Looking at old skinny photos of yourself - yay or nay?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by mybodyisacage, 16 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    Does it serves as a motivation for you?

    I felt like I was really lacking some focus this eve, so I thought I would look at 'skinny' photos of me - about 8 years ago I was 13-14 stone.

    All it has done is mega depressed me! haha and looking at fatty photos does too! :sigh:

    I think I may have to make myself google puppies to cheer me up!
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  3. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member


    Skinny fotos? Well I was never skinny but did weight a lot less a few years ago. I did it with tons of exercise and calorie counting. When I think about how much I did and were I am now, it makes me want to get up and walk or at least take the stairs (just a little bit at a time). Don't stop!! For today I didn't go over my calorie (by much) so tomorrow I am going to try to be on target!!!
  4. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    I dont have a choice - my wedding pictures are hanging on my living room walls. I was much skinnier then, almost half the person I am now. I dont want to get that skinny again, i weighed and a half stone the day of my wedding!
  5. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    O in that case...painful.
    My pictures are hidden in a closet. I only accidentally saw some the other day.
    Well you could move the wedding pics to a less visited area of your house and put up new pics with you and the hubby (just a thought)
  6. Kingly

    Kingly Full Member

    Another wedding picture motivation person here. I was just above my goal weight on my wedding day and I did feel good to be honest. I'm not unhappy now but I do want to get back to that point again.
  7. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    lol thats why I said 'Skinny'. In my 'skinny' photos Im 13-14stone which puts me in the overweight catagory - which I dreeeeeam of being in now! lol
  8. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    Wow feel your pain - constantly having to see them.

    That would kill me! I feel so angry and disappointed with myself when I look back :(
  9. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    i am the exact same, i was never skinny in highschool etc but i was thinner and i just kick my self cause back then i was upset i could only fit into a size like 14 jeans i would kill for that now lol and then i saw pictures from 2 years just before i lost weight and its like eughhhh lol

    i may need to look at kittens :D
  10. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    HAHA Kittens make everything better!!

    size 14 jeans are the stuff day dreams are made of! :)
  11. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    kittens really do lol and size 14 jeans really are

    one step (size) at a time :D

    we'll be there in no time
  12. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    It wouldnt be healthy for me to being my wedding weight again. I'm just looking to get into the healthy range to begin with.
  13. Rose Bud

    Rose Bud Full Member

    It does both. I look back at pics of me in size 6 shorts and little tops and get seriously motivated to look like that again. I vow to not eat another bar of chocolate till I lose at least 4 stone and to go for a run every morning. Then, the more pics I look at, the worse I feel about myself, so I break out the biscuits. Vicious circle. I tend to avoid old pictures, especially old pics with the boyfriend, wherever possible. I just end up feeling sorry for myself!
  14. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    Ohhh me too! Im just going tp avoid all photos ever and get on with it. Im depressed enough as it is lol
  15. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    My smallest size as an adult was size 14/12 at 12-11.5 stone. I'm aiming for 10.10lbs as I would love to be a 12 :) x

    Currently 14st 13.7lbs
  16. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    It does give me motivation but at the same time makes me feel quite depressed, mainly because I'm older now lol. I've wasted a lot of my late teens and mid 20's not being confident in my looks from being overweight. I've been overweight more during my 20's than I have slim.
  17. mybodyisacage

    mybodyisacage Silver Member

    ohhh I feel that! I feel like Ive wasted so much time :(

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