What do u want it to look like?:)
something like yours - only 0 to 148 pounds with a seashore background and a hawaiin girl in grass skirt as the slider - so nothing fancy and just a dream for me!!!
something like yours - only 0 to 148 pounds with a seashore background and a hawaiin girl in grass skirt as the slider - so nothing fancy and just a dream for me!!!

Ohhh I just tried to do it but it wont let me do another one without changing my own!
Are you ok designing it?
If so then design it get the link then go to the
User control panel then edit signature and paste in the link from the ticker factory into the white signature box its the BB link you need one I think..
by jingo - if this comes out the way I hope - then I've got it

was pasting it in the wrong part of the signature page (dashed confusing with that bit that starts http://www.)

anyhow - here goes
as Robert the Bruce said - try, try and try again
and now the correct way around - one hopes

Thanks for your help Pixie
I am surrently 13 stone 1lb. ideal weight is 10 stone. My BMI is just on the limit for being accepted but have to do this as everything else has failed for the last 20 years!!

Bring on 3rd January, i am ready for you!!!!!!
Hi, My name is Jo and I am starting LL on the 2nd Jan. I went to my info session at the beginning of Dec and have had my form signed off by the doctor so am ready to go. I am glad that I am able to get xmas and ny out of the way prior to starting. Although am a little worried as I go on holiday for a month to Sri Lanka on 24th March (inside the first 100 days) I am hoping though after 79 days on the diet that I will have a different mindset by then.

It is great to see so many people on here that we can all keep each other motivated to loose the weight when we feel like reaching for food.

Main issue will be getting good water. I had cause to go to (Chennai) Madras which is just across the water from Sri Lanka and an absolute must is to get bottled water WITH THE TOP FULL SECURE.

Can't emphasise that enough. Make sure the little collar under the screw cap is still attached to the cap. We found that sometimes the 'seal' was broken and just sent it back. Not so much a problem in good Hotels, but outside ....... you never know what has been put into an empty bottle.

Had a friend who had scotch and ice who was very, very poorly. Ill, both ends and ended up kneeling in the batch with the shower on - just the thought of what this must have looked like !!!!.

Took him 4 days to get better - so no ice cubes either.

Hope this is of help and hasn't scared you too much - apart from that, the area is breathtakingly gorgeous and there will be much to do to keep you occupied

Have fun
Mindless, I am not scared to go to Sri Lanka. I should have said I am well travelled spent a lot of time in Sri Lanka in the past and also in India.

My husband is from Sri Lanka and I got married there. I know the importance of bottled water and I also know they sometimes try to trick tourists with bottles filled with tap water.

I am more worried that I love the food there and all my in laws over there are gonna be plying us with food at every house we visit.

We are going so they can meet my daughter who is 18months and no one there has met her yet. Just migrated back to the UK from Australia so this is our first chance to get there.

Got my letter this morning confirming my place on the group starting on the 2nd Jan. So hope LL is the diet that is gonna finally help me become the slim person that is dying to get out!!!!

Hi Now or never and all other hunnies! :)

I am also starting Lighterlife in January 2007 and really cant wait!! :D

I will be coming on here for support and encouragement, especially when things get rough. I know this probably isnt gonna be easy...but i want this more than anything so i am going to give it my all. :rolleyes:

I am 20years old..5'1 and weigh 13stone 8lbs! :eek: I have always been overweight, but i know that this isnt me. I am so unhappy being 'fat' and it is putting HUGE strain on nearly every aspect of my life (my marriage in particular). I have a beautiful baby boy and i want to do this for him, as much as myself.
Anyway, sorry for the life story! lol

Good luck to you all! and thank you for all current dieters inspiration. I look forward to taking this life changing journey with you all. :eek:

Take Care XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx
I have just seen my doctor to get my form signed off and he was sooooooooooo supportive:D

There is nothing stopping me now in being the slim and confident person I know is in there somewhere!! Roll on 3rd January:D :D
Hi Now or Never!

Hi Now or Never (and everyone else here!)

I started LL in April and lost 3 stone very quickly, but then I had problems getting to my counsellor and cost was an issue. I changed to CD, but didn't ever take to it. Basically, I gave up and have been miserable since. I have eaten for Britain over Xmas and have gone up from 14 stone 7 to 16 stone 4!:eek: (Although still lower than 21 stone 2 which was my heaviest of all time and 19 stone 1 that I was when I started LL:eek: )
I have decided enough is enough! :mad: I cannot make it to a councillor right now, so I have bought packs on e-bay. (I know a lot will critcise this and say I need the counsiling, but I can't get to one, I do have the booklet to work through and have had councilling through hospital.)

:) So, I would love to join you, and the many others, who plan to make 2007 the year we really become what we want to be. We can do this! We WILL do this!:)

Good luck on your journey, I can't wait to read your posts.:)
hi kebab:)
i too struggled with finding a councilor in my area and resorted to ordering cd and optifast from ebay as i couldnt go all the way to blackpool from cumbria every week with a little baby to watch, but it was what i had the mindset to do and i actually lost my first 2 stone this way , it was a little up and down and i never gave up milk in my coffee as i thought i couldnt do it but hey i limped my way down from 17.10 to 15. 10 before finding out that a councilor had set up my my own little town !!! ohh the happiness :) (and speed running to the phone ) this gave was great , i started ll 6 and a half weeks ago and have lost and incredible 2.5 stones in that time ( and yes i did manage coffee minus the milk , i use a vanilla shake in bits throughout the day to make jummy coffes :) ) i also have learned to enjoy it black, anyway the point im trying to make (as usual is taking me forever to get to :D ) is that like you i have had both experiences and although the going solo is not ideal it is a whole lot better than going backward s and once again the words of beachie whatsit spring to mind "if you dont keep going forward what are you going back to ???"
and you know what you CAN do this alone because with all us here to support eachother we are never alone , and hey !!! if i can abstain all through xmas then anybody can do any thing !!!!
love ,
best wishes
and a massive big group e hug to all you new starters
i look forward to walkin ext to you on this exiting new journey.
sue xxx
Good Luck all you new starters in Jan. You are about to embark on something very special.

My tips are to listen to the DVD's - You miss them when they are gone,
Do your homestudies,
Pre-read the Book's topic of the week before the meeting to allow you to get more out of it.
Keep a journal everyday to write your thoughts, (pschological) hungers and feelings.

Best of luck to you all, You can do it!
Hi everybody!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and for those of you who abstained during Christmas (Sukie Sue) well - what can I say - I am in awe and I send my respect and admiration to you!

I haven't posted for a little while - I have however been reading all your posts and a big thank you to all who are in this thread - both new starters like me and the kind words from those who have gone before us!

I am picking up my packs tonight!!!! WWWWWW

Can't wait. I will hopefully post tomorrow and let you know what happens (just incase any of you are not starting class until beginning of January). I thought my starting date would have been the 4th of January, but it now turns out that that date will actually be my first weigh-in.

Kebab - well done on making the brave decision to go it alone - you really have no choice if your nearest councellor is miles away. I found out recently how much investment is needed to become a LL councellor and I am not suprised in the least that they are few and far between! I will have to make a 75 mile round trip tonight (and every Thursday) but I was extremely lucky that another lady who is starting same time as me lives in same area so we will car share. Anyway - Kebab you are not alone you have all of us (however I don't know how often I can post you as just typing your username is making me dribble - and I havent started diet yet!)

Speak to you all soon.

How did it go????

Hi Now or never, how did it go? Have you got your packs??? Wow, a 75 mile round trip! I could get to one closer than that, but the timing is wrong for me, I can't get there in time because I don't leave work until 6pm and the meeting starts at 6. The journey is only 8 miles, but rush hour traffic in Birmingham means it takes the best part of an hour!!

You have probably put it, but how much do you want/need to lose? I want to lose about 6 stone, so I'll be here for a while:p .

Looking forward to reading your posts.

We're all behind you!

Just spotted your ticker - 73lbs to go. About the same as me!!!!!

We could buddy up if you would like???