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Looking forward to the kids' school hols.

The Maid

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Just wondered how many mums and dads out there are looking forward to their kids being off school for the summer hols.? Well, this year more than ever, I am because the new lighter me has more energy to do lots more with them! I was sitting here realising what a difference SW has made to my plans for outings this summer too. It is so easy to pack us all a healthy SW picnic to take with us whereever we go and, of course, this will save a few pennies too that before I would have spent on fast food outlets etc.

Three cheers for SW as the weight loss of one family member makes a huge difference to the rest of the family too.
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Sadly, I'm not looking forward to them, 7 weeks off makes childcare a nightmare.....

I do have 2 weeks off but for the other 5 I have to rely on grandparents and pay a childminder.

Hmm, nope - not for me I'm afraid, I hate the school hols!

Mrs V

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Lol at Jaylou!!

I would love the school holidays, if my Daughter had them! She goes to a day nursery and they only close for 1 week in August, so DD is going to spend a week with Nanny and Grandad, whilst Mummy and Daddy work :(
We've just had 2 wonderful weeks in Egypt though!
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am looking forward to 7 weeks of no school run in the mornings !!!
plus i am lucky that i work at my kids school so i get the same hols as them Yay!!


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my hubby is a house husband and i work in a secondary school. i have to work two weeks in the summer hols but apart from that i'm free. yippeee


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Umm Kind of looking forward to it altho it means a real expensive few weeks! Not cos of the trips out etc but because ive got a full uniform to by for my 11 yr old going into her next school and the same again for our 4 yr old going into big school! .. arrggg the expensive! ..

We off to my mums in Cornwall for a week in aug .. then the girls are going to their dads for a week in sheff ... and we may have a few days off in the forest picnicing as well!
(hope we get some nice weather again)


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DS broke up nearly 2 weeks ago, and is at playscheme at the moment. I have so much planning to do for next term that I have him there all the time and then I can just take him out if I want to/have the time. No work today though as DD is with me for the day (normally with my parents on a Thur but they are away). I fancied a day of just me and her for a change - except that she only seems interested in Peppa Pig lol!


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In also looking forward to the school holidays because i work on a weekend wen my 2 kids are at there dads and my oh looks after our daughter while i work, which leaves me all week to take kids out xxxx


I have my mojo
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My daughter has been off for nearly two weeks now....and she's driving me potty!! lmao. It's just difficult to amuse all of the time, especially when I am self employed and have to work at home and she's circling round me saying I'm bored....arrrrgghhh! lmao

I intend to have a twp week period of no work though to entertain her. And yes, my lighter self will be able to run around with her to my hearts content.

I would just like to point out about the above, I do adore my daughter :D :D lol

K xx


Starting over
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I'm really looking forward to the holidays and spending time with my girls, they are growing up so fast and the time is precious. I work full time ( in a school) so am lucky to have school holiday time with them:) as term time is so busy.

Scarlet Daisy

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OH and I are Dole Scum at the moment and I am THRILLED to have my (14 next week) son at home. I love him to bits, he is funny, clever and great company (apart from the odd hormonal moment). He is staying at his Dad's for a couple of weeks and I'll really miss him. The only thing disappointing about him is that he is not gay... But I can't have everything I suppose.

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