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Lolakerry's Lipotrim Diary Started Feb 1st 2011

Hi Everyone

Thought this would be a cool way to keep track of my Lipotrim Journey.

Got up at 7.30am and had a black coffee with 3 sweetners

9am kids to school and prepped the veg for families dinner (hubby cooking later)

10.15am had half a vanilla shake with one spoon of coffee and 2 sweetners and 240mls of hot water. Tasted like a bad cup of coffee but was bearable.

Drank 1 litre of water by 11.15am (the most I've had in my life - not a big water drinker)

12.30pm had the other half of the vanilla shake with 240 mls of water - tasted nice!

Had 2nd litre of water by 2pm and added fibreclear to last half litre.

1.30pm felt hungry so drank more water.

2.15pm peppermint tea and 1 sweetner - this was palatable.

3pm still hungry:sigh: so had more water:(

4.15pm 2nd shake of the day Strawberry - quite nice.

5pm felt tired

5.15pm coffee with 3 sweetners (just cant drink it with 2 sweetners - is this bad?)

7 pm peppermint tea - fairly hungry but worried about being hungry during the night so sticking it out till later.

9pm lovely bubble bath.

had another litre of water from 6 to 9pm

10pm 3rd shake Chocolate - dont like this:( but have to drink it now - must figure out what to do with this to get it in me as chemist too far away to go exchanging it- might try it as a mousse tomorrow.

10.50pm bedtime

Overall Day 1 not as bad as I had expected - roll on day 2!
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Hey Lola, you've started a day ahead of me! I'll be checking on you and cheering you on. How's day 2 going?
Hi trimlee. Much the same as yesterday. Bit slow with the water consumption tho. Slight headache too. It's amazing how peoples tastes differ. I find the chocolate vile. Kinda like having a spoon of cocoa. Won't be getting that again. I had written off the soup because of other peoples comments here but might get one next week to see what it's like. The vanilla is just like a vanilla shake - to me anyway! good luck tomorrow.

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thanks Lenni - how are you doing today
Hope its all going ok, well, as ok as it can! I don't mind the choc or vanilla, haven't been brave enough to try the soup yet! I quite fancy the peanut bars but think it might make me want more things to use with my teeth with if you get what I mean!
Hey Lola, I'm good thanks. I was d same wasnt gettin d soup cause of others opinions but my pharmacist convinced me 2 get it n I love it, so yum. I make it in a pot n really boil it well while storing wit a whisk. I only got 2 n ragin I didn't get more. I was drinkin 4 ltrs of water n was told that's 2 much 3 is d max n now I'm barely gettin 2 3 ltrs. Will hav 2 get d finger out. :)


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Good luck!

Make sure you get the water in, I've been a bit lax this week and have had sore, dry & flaky lips and don't underestimate the discomfort of constipation! lol

How long are you planning to do LT for? xx
Good luck, try the choc mixed with cooled peppermint tea, tastes a lot nicer :)

Felt a bit off and headachy today :(

had my first shake at 10.30am - chocolate (just to get it out of the way!). Still not feeling the love for this. mixed it as a mousse - had one spoon and nearly barfed - it tasted like eating a spoon of cocoa powder so I added some peppermint tea (Thanks Lis) and it made it drinkable.

took paracetamol at 2pm for headache and felt a bit cold a sorry for myself.

headache didnt shift so went to bed from 4.30 to 6.30 and slept like a log.

Had 2nd shake (vanilla) at 6.45pm and 3rd shake at 10pm

filled up on coffee and peppermint tea during the day and managed almost 3 litres of water.

went to bed at 11 and slept like a log again. Hope this lousy feeling passes. I think on day one I was so excited to start that got me through it but day two was tough.

I'm doing this diary a day behind as i am keeping a written diary of everything I do so that i can repeat a day if it worked well for me.

Not sure if I should I have my last shake earlier than 10pm - opinions welcome??

Really hope I can do this and thanks everyone for the support xx
Ah Lola u sound a bit down. Get 2 Ur 1st WI n that will give u such a boost.

I like d Choc shake, but here's an idea 4 u as Ur not mad bout it. I was Sooooo cold 1 day so decided 2 put my Choc shake in d microwave n heat it up, but I found it took A lot of d flavour away so maybe u mite find it easier 2 drink. :)
Hey Lenni. Definitely was down yesterday but I guess that is normal. I feel ok today but yesterday was bizarre! I felt like I was having an out of body experience:( It was not a nice feeling.

I saw somewhere that someone used half the water amount in the choc and put it in the microwave for a minute and it was like a muffin. Dont want to risk this as there is no way back if its not nice. I think I will skip the choc shake until weigh in day. As I weigh in a day early (Pharmacist said to come on Monday) I will be able to exchange whats left for the vanilla and strawberry then.

All good now and hopefully will go into ketosis soon.

how are you feeling today sweetie x
I'm good thanks, hopin headache all day 2day. Delighted as 2day 2 ppl said I'd lost weight. Does that mean u b takin only 2 shakes a day Hun? If so can u not go n swap them now as I'd say 2 shakes ain't enough.
I'm havin a really hungry day 2day, maybe that's y my head hopin. :(


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If you try the "muffin" I can guarantee you won't do it again... gag! I can still taste it 3 weeks on! I just get the shakes down me, every time I fiddle about with them it's really disgusting lol

Hope you feel a bit better soon, took me about a week to feel a bit more normal xx
Tks Paula - not too bad today - headache gone but zero on the energy side, not as hungry today and have a strange gritty feeling at the back of my teeth - has anyone else ever had that?

Lenni I miscalculated - i will be able to return 3 as I started on Tuesday but am weighing in on Monday so I will have a full day of shakes left to take as I am going to weigh in before having my first shake of the day.


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yeah I get a kind of furry/sticky feeling on my back teeth, have to brush after every shake... I can't bear it!
Cheers Paula
Day 3

Felt good today - much better than day 2!
Had 1st shake at 10.45am
2nd shake at 7pm
3rd shake at 10 pm

after feeling so cr*ppy yesterday I was afraid today would be worse - but woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in a long time (sleeping really well with this).

weighed myself this morning and was down 5 pounds which really made me feel like this is working.

drank around 2.75 litres of water today. About 1 litre was sparkling water which was a nice change from the still water and felt like a naughty treat of a fizzy drink.

forgot to take fibreclear today - oops

Day 4

Woke at 8 feeling really good and somewhat energetic (a first!)

1st shake at 11am (vanilla, icecubes and 300mls water blended - yummy)

3.30pm half a chocolate shake with a spoon of coffee, ice and 300 mls water not bad.

6.30pm other half of chocolate shake with ice

10pm 3rd shake - blended with ice and 400mls water

had a good day and am enjoying the shakes with ice.

drank approx 3 litres of water today and remembered the fibreclear :)

Today was really good despite the fact that its usually takeaway night and I was dreading how I would feel. Hubby made a delicious looking salad for the kids and we all watched a movie while mommie slugged a bottle of water and they all scoffed popcorn.
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Hey Lola, it's that way with me too; husband and children having pizzas, mummy refraining with all her might; children sweetly offering mummy a spoon of their ice cream or a sweetie, mummy saying no thank you as gently as possible! Keep on. Day 4 for me here.

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