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Loose weight quickly

If your husband is dating someone else, sounds like YOU should leave HIM... just my opinion though!!

There is a weightloss pill called Alli that is available through your GP or pharmacist, but it is not meant to be used while on a VLCD like Exante or any other liquid diet. It inhibits fat absorption by the body and has to be used while eating a low fat diet. There is no magic pill for weight loss, only things that can help a bit. Drugs that actually do make weight fall off you, like they had in the '70's, are now illegal, and for good reason. They can kill you.


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Sorry is all i can say. I don't this is the answer for you. No one should ever change for someone else, it has to come for you, from inside otherwise u change you and for what purpose? To spend a lifetime in misery wondering how long they will be with you? I feel for you that he has done this, i've been there and it tears u up inside, best thing i ever did was in time, get over it, pick myself up dust meself off and carry on. Find a love for you hun, coz every single person is amazing. Find that and i hope u also find that u don't need someone like that in ur life hun.x
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I agree with txgardenia and tinkerbellarella.

There is no magic pill for weight loss. It takes time to put the weight on and time to get it off again. I would try and lose the weight following a diet plan to ensure that you remain healthy whilst losing the weight. Do not be tempted to buy any pills and potions off the internet, they can be very dangerous.

I also would say that you should lose the weight for you, not for your husband. If he is dating someone else and this is solely because of your weight, then you should question whether it was a healthy, loving and supportive relationship in the first place.

I wish you all the best and take care.
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Quickest way to lose some weight..kick his arse out!


overworked underpaid mum!
S: 18st8lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 6st13lb(37.31%)

I likey. I likey ALOT!


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Well he is not worth losing the weight for - but you know what is? Getting that weight off for you so you feel healthy and are happy with yourself and then laughing at his sorry ass when he realises what he has given up! Men! Bah what a shallow bunch - he is probably just using your weight as an excuse to justify his behavior and actually it is him who has the problem not you!


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zoyee1 said:
Can any 1 of you guide some supplements or medicine to make weight loss process quicker. This is very urgent as due to my weight i'm going they the roughest patch of my married life. My husband has already started dating with some one & now outta a matter of life & death for me. Help needed plsss.
Really sorry to hear this and agree with all the comments above . Have you started exante ? If not then it is the miracle you are looking for (sprinkled with a LOT of determination and buckets of support here) . But any miracle takes time... This will help you lose up to a stone a month and if you read around the forum you will see lots of miracles ......

Guaranteeing husbands staying sadly is not something any product can do ... Like everyone said above you need to do this for you and your health although sometimes a crisis is what we need to set us on that journey .....

Good luck and stay strong honey xxx
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Crikey, I feel your pain but in all seriousness you should lose weight for YOU and health reasons not because your clearly crap husband can't keep it in his pants!

I'd be kicking his cheating arse out the door and then doing all i could to make my OWN life a success. Losing weight to keep a man is at best silly. I hate to sound harsh but he isn't worth your spit.
awww im really feeling for you hun! sending my huggs your way however this can have the adverse effect! i was with my ex 11 years and went from 11st to 17st 2.5lbs, but was fairly happy. my mom then died in 2006 of heart disease and i was looking at my 2 wonderfull children and they were my inspiration to loose some of my weight! i started slimming world and took me around 5 months to loose 4st aprox. this made my realtionship go down hill along with a few other problems- he used to try putting sugar in my food etc_ infact he turned into a control freak- i left n took the children with me weighing 14st 2.5! ive been left 18 months now and im happier than ever in a new relationship- and started exante KNOWING I aint gonna stop till i reach 10st and my partner can take it or leave it either way( all in all my ex is now with a girl thats size 8- and still wants me back!ANYWAY THE MORELL OF THE LOOONG STORY IS, YOUR WEIGHT SHOULD NOT MATTER IF HE LOVES YOU SWEETY!( id loose it then dump the ass!!!)
laura xx
Big hugs!! Its hard when it has just happened and you still love someone.
I am nearly a year on from coming out of a very emotionally draining relationship where my weight went up and down from 11st to as high as 17 n half st!! I was having an affair with Cadburys.
Well, a year on I have come so far and I am now ready to conquer the rest of my weight. All the changes I have done has been for me and nobody else.
Dump him.....12 stone gone immediately!!
Sending you big hugs and love x


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This is very sad what you're going through, but I have to say, that marriages don't fall apart because of someone's weight issues... I think maybe you should address the real problems within your marriage, and loose weight for yourself.. If someone loves you, they love you for you...
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I pretty much agree with what everyone else has said.
Sorry your having such a hard time just now but you shouldn't lose weight to try and keep your husband, especially when he doesn't sound like he's worth it! If you do decide to go down the exante route, you can buy online and we're all here to support you! x
I, personally, don't think you're going to be in the right frame of mind to do exante. It takes an amazing amount of discipline and determination and can be a struggle when you have the support of your loved ones. Also, if you're anything like me, you've got a weight problem because you're a comfort eater. Going through such an emotional and stressful time now it's really not conducive to doing the plan.

If your husband is saying that your weight is responsible for his cheating he's merely trying to make you feel guilty for his own infidelity, so he can be excused of such appalling behaviour. Your weight is not the problem here, your husband is the problem.

You need to sit down and talk honestly about how you're feeling and try and establish whether things are salvagable but please - and on this I speak from experience - don't waste years of your life on the wrong fit; life's too short!!!

Every person in the world, man or woman, deserves to be loved unconditionally; don't settle for anything less!!! xxx
Well said on all counts :)


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Oh, I totally feel your pain - my ex cheated on me for most of our marriage and somehow managed to make me feel like it was my fault. I got depressed so I comfort ate, then the weight gain depressed me so I comfort ate some more and then he had the cheek to blame the weight gain for the reason he cheated. He clearly forgot that he cheated long before I gained weight and he'd also not noticed that he had gained about 5 stone himself!!!

Saw sense and realised that he was only blaming me for his wrongdoings so kicked him out. Now with a wonderful man who doesn't care what weight I am - although he is scared I'll lose my boobs if I lose too much weight! Lol!

Lose the weight for yourself and your self esteem and then take great delight in realising that you should never have been with him in the first place as he doesn't deserve you!
Good Luck! :)
S: 14st8lb C: 13st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 0st10lb(4.9%)
Saw sense and realised that he was only blaming me for his wrongdoings so kicked him out. Now with a wonderful man who doesn't care what weight I am
Good for you hun. Glad you are happy now x


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Hmmm I'm not sure putting yourself through a VLCD while you are emotionally shakey is not a good idea. You didn't say how much you need to lose, are you sure this is the right plan for you? Make sure you read the FAQs on the Exante page before you order anything.

With regards to your cheating husband, he's an ass!!!! Do you want to always be wondering if he's true to you or not? What about next month when you accidentally gain a couple pounds because you did some parties - what about then? Will he run out and cheat on you. Love and faithfulness is deeper than that. My marriage has it's ups and downs, I can tell you there's a few downs at the moment and loosing weight hasnt fixed them.

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