January.

Finding it very difficult to concentrate on work or even Christmas as just can't wait to start. Have to admit though, every time I put food in my mouth it feels like the Last Supper! Constantly thinking about not eating for months!

Not putting me off though - I didn't choose the name Now Or Never for nothing! lol

Absolutely AMAZED at your 133 lbs loss - Well Done that is spectacular. How long did it take? Were you on CD all the way through?

Good Luck on last 33 lbs - you'll be a slim bunny by Easter!
Hi there. I think Lipotrim is similar to LL and CD (someone correct me if I am wrong) with 3 shakes, one soup and a flapjack, which you have 3 "meals" per day. Also guarantees 1 stone per month. Don't think we have LL or CD in Ireland yet??!!!

Looking forward to running around after my little girl (can do it now but don't have as much energy as I would like) ... am tired a lot!! Would love to try for another but not at this weight ... put on 4 1/2 stone when pregnant with little girl but had pre-eclampsia at the end and put on HUGE amounts of fluid (have since lost all this but settled at this weight now which is still 4 -5 stone overweight) .. would love to be a "normal" weight ... Some people on this site have lost astounding amounts of weight ... one of those will be me this time 6 months, God and LT willing!!!!! (also my willpower)
Hi Helen

I have also been browsing and fact finding for the last week or so and this is my first post!! I am seeing my councellor tonight for the introduction meeting and am hoping, like you, to start on the first of January.

Support means everything to me, so to find like minded people at exactly the same stage will be a real bonus.

I have 3.5 stone to loose before embarking on my first cycle of IVF and have to say I am really motivated and can't wait to start!!!!
Hi Tootsie

Thanks so much for post.

Good Luck tonight - please tell me what happens as I am going to my first meeting on Sunday. Isn't this exciting? We are starting at same time so will be fun to motivate each other.

Like me you are hoping to start a family once lost weight. So, we have got a lot riding on this you and me! Let's get each other through this.

Can't wait for the update on tonight's meeting! Feeling like a kid in a candy shop (or should that be a slim adult in a juice bar! lol)

Helen x
Helen, I will definately post after the meeting to let you know what to expect.

I really hope this enthusiasm we both have will take us thru to be successfull. There is so much enthusiasm and encouragement on this forum I can't see how we can fail.

talk to you later,
Tania x
thank you Ann, this all feels like one massive group hug:D

You, like many others are an inspiration. Congratulations on such a fantastic weight loss:) :)

Tania xx
New Starter too

Hi Now or Never

I'm starting as early in Jan as I can as well. Is your counsellor actually holding a session on the 1st? I'd love to start the new year off the way I meant to go on - i.e. actually have a New Year Resolution I can stick too.:eek:

Good Luck and I look forward to losing alongside you!

The information meeting last night was really positive.

Initially you have to fill in a form, medical history etc. then you are weighed and the councellor asks if you want to know your weight, if you do , she writes it down on some paper so no one else in the group can hear.

We then watched an "inspirational"!! DVD which really made me want to start there and then. After the DVD has been shown you can ask questions, she then asked if we wanted to go ahead. If you do she then gives you a form which you need to take to your GP for them to fill in. The councellor must have the form back before you can start. She said that GP's tend to be very supportive however there are some that are not and offered the name of a private practise that will do the medical for £40-£50.

There were 3 of us in the meeting, another lady who I was lucky enough to bump into outside whilst looking for a way in to the building and a guy. There are men only groups so we obviously wont be seeing him again but the lady I met will be starting with me which is nice.

I now have a count down until January 3rd. I am sure there will be many last suppers over Xmas!!

Good luck for Sunday
Tania xxx
Hello All,
I too could not wait to start LL once I had made the decision to go ahead with it. It was the easiest diet I have ever done, no decisions - just drink the soups or shakes and eat the bars (if you wish). I`m now on Management, I won`t kid you it`s easy but my mindset is now completely different, thanks to LL, a book I`ve recently read (`French Women Don`t Get Fat`) and I`m about to look into the organisation called `Beyond Chocolate`.
LL is a journey, new and exciting, and you will LOVE the swift results. Enjoy Christmas and look forward to your new lighter life.

Started LL July 2006 - weighed 14 stone 1 lb
Ceased abstience mid November 2006 -
weighed 10 stone 2 lbs
Today I weigh 10 stone 3lbs.

Wish me luck!!!!
Hi Tania, Hi Elsa

Firstly, no Elsa I am not seeing my counsellor on 1st Jan., she wants to meet me for intro meeting this Sunday, then if I go ahead (which I will!) I go back to see her with completed medical form on 28th December when she will give me the sachets. She has said to then start on 1st January. Have you arranged a meeting with your counsellor yet?

Tania - wwwwwww interesting to read about intro meeting you went to - can't wait for Sunday now. Sounds like you are now very motivated. Just need to get an appointment with Doc before Xmas to fill in form. Roll on 3rd Jan eh?

Helen x

I am seeing my doctor next Wednesday (booked the appoinment last week as didn't want to be disapointed and not start first thing in the new year).

Let me know how you get on on Sunday

Tania xx
Hi Tania,

That all sounds very positive and be sure to get some photos taken of side and front and back view for when your losing weight fast it takes the head ages to catch up and I find only for the photos showing me how much I lose I would think regardless of the scales I was getting nowhere...it is very strange.

Also, be sure to measure yourself from head to toe, not forgetting upper arms:)

I am devil for the last supper syndrome and it does make it much harder the first three days if you go from high carb right onto the diet...

I have done it both ways...cut down on carbs and upped my water intake for a few days before starting and it does make it quicker and easier to get into ketosis.

Also, from high carb to cold turkey like now and it is rough...I had a thumping headache yesterday day 3...feeling okay today, still not in ketosis.:(

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for the advice Mini, I hadn't thought of it like that. I have already started on my water intake as that seems very key from what I have been reading on here.

I will start to cut down on my carbs now then as I live on these and these only. My whole problem is bread, savoury pastry and crisps in the first place, i am not a sweet lover.

Will I almost certainly get headaches?

Tania xx